Snoop Dog: More on the Event

I seem to be on some kind of music path these days, with the lyrics I’ve been writing for an album (I hope!!), I’m more attuned to music related happenings and events, and I seem to run into music events now everywhere.

And it was a MAJOR WOW!!!!! What an event, what a party, what a location!!! An empty warehouse had been transformed into a giant living room, broken into groups, with comfortable couches, big easy chairs, and coffee tables and soft lighting. There was a buffet of fabulous food a mile long, the place was crowded with attractive young people, everyone was having fun. I ran into my youngest daughter and oldest son, and we were all surprised to see each other (what are YOU doing here? except of course my niece had invited all of us). And the food was really delicious, I hadn’t had time to eat all day, and I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but the mini donuts were so good that I ate 8 of them!!! (Don’t tell!!! There was also a fabulous seafood buffet, but I’m allergic to fish….but I am definitely NOT allergic to donuts!!).

And after a while, just enjoying the atmosphere and chatting with a few people I knew, and seeing my niece for a few minutes, the bands came on. The Killers played (which my daughter had come to see. And I had no idea who they were), then Jane’s Addiction (which was nostalgia for me, since I remembered that they had been the favorite band of my late son Nick when he was in his teens). And then Snoop Dog came on and did his fantastic rap act, and it was soooooo much fun I can’t tell you. And I will tell you honestly, that I don’t play Rap music in my car or at home. I know the names of the really famous rappers, but this is definitely not my area of expertise, but it was so much fun, he was sooooo ‘cool’, and he put on such a great show, that everyone had a ball and so did I. It was so out of the ordinary for me that I loved it. I was so happy I’d come. The atmosphere was one of joy and excitement, and just good feelings. The whole room full of people loved it, and so did I. Very, very cool!!!

And after the performance (okay, and a few more donuts), I went home, having had a fabulous evening, totally forgotten that I hadn’t slept the night before, and I just had a great time. It was worth the effort to go for sure, and so much more fun that sitting at home reading a book on my bed, and it reminded me yet again that “why not?” is just about always the best decision, and not making that choice can really deprive you of some fun times. I really had a ball. And now I feel very ‘cool’ having seen Snoop Dog perform. It was a win-win evening all around. I had a fantastic time!!! (And ten minutes after I got home, I was in bed and sound asleep.)

Love, Danielle

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  1. Lorraine October 29, 2011 9:26 am

    Sounds like so much fun for you! I was BEYOND impressed how you went w/o sleep for so long!!!
    Who says you can’t keep up with the young crowd!! I just finished “Happy Birthday” and did enjoy it! Lorraine