Memorial Day Weekend

Wow….already…Memorial Day weekend. I think this marks the beginning of summer, even before the 4th of July rolls around. Memorial Day weekend always marked the beginning of summer for me, when you get ready for the warmer weather, summer plans, kids are almost out of school, college kids are already on vacation—–speaking of which, my youngest son just graduated, and I’m sooooooo proud of him!!! What a great kid he is!!! And now I only have one child still in college. But Memorial Day definitely feels like the beginning of the summer. You can sit in the garden, if you have one, eat on a terrace at a bistro in Paris, take a stroll in the park (in a park in Paris called Bagatelle, surrounded by peacocks fanning their gorgeous tails). I love the beginning of summer and the warm weather, and I always loved it when the kids were on vacation, and I had them at home all summer and we could do fun things together. I usually try not to write in summer (or not much), so I can spend time with my children then. I hope that this will be the beginning of a wonderful summer for you, and I hope you’re planning to do something fun, or just relax a little. I know that Memorial Day has more serious implications in its history, but it is a nice benchmark to remind us to relax a little in the coming months, and enjoy the good times!!! Love, Danielle

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4 Comments so far
  1. Joann June 1, 2010 5:06 pm

    Happy Summer Danielle. Enjoy! I know I will with a few good books…:)

  2. Melinda June 2, 2010 8:27 am

    I’ve just finished reading your book about your son Nick. I have a brother that’s been diagnosed with bipolar, and I never fully understood the illness. After reading your story about Nick I’ve such a better understanding of what my brother (and my mother) must be going through. Thank you for sharing Nick’s story.
    Melinda (South Africa)

  3. diana June 4, 2010 10:23 am

    hi i am currently reading bunglow 2 and wow wat a book im frm india and my name is diana i almost felt like tanya …your stories feel soreal … do u make movies too ………. i guess so plz send a site i can download em love u and happy summers by the way i work for allstate ….in india love u tons

  4. Val B. June 4, 2010 5:10 pm

    Hard to believe summer is already upon us again, although the weather is less than cooperative! I’m new to your blog, and absolutely loved the “about” you. Thank you for sharing your life, loves, and challenges. God Bless