San Francisco Art Fair

I went to a wonderful art fair in San Francisco recently. I am always a big fan of art fairs, as you know! There used to be a terrific one in San Francisco, but it faded away several years ago, and I think there has been a real hunger for one to replace it. So we got our wish, and after about seven or eight years of no art fair there was a really interesting on in May.

The art fair took place in Fort Mason, a big hall on the Bay where lots of interesting events take place: The Antique Fair in October, an Asian art fair recently, and other similar events. The art fair was beautifully set up, and it was a real thrill to walk up and down the aisles, looking at the booths set up by galleries from around the world. Several dealers came from Europe, many from around the world, and it was truly exciting to see all the work. The turn-out was excellent,which I think showed how many people in San Francisco were hungry for art—and I for one am thrilled to see an art fair in town again!

And my current big excitement is that I am going to Art Basel in Switzerland in June. I have always wanted to go, and am really excited about it. It is supposed to be the most important art fair in the world, with fabulous art exhibited by established artists, and new artists as well. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

And since I am passionate about contemporary art, I will be curating a contemporary art show myself for a San Francisco gallery in August. We’ve been working on the show all year, and have been busy selecting the artists and the work. I curate a show about once a year, and I still miss my own gallery. So being able to curate a show is a big thrill for me!! I have an insatiable love of the art, so June and August will be great months for me, with Art Basel, and the show I’ll be curating in San Francisco. Contemporary art is so exciting and so much fun!!

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  1. Adrian Jo June 23, 2010 7:16 am

    Your blog on the “lingo” and slang these days had me laughing nearly into coma. I’ve always been one to appreciate those who could speak well. Yet todays slang truly gets me bewildered. How did sick become the new cool? Where did rad and awesome go???
    Looking forward to the art event in S.F. Best of luck!
    Be well , Adrian
    I hope the shoe collection is doing well ;).should be a fairly interesting season.