Running Around


Hi Everyone,

Busy days for me, I’ve been in 2 countries and 3 cities in the past 5 days, flying between the cities where I live or visit, seeing my kids, and working. I am working on books in various phases, editing, re-writing, some fresh writing, and working on outlines. It’s still winter time, and this is when I do a LOT of writing. But I take time out to travel to see my children too!!

And speaking of wintertime—-no sign of Spring anywhere that I live. It has been bitter cold in Northern California, freezing cold in Paris, and snowing, and snowing and also freezing in New York. With some sleet thrown in for good measure. It has been bitter cold everywhere I’ve been. I am definitely ready for Spring and some warm weather. I’m tired of wearing layers of clothes and being cold wherever I go. Come on, Spring!!!

I’ve had some lovely time with my children, fun dinners with my youngest son, some good time with my youngest daughter (although she’s very busy), and some great time with my three next oldest daughters, some of it one-on-one, which is always very precious to me. Two of my girls and I are going to spend 10 days together. I can’t wait!!!! The greatest joy in my life is always my children, and then my work. And I am currently enjoying both!!!

Today I had a special thrill going to see a friend’s new baby. Without a tiny baby in your life, you forget how little they are, how sweet when they’re brand new, and how fascinating to watch. He was a week old when I saw him, as he looked around, listening to the sounds around him, looking peaceful in my arms. It’s a sweet feeling, and his parents were thrilled and in awe of him. It was nice to share a moment with them.

I have nothing new and exciting to report at the moment, but will have more to tell you next week. I just wanted to check in and say hi, and tell you that I’m thinking of you, as I fly from one city to another, and in between hunker down at my desk to work. Talk to you next week.

Love,  Danielle

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3 Comments so far
  1. happycomposer February 27, 2013 6:05 pm

    Dear Ms.Steel , I am so impressed with your commitment to update this blog everyweek and still being a prolific writer. You inspires me to write more songs for my music and get a better time management for myself. I am currently reading Legacy. Really enjoy the adventuros courageous Indian woman character that you create in the story. I saw your new book The sins of the mother (hardcover) in periplus Discovery mall Bali . Love the cover. But will have to wait till the paperback is out to buy. Cheers!

  2. Mary February 28, 2013 6:04 pm

    Hi, You are a good multitasker. You should have a blog party someday and meet all of us.Maybe there is a way on line cause it seems like we are all over the place, like your children.
    Glad to hear your spending time seeing your kids and they come first, I hope they realize how lucky they are that you think about them so much.It’s good your taking the time to spend with them,enjoy.

  3. Oznur Cevik March 15, 2013 1:51 pm

    I have written you many e-mails. One was just before a very serious operation. I was so scared and the only person I wanted to say goodbye was you. It was more than ten years ago. Just wanted to say God bless you and your beautiful family. I have been through a lot during the last decade, real hard stuff… people kept on saying how proud they are of me for being so strong. No one understands where that strength come from… YOU. When ever I feel down, weak, when ever I feel I can’t go on I just pick one of your books and wham it hits… and there I am again back on my feet. Mind you some I have read about 5 times and although I live in Turkey I’ve got all your books 🙂 now we get from Amazon but earlier days it was harder and who ever went to the US knew what they should bring back 🙂 once a friend brought back a photo of your house 🙂 Thanks for being who you are…. I am a journalist for the past 34 years and if I am doing anything close to good all thanks to you! Love from Ankara, Oznur