8/11/14, The dogs bark…taking it in stride

Hi Everyone,

Weirdly, I was thinking this morning and an old French saying popped into my mind. In French it’s “Les chiens aboient, et la caravane passe….” Translated, it says “The dogs bark, and the caravan moves on.” The meaning being that something may be loud and catch your attention and seem all consuming at the time, and then it moves on and turns out not to be such a big deal. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. And although I often have trouble remembering that myself, it is so true!! Things happen which seem loud and strident and upsetting, an event, an incident, an argument, and we all get so upset. It seems all consuming and can just ruin a day, or a week. It happens to me all the time, a child, a friend, a partner, an employer or employee says or does something that just infuriates me or hurts my feelings, and becomes the focus of my world for a while—-and maybe yours too!!! And then time passes, and with a little perspective, it just doesn’t seem like such a big deal, and life moves on. I wish I remembered that more often. And it was a good reminder when I thought of it today, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I hope there are no ‘dogs barking in your life” at the moment, with things to annoy or upset you. But if so, try to remember that the caravan will move on soon….you can remind me of that too the next time I get wound up!! Have a great week!!

love, danielle

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5 Comments so far
  1. Jean August 13, 2014 4:29 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it is Very special. wish you many many more…
    This blog is special, as we probably all experience this same thing. It has caused more than one sleepless night.

  2. Joann Mackewich August 14, 2014 6:34 am

    Just taking a few minutes to wish you a very happy birthday! You are a huge part of my life and you are my silent mentor and writing muse. Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your special day!

  3. Keyla Marques August 14, 2014 9:00 am

    Happy birthday! thanks for being you and for what you write.
    I changed my life. And I’m grateful for having the opportunity to read your words.

    Sometimes (or most of time) we all have someone in our life that trier to ruin our day or something that is important to us.
    thanks for the advice, I know the saying because of a song here in Brazil, but it never hit on me before.

    You’re one of a kind.

  4. Teresa Cunha August 14, 2014 10:27 am

    Happy birthday dearest Danielle! I remember reading that you’re not much of a birthday enthusiast (I’m not, as well) so I felt like sharing with you something a missionary told me a few years ago on a New Years Eve: “Did you realize how many people died in this past year? You are still alive and you know why? Because God needs you here. You’re doing a good job and He needs you to keep doing it because you are that special.” I always keep his words in my mind even when it feels that just another year went by and it seems there’s nothing to show for; maybe there is and if we are still here is because we are still needed. So we’re just not older we are more important because still needed… God bless you!

  5. Lorraine August 25, 2014 6:13 am

    Loved, loved, loved this! Thank you!