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Snoop Dog: More on the Event

Posted on October 17, 2011

I seem to be on some kind of music path these days, with the lyrics I’ve been writing for an album (I hope!!), I’m more attuned to music related happenings and events, and I seem to run into music events now everywhere.

And it was a MAJOR WOW!!!!! What an event, what a party, what a location!!! An empty warehouse had been transformed into a giant living room, broken into groups, with comfortable couches, big easy chairs, and coffee tables and soft lighting. There was a buffet of fabulous food a mile long, the place was crowded with attractive young people, everyone was having fun. I ran into my youngest daughter and oldest son, and we were all surprised to see each other (what are YOU doing here? except of course my niece had invited all of us). And the food was really delicious, I hadn’t had time to eat all day, and I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but the mini donuts were so good that I ate 8 of them!!! (Don’t tell!!! There was also a fabulous seafood buffet, but I’m allergic to fish….but I am definitely NOT allergic to donuts!!). » read more »

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Amazing Night

Posted on October 10, 2011

I had to share an amazing evening that I had recently—–a very unusual evening for me.

I recently came back to San Francisco, from Paris, on one of those nightmarish trips, common in air travel today. I flew from Paris to New York, and from there was heading back to San Francisco. It’s a 5 and a half to 6 hour flight, from NY to SF, and shouldn’t be a big deal….right??? Well, air travel doesn’t work that way these days. I got to the airport even though I have every imaginable Frequent Flyer card and membership, since I commute between Paris and SF many times a year, as I live in both cities and travel back and forth a lot, for work, and to see my kids.  This time, I got to the airport in New York, checked in at the counter, and was summarily told by the ticket agent that I had been bumped off my flight. It had a mechanical problem and had been oversold. Bumped?? Bumped???? Are you kidding? Not because I’m so fabulously important, but I do have some kind of VIP status, and all the frequent flyer stuff. With those credentials, I’m not supposed to get bumped, but I was. (And I was not happy about it, to say the least). After making a huge fuss about it, they put me on the next flight, but at a lesser level, as they had no good seats left. It took forever to find me a seat on the later flight; my luggage was taken off the plane, and then put on the next one. It was a pretty chaotic scene, with other people who had been bumped, and were also trying to get on the next plane. The second flight was then delayed, and in the process of switching flights, two of my bags went astray. So I arrived in SF long after midnight, got home at nearly 2 am, (minus two bags, which showed up the following afternoon), and I had been in transit door to door for nearly 14 hours……I’m sure it’s happened to you too, but situations like that make travelling exhausting.

I got home and found a mountain of work on my desk, tried to deal with some of it that night, and unpack my suitcases, and I never left my desk that night. By the time I finished the most pressing things on my desk, I looked up and it was 7am.  And my first meeting was at 8:30, so I never got to bed that night, and figured I’d catch up on my sleep with a nap in the afternoon (ha!!! that never happens), or just go to bed early that night. I had no plans to go out.  And round about 4:30 that afternoon, I was amazed to find I wasn’t tired, but kept busy with my work. And then suddenly I got an email from my niece who lives in London, and she emailed me that she had organized a corporate event in SF, it was that night, and she invited me to come. At first, I was absolutely convinced that I would be dead on my feet by evening and it would be crazy to try and go out. I debated for a while, and then decided to do it anyway, even if I was tired. The evening my niece had organized sounded like a great party, and there were going to be 3 live bands there, all of whom are famous and very good. They were The Killers, Jane’s Addiction and Snoop Dog. I’m certainly not a heavy Rap fan, but it sounded like an exciting evening to me. The party was being given by one of the founders of Facebook, and I was sure it would be an interesting crowd (and I wasn’t wrong).

I bathed, washed my hair, and got all dressed up (in leather pants, t-shirt and leather jacket), put on make-up and high heels, and by the time I got to the location of the party, I had been up for nearly 2 days, with no sleep at all the night before (I never even went to bed, so I could deal with everything on my desk). And the weirdest thing of all was that I wasn’t even tired. I felt fine. I have no idea what gave me the energy for that night, but I had no sense of jet lag, having travelled, or being wiped out. So off I went to the party, and found myself at a fantastic party, with about 200 people in an enormous warehouse that had been fully decorated and perfectly set up like a series of very comfortable living rooms, with couches and furniture, and it all looked both comfortable and very chic. It was a spectacular setting, and the food on the seemingly endless buffet looked delicious and proved to be as good as it looked. Not to mention the food that was passed around the room, including absolutely fantastic little freshly made donuts, which I surrendered to immediately. » read more »

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Posted on October 3, 2011

I went to a wonderful wedding recently in France. Actually in the South of France, and it was a perfect time of year for it, in September, with gorgeous balmy weather, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding which touched me more. People had come from all over the world for it, from Japan, Vietnam, India, the US, and all over Europe.  And the wedding was held in the medieval town of St. Paul de Vance in the South of France. » read more »

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Extraordinary Woman

Posted on September 26, 2011

I just read an amazing book, called “A Stolen Life”, which is a memoir written by Jaycee Dugard, the woman who was abducted/kidnapped in California at age 11, and held captive by her abductor and his wife for 18 years. I believe she was found a year ago, by sheer accident. During her captivity, she gave birth to 2 daughters (at age 14 and 17), fathered by her kidnapper, and she and her daughters were freed together, and are now leading a normal life, reunited with Ms. Dugard’s family, and rediscovering the world in her case after 18 years of isolation, and her daughters are discovering the world for the first time. » read more »

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Posted on September 19, 2011

Although it’s a sad subject, I cant let this date go by, without paying some kind of homage to my late son Nick. He died 14 years ago tomorrow, and it’s hard to believe it’s been that long, when he committed suicide at the age of 19. He had suffered from bi-polar disease all his life. I had first noticed it when he was 18 months old, standing in front of me in a yellow bunny suit/sleeper with feet. It was totally obvious by the time he was 4. Undeniable at 7, and finally, finally diagnosed at 15, and medicated at 16. In those days, psychiatrists refused to diagnose bi-polar until people were in their twenties, and wouldn’t medicate it until then. Getting him medication for it, and a diagnosis, at 15 and 16 was practically a miracle then. Today, children are diagnosed at 4 and 5 and medicated for it immediately. Thank God, times have changed. And maybe my voice has helped a little. I wrote a book about his life, and illness, called “His Bright Light”, it came out a year after he died. » read more »

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Ten Years Later

Posted on September 12, 2011

I think yesterday was a serious day for everyone, remembering the events of September 11th, ten years ago. I think it was the first attack we have ever had on mainland America, and I think it gave all of us a sense of frightening vulnerability, realizing how hard and how easily we could be hit. » read more »

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The Sounds of Music

Posted on September 6, 2011

I recently had a wonderful, fun experience that I wanted to share with you. A young composer I know, and a young singer, both with great talent, contacted me early this summer and asked me if I would be willing to write lyrics for them for some original songs. Initially, my reaction was that it would be too complicated. The composer lives in Paris, the singer in London, and I float around between Paris and the States, California and New York. And I had never done anything like this before, but after some hesitation (not sure if I could do it), I decided to give it a whirl. » read more »

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Waiting for the Big One

Posted on August 29, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Well, it has certainly been an interesting week, full of unexpected adventures.

On my way back to Paris, I stopped in New York to see one of my daughters, and had heard of the hurricane warnings for New York. I have to admit, I wasn’t unduly surprised or concerned about it, because in late August/early September, there are frequently hurricane warnings in the East. And usually, the hurricanes blow themselves out at sea, or turn in some other direction, and I have never encountered one in New York. But this time, as we all know, Hurricane Irene stayed right on course heading for New York City. I took a red eye/overnight flight to New York, and arrived on the Friday morning, right before it was due to hit New York (on Saturday), and found my daughter in considerable distress. The hurricane was due to hit the city on Saturday night, and her apartment was deemed to be in the most dangerous zone for flooding, Zone A. An order to evacuate her area had been issued by the mayor and police, and she had to be out of her apartment by Saturday at 5pm. They were expecting up to 6 feet of flooding all around her, and police boats had already been brought into the area. No one was to be allowed to stay in their homes, or the entire area, in her neighborhood. She was in the dangerous Zone A. » read more »

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One Night Stand

Posted on August 22, 2011

Well, that caught your attention, didn’t it??? I forgot to tell you what I did in San Francisco the day after I came back from Europe. Did I have a One Night Stand?……well, actually, I hate to disappoint you… But I curated an art show at the Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco, and the theme and title of the show was “One Night Stand”—-the owner of the gallery’s idea, not mine…..but it turned out really well. » read more »

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY (real life, not the book)

Posted on August 15, 2011

Okay, I’ll admit it. Today, as I write this, is my birthday. I never share that information publicly or even privately. I have had a hatred of birthdays (my own) for most of my life. As a child, no one made much of a fuss about it, and with a mid-August birthday, everyone was always away, so it was always a non-event, and somewhat (or even very) disappointing. (We won’t discuss the totally flattened chocolate cake my parents sent me when they sent me to camp at 5 and 6 years of age, and again later, and they thought the cake would arrive by mail safely and on time. It never did. It showed up, whenever, flat as a pancake, looking nothing like a birthday cake. So I wasn’t very old when I decided that I really didn’t like birthdays. They always disappointed me, although for several decades now, thanks to my children, they have been great. But I am leery of birthdays anyway, just on principle. Besides, now there is the age issue, which adds insult to injury. For several years now, I have been trying to convince my family to adopt a system of 2 mother’s days per year instead (the official one, and one just for me in lieu of my birthday). I may be making some headway on that one since the whole family sang “Happy Mother’s Day to youuuuuuuu” today instead of Happy You Know What. (Yerghk. The B word). And a friend sent me the perfect candles for my cake, which instead of saying the number, spelled out the words “Don’t Ask”. Perfect!!! I want those candles every year!!! (There is a far less chivalrous friend who sends me a card with my correct age on it every year. Is he kidding? Did he think I would forget??? I toss that card as fast as possible every year!!). » read more »

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