Play Ball!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I had SO MUCH FUN I had to share it with you!!! My youngest son is an avid sports fan, particularly baseball, and he thrilled me by taking me to a playoff game last fall, before the San Francisco Giants went to the World Series, and won!!! I was in Europe during the World Series, and there was a friend I called several times during every game, at crazy late hours for me, so I could follow the scores. And I was ecstatic for the team and my son when they won!!! It was a major moment for the Giants and their fans!!! And I was sorry not to see those games because I was away.

Well, my son just thrilled me again and invited me to Opening Day of the Giants, and I had just as much fun as I did with him at the Playoffs!!! There was lots of fanfare, since it was the opening of a new season, after their big win at the World Series. The 2010 World Series Trophy was already on a pedestal on the field when we walked in, and as part of the opening ceremony, they put the 2012 trophy on a pedestal next to it. All the players and coaches were introduced, the largest American flag I have ever seen was walked in, carried by what looked like 100 people, the Pennant was raised on the flagpole, a fire boat was shooting spray high into the air, the sun was shining, the National Anthem was sung, and people looked ecstatic. I haven’t been to baseball many times in my life, but what strikes me every time is how wholesome it all is, how happy people look, how many kids are there, and what good clean fun it is. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be with one’s children, even grown up ones like mine, although my youngest son isn’t very old, but he’s an adult. It is just great family time, and a moment in time when all of one’s worries or problems seem to disappear, and one concentrates on the game. I ate a hot dog, and looked longingly at the cotton candy, but didn’t eat any (next time!!). My son’s girlfriend was there, and a school friend of his, and I felt very honored that he had used one of his precious seats for me. And I diligently wore orange and black again this time, and my son gave me a wool Giants scarf to wear next time. Some of the outfits were pretty amazing, with everyone in orange and black. There were 43,000 people there, as messages flashed on the scoreboard, wishing people Happy Birthday, and even one proposal of marriage. And the team held up their end against the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Giants won 1-0, as cheers and screams of delight erupted from the crowd. All in all, it was a perfect day. And I came home, like a kid, with all my treasures, the Giants scarf from my son, a calendar, a pennant, and the ticket, which I will save, in memory of another fantastic day. There are moments in life when everything goes right and you feel great, and you know you’ve had a special magical day. Today was one of those, and I’m soooo grateful to my son for taking me to the game with him. I’ve come to really enjoy baseball, and actually understand the game, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without him. The real fun is going to the game with him, I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, and it was even better than I imagined. Thanks to him, it was truly a perfect day and a very special moment!!!

love, danielle

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4 Comments so far
  1. Mary April 10, 2013 5:06 pm

    May there be many more moments of spending time together, your a lucky mom to have a good bunch of kids. You must have raised them right.

  2. thackery April 11, 2013 4:10 am

    Dear Ms. Danielle Steel,

    Pleased to listen to your story on the baseball.

    In Japan playing the baseball is so popular from an elementary school boy to a high school boy or even a university boy. My son had been playing the soft baseball since he was six years old, and began to play the basketball from his junior high school day.

    It seems to me that your son’s interest into the baseball motivated and encouraged you to get interested in watching it. As for a job income, a baseball player would be ranked as the highest one among sports players in Japan. Some of them are playing the baseball in your country like “Ichiro” in New York Yankees.

    Change the subject, I’ve finished reading your novels “The Sins of the Mother” and “A Gift of Hope” just recently. First of all, “The Sins of the Mother” gave me a tremendous wisdom to lead a life happily, while coordinating with every family member. When we are younger, we tend to lose something important to our children as Olivia. But it would be a relief for us that our children will understand finally their mother’s or father’s love.
    Secondly, “A Gift of Hope” let me understand on how to cope with social problems which Japanese society is now facing. We should not get away from the reality, but should face it directly by our own hands, sometimes together with friends or colleagues.

    Thank you very much for your novels to give me the wisdom on our life, and look forward to reading your next novel soon.

    With the utmost respect and friendship as always,

    Your reader and friend
    April 11, 2013

  3. Shayra April 13, 2013 5:22 pm

    Hi, Mrs. Steel. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. Wanna tell you my mother is your biggest fan in Brazil. She has read all your translated romances and is proud to show them all on the shelf. But now the question is: she would like to know why she can’t find any new books on the libraries. She’s missing you!

  4. mike reid April 18, 2013 4:00 pm

    Hi Danielle – This story is amazing. I had a chance to see the Giants all the time with free tickets when I was working on one of the owners – penthouse. I never took the opportunity to see them because I was to focused on my job.They had offered us free tickets all the time. I wish I had now–seeing that I’ve never been to a game yet. Anyway – sorry about being out of touch — I’ve had to relocate to Las Vegas. I’m catching up on your articles & will stay in touch. peace & good will– Mike