3/21/17, Good Morning Robin!!!

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry I’m a day late writing to you—it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and I’m travelling again. But I had to share with you how wonderful it was, and always is, to be on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts last week. As I’ve told you before, she is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, and I cherish knowing her and consider her a friend, and she is just a beautiful, remarkable human being. It’s always a treat and a privilege to be on the show with her. She is one of the very rare important TV interviewers who does everything to put her guest at ease, and show them in their best light. As shy as I am about doing TV, I LOVE being on the show with her!!!

It’s quite an experience being on the show. I usually have to be at the show, “camera ready” at 7:30 am. So the day begins with the hair and makeup artists who arrive at my hotel at 4 am. They have until about 6:30 am to get me ready, then I dress in whatever I’m going to wear on the show, and leave my hotel at 7 am. The makeup artist starts first, and he really is an artist. I’m normally not at my glowing best at 4am—I often end my day at that hour, if I’m writing—but I don’t start at that hour!! And have to look wide awake and as good as possible for the show. The make up man began by putting ice on my face (on an already freezing cold day!!! Wake up, Face!! Ugh!!!) Then he put marble balls he had frozen all night on my face and massaged my face with the marble—to wake my skin up some more. It sounds crazy but it works, and the winter gray face comes to life and looks healthier and brighter. He uses various creams and potions (most of the time, in my ‘real life’ I wear no make up at all, or very little), and then he has me apply the make up myself to my eyes and lips, because he says I know my face better than anyone else, which is true. I hate it when I get my make up done for a photo shoot for a book cover, or a TV show, and I don’t recognize myself in the mirror!! After the make up, the hairdresser does my hair (I usually wear it in a pony tail since it’s very long). I dress and then we’re ready to go. They all come with me to the TV studio with me, and the Senior Editor of my publisher meets me there, and by then I have serious butterflies about being on live TV. What if I say something really stupid, or get so nervous I faint!!! But that’s when Robin’s magic comes in, and she makes me feel totally at home. She is truly a talented interviewer and brings out the best in everyone!!

I am taken to a dressing room with my whole ‘crew’, hair and makeup and assistant and the publisher, and we wait in the dressing room, while the Producer comes to say hello. A sound man slips a microphone under whatever top I’m wearing, and the next thing I know, I’m led onto the set, get seated, and then, Robin is asking me questions about my current book, or anything else I’ve done in the past year. We talk and laugh, and I enjoy talking to her, and about 5 or 7 minutes later, it’s over, we say goodbye, and I leave the show, feeling like a fairy princess after spending the time with Robin, and then I’m off to my real life, to do whatever I have to do that day. It’s an exciting experience, and it always helps the books. In fact, this coming Sunday, my new book, “Dangerous Games” will be #1 on the Bestseller Lists—so being on the show works its magic, and Robin is the magician——and a precious friend. And in spite of what it does for the books, I feel honored to be on the show with Robin. She is just a fabulous person!!! And that’s what it’s like being on Good Morning America with her.

Have a great week!!

love, Danielle

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2 Comments so far
  1. Alex March 21, 2017 3:02 pm

    congrats for your new grandchild!

  2. Janine Hewitt March 22, 2017 7:30 am

    It sounds nerve wracking but in the end very worth it and Robin seems like a very sweet person to know