So Much Going On!!

There’s lots of excitement in my publishing life right now, on many fronts. Last week, on October 29, I had four books come out!! That’s a record even for me. Two paperbacks: “A Gift of Hope”, about my work on the streets with the homeless for eleven years, non-fiction. “The Sins of the Mother”, previously in hardcover, about a woman who built and runs a business empire, and has 4 adult children, who have issues with the past, and better come to understand their mother over time. It’s about the not always easy workings of a family, the decisions parents make, and how one views them with compassion as time goes on. I hope you like the book. Two hardcovers came out on the same day: a novel, “Winners”, about a young Olympic skier, an accident she has which changes her life, and how her fight to come back from it touches everyone around her, as each of their lives, and hers, are turned around in positive ways. I hope you’ll find it an inspiring book, and a great read. And I have a really fun book that just came out too. It’s a small non-fiction book that should make a perfect gift. It’s about the dogs in our family over the years, and some dog-owning advice, and there are some funny stories in it and practical tips too. My two pound longhaired white teacup Chihuahua Minnie is on the cover, and it’s called “Pure Joy”. I hope you think of it for all the dog lovers on your holiday list and in your life!!

And to top it all off, the song album I’ve been working on for two years is coming out on November 26. “Love Notes by Danielle Steel”. It’s coming out in CD, and will be on the Internet. I wrote the lyrics and worked with 3 talented composers and 2 wonderful singers (a man and a woman). So that’s a lot going on for me.

Today, on November 4th, I’ll be on Good Morning America to talk about the books. And I have an interview with the Wall Street Journal this week, and am doing a rare, rare for me book signing of the book about our dogs, at a friend’s store.

Now you can see why I’ve been busy!!! I hope you enjoy reading the books and listening to the music. Thank you for sharing all of this with me!!

love, danielle

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  1. Twana November 4, 2013 11:14 am

    Danielle Steel you are wonderful and everything you write brings tears to my eyes for I hope one day my life to will be filled with so much joy. It’s always great to hear about your love for the holiday season for it makes me smile. Happy Holidays. May you and your family be blessed and together.
    Love Always,
    Twana Martin