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After ten years of no longer having any art fair at all in San Francisco, we got our first one back last year, much to my delight. A fair of contemporary art. It’s a great opportunity to see what’s new in the art world, discover new artists, see work by familiar artists, and just enjoy a whole lot of art in one place. And this year, the theory of ‘more is better’ must have taken hold, and we had TWO art fairs in SF on the same weekend. And art-hog that I am, I went to both fairs on the (same) opening night. It was a bit of a race to get to both, but I couldn’t resist. Soooooo much art in one night!!! I was in heaven. My interest was personal, because I love art, and also semi-professional, as I still curate an art show every year, for a wonderful SF gallery that I love. It’s a real honor to be allowed to curate for them, and put together an art show, now that my own contemporary art gallery is closed. And I just love being part of the art scene, and seeing new work, by new artists, or artists that I love (and even some whom I have represented in my gallery). I loved seeing old friends, and all that glorious work!!!

So off I went to the first one, at Fort Mason, in SF, and then on to the second one, south of Market Street, which seemed like a busier show. There were more people there, and a great deal of work, but I enjoyed both fairs. It was really a fun night, going to see it all. And yes, of course, I bought a painting by an artist I represented, Gordon Smedt. The painting is of a pile of Converse sneakers, tossed in a heap helter skelter. I love it!!! And am sending it to Paris. I have a lot of Gordon’s work!!! And I’m thrilled to have a new piece.

What was my favorite piece in the show, other than the one I bought? Two Fiat cars (old ones) cut in half, with the front ends welded together, with a front end at each end, and all of it painted red. Apparently the piece was made by two artists who had gotten divorced but still work together, and they called it “Irreconcilable Differences”. I couldn’t resist asking if you could still drive it, and was told you couldn’t—-I was severely disappointed by that, and would have loved to drive down the street with the front end of a car in the front and another in the rear facing backward…..that would be so much fun!!! I didn’t buy it, but what a fun piece that would be to own—–and better yet, to drive.

There was some serious work at both shows, by well known artists, and some by unknowns, or people mid-career. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am so grateful that San Francisco has TWO art fairs now…..I had a ball!!!!

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  1. Simone Rael June 6, 2011 11:26 am

    Danielle I just want to thank you for inspiring me as a writer. I have just released my new novel Destiny on kindle. It’s about love, family and secrets. It’s a whimsical twist between a romance, crime and a thriller. Like you I have a great love and appreciation for art and I hope you have a great summer. xx

  2. joy bongala August 20, 2011 12:18 am

    Danielle,I really love reading books and you know what?,.yours’ are one of my favorites,..i read your novels Special Delivery and Irresistible Forces,and i just can’t get over it that i even shared it with my friends,..