4/12/23, Au revoir, but not Adieu and hello on Instagram!!

Posted on April 13, 2023

Hello Everyone,
I hope you had a happy Easter, or warm Passover, or just a nice break in the usual routine.
I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I think it’s time for a change. When I started the blog, Instagram didn’t exist or hadn’t reached its full popularity yet. I didn’t think of my life as ‘visual’ then. People were taking photographs of their lunch, at first, and I’m not a big eater, tend to eat lunch and even dinner very haphazardly when I’m writing, and a photograph of a boiled egg and a yogurt didnt seem like much to share with you. And when I don’t leave my office for 3 or 4 weeks at a time, and hang around in old cozy cashmere nightgowns while I write, that didn’t seem too appealing either.  But Instagram has grown, and so have I. We’ve evolved. The blog has been a good place to share my thoughts with you on philsophical issues, or important events. But for the past 3+ years, I have finally grown into instagram and share quick thoughts or images with you four times a week, and even photos of my dogs, who are a big part of my life. Instagram has evolved, and so have I, and I can keep you notified of what new book is coming out when. I can show you when I go out, let you know what’s happening in Paris, and even show you my holiday table or Christmas tree.
My publisher, Random House, feeds the Facebook posts from this blog and my instagram. And I post four times a week on the Instagram, to keep you up to date on my daily life and special events. It’s a fast moving world these days, particularly since Covid. After more than two years of being restricted and confined during Covid, everyone seems to be on the move, and eager to go places and see new things. When you go to an airport now, it is stunning how many people are travelling. People are travelling a lot, they aren’t sitting at home the way they were during the confinements of Covid.
So I’ve decided to continue communicating with you almost daily on my instagram, which is easy to find at officialdaniellesteel.
And I’m going to retire from the blog for now, and give you a rest from keeping up with it. The posts on Facebook will continue as they are now. In English, all people say is “goodbye”, in French they either say “Adieu”, which is goodbye forever, OR they say “Au revoir”, which is ‘until I see you again’. I prefer that one, and I’ll be seeing you on Instagram, just as I do now, with short reports of what’s new in my daily life, or the world, as I experience it. And since it’s visual, with photographs, it might be more fun for you.
So until I see you again…hopefully on Instagram tomorrow or the day after. It’s the same you, the same me. You mean more to me than ever, and I am SOOO GRATEFUL to you for reading the books. So keep on doing fun, new, exciting things, keep expecting every week to be better than the last. And I’ll be talking to you on the instagram, almost every day. So au revoir for now, and we’ll let the blog rest for now. Thank you for following me faithfully for these many years!!!
with much love, and a big hug,  Danielle