Bon Voyage!

I recently gave a dinner for friends in San Francisco whom I have known and loved for nearly twenty years. They are ‘grown up’ people, with adult children, surrounded by friends who admire and love them, and I think both of them have lived in San Francisco for about forty years, maybe longer. And they seemed solidly entrenched in their community and the life of the city.

Two months ago, while ‘playing’ on the Internet, they looked at houses, and must have been looking at comparable homes in other parts of the country. They had no interest in moving, and had a beautiful apartment in San Francisco. And lo and behold, they fell in love with a home in a suburb of Atlanta. Neither of them knew the city or had friends there. But it was love at first sight. For several days after, they talked about the fabulous home they’d seen on the internet, and before any of us knew what had happened, they had bought it, and announced they were moving. Huh? What? Are you kidding/ In Atlanta, where they knew no one? Yup.

Well, they did it. They saw it, loved it, packed up, and told their friends they were moving, while the rest of us stood around gaping, unable to grasp the concept. They’re of an age where people like to be near their children, want to know their doctors, like to see the same dentist, and wouldn’t consider moving to anywhere unfamiliar. But they did it. The packed up, and before anyone could even begin to take them seriously, they announced that they were leaving in tow weeks. And their friends comments ranged from ‘crazy’ to ‘nuts’, to silent disbelief. And I can’t say I thought it was a great idea either. But once I saw their enthusiasm, and energy about it, I began to realize that it wasn’t such a bad idea, and it was a brave and exciting thing to do.

So I organized a dinner for their friends to say goodbye to them and celebrate their new adventure. And all of us were sad to see them leave. (As party favors for each person at the dinner, I gave everyone a chocolate valise and a bottle of Southern Comfort). both of them were excited and lively at the dinner, while the rest of us were sad to see them go. But I have to say, for all the comments about how crazy they are, I admire their spunk and sense of excitement. I don’t think I’d move to a new city where I know no one. What if I got a stomach ache in the middle of the night, who would I call? How would I find a vet if my dog got sick? What if I hated it once I got there? but I admire them for what they’re doing. Maybe life is about having that kind of courage, and not being afraid to try something new.

So while the rest of us are waving our hankies, sad to see them go, they are off and running on a new adventure. They’ll find a vet, and the nearest hardware store. They’ll figure it out if they get a stomach ache, meet new people, and find a new dentist. You only live once, and you might as well enjoy it. Life is about having dreams and not giving them up. I no longer think it’s crazy, I think it’s terrific! Bravo for people brave enough to have a dream and pursue it! Life is about having dreams and the courage to try something new. I think it’s fantastic! And I hope I have as much courage to follow my own dreams…and you too!

Love, Danielle

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  1. Vijayalakshmi Sisodia June 16, 2011 3:59 am

    I just have to say its not guts but an inside feeling of doing something that feels right!
    I did something similar about a year back…last June to be precise…
    I left my job in my hometown and took up a new one 450 kms away from home!
    I dont know how I had the nerve to do that…but I uprooted myself, left the children(my married boys, my one unmarried twin and my granddaughter) to settle in a new town, where I knew only my boss and no one else.
    Like you said, what if I fell ill in the middle of the night..:)
    But I didnt think that far…it was a deep down feeling that this is right!
    I am very lucky that my husband supported this idea of mine and he was a free lancer to up and leave with me must have been more difficult for him Im sure, coz he has loads and loads of friends from every strata of the society…but he did come with me , we have never lived apart ever..and here we are, quite comfortable and happy …with monthly visits to see the kids.
    Its fun actually and not at all difficult.

  2. frank c white August 8, 2011 2:52 pm

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