Back to Paris

Hi Everybody,
I’m going back to Paris for a couple of weeks before the holidays, which is always great fun and exciting for me. Paris is always decorated up beautifully for the holidays. There will be ‘falling’ lights all strung up on the trees on the Champs Elysees, lights everywhere, Christmas trees set up and decorated, and the Eiffel Tower will be sparkling on the hour, which looks festive at any time of year.

I love being in Paris this time of year, because it’s so pretty. It will be a fun time to see friends, go to some holiday parties, and give one, which is a nice chance to see friends and celebrate a little. I’ll be setting up a Christmas tree in Paris, and when I go back to California, I will set up another one for my children. We will be having a visit from Santa (in San Francisco!!), and all of my children come home. And if I’m very lucky, it might even snow a little in Paris. I love it when it snows there.

You must be very busy this time of year too. There is always a lot to do this time of year. I will keep you posted from Paris and let you know what I’m doing. Talk to you soon!!

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