Back to Work

Well, I guess the summer is really over, and it’s back to work for me. My kids have left, back to their schools, jobs, and cities. My college kids started school. And I went back to work this weekend. I spent part of it editing a book that’s coming out next year. And after that, I started working on an outline for a book I’ll write this winter. So it really is back to work for me!

It’s actually fun working on an outline and getting into the story, developing the characters and the plot, and pulling it all together in a chapter by chapter outline. I do the outlines so I know exactly where I’m going when I start a book. It’s a great chance to refine it and make the story really work.

It used to be that Labor Day marked the end of the summer but now kids go back to school earlier and earlier, and Labor Day is just a long weekend after many of us have gone back to work.

I hate to see the summer end. It was so much fun, and I have a lot of work ahead this winter. Most of all, I miss my kids once they leave. We have wonderful memories from this summer.

So happy fall, everyone!! And as the seven dwarves said in Snow White….it’s off to work we go!!

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