Busy San Francisco Weekend

Wow!!! What a crazy weekend. It seems like everything went on in San Francisco a couple weekends ago. I’m not sure if the city planned it on purpose or if it just happened that way.

In one single weekend, the America’s Cup races (pre trials, I think, or maybe just for demonstration before the real deal next August) took place on the bay. So sailing fans were riveted to the excitement on the bay, as some of the America’s Cup boats raced each other during the weekend. As they do every year, the Navy’s Blue Angels flew overhead in a breathtaking display of synchronized flying and dare devilry. They practiced over the city, as they always do, for several days beforehand, with ear shattering and mind boggling feats, flying low, and then soaring into the air, as the whole city watched (and heard). Like many others, I sat on my roof and watched the actual demonstrations.

It was also Fleet Week, with Naval demonstrations. And a four hour air show on both Saturday and Sunday, with the Blue Angels providing the Grande Finale for the last hour.There was a Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park, which I never got to.

The SF Giants baseball team played their first game in the playoffs, against the Cincinnati Reds, which I went to with my son (and wrote a blog about, it was terrific, even though we lost, and it was really exciting to be there, especially with my son!!)

SF 49ers football team played their first game that weekend, which I didn’t get to either. (I opted for the second day of the air show, and the Blue Angels instead of the game).

And to top it off, the Folsom Street Fair took place, an annual event, which is a little too exotic for me, where people wearing S&M leather gear, with assorted whips and spikes, show off their wares in some pretty wild outfits. It has become a standard San Francisco event, and is not for everyone. But it draws a lot of people whose interests lie in that direction. It’s not my cup of tea, but to each their own interests.

So there was something for everyone that weekend, from sports to music, to flying devilry, sailing races,and even some more exotic fare. It was said that a million people were in the city for that weekend (nearly double the normal population), and there was an event for every interest and taste. The baseball playoff game and the air show were enough for me. But it was certainly an interesting weekend, with a lot of options and possibilities for entertainment.


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4 Comments so far
  1. Mary October 23, 2012 4:24 pm

    Sound like you are enjoying being home this fall. One question, how do you sit on your roof?

  2. Maureen October 27, 2012 9:57 am

    @Mary….everyone in San Francisco could probably sit on the roof of her house.

  3. Mary October 31, 2012 6:15 pm

    @ Maureen must be a BIG roof

  4. Andrea Epstein November 30, 2012 1:01 pm

    Sent prior e-mail re: GIFT OF HOPE. Not sure it got to you. I am blown away. You connect into the collective unconscious and are telepathic.
    All the content of your YO, Angels was boundlessly compassionate and compelling. I worked as an outreach case manager with the homeless, hiv/aids, psychiatrically disabled populations for 20 years in Kingston, NY. I talked to you in my head years ago saying it would be a great storyline theme for you to showcase. I felt this story captured all the kaleidoscope for this tragic population. I am an avid reader of all your books. My internal alarm clock goes off when I sight the next book published. I read them over night. Thank you for your take on reality and capturing the human condition!.