April Fool!!!

If I really had a sense of humor I would of course leave this page blank…..April Fool!!!

Instead I always reminisce about what a hideous day that is in our family. I am blessed or cursed with children with a sense of humor, who think that April Fool is a perfect opportunity to terrorize me, and still think it is a hysterical event. The family favorites over the years have been “Hi, Mom, I’m in jail, can you come and get me” and “Mom, I’m pregnant!!”.  Worse yet, I ALWAYS believe them.  There have been some truly tasteless ones that were considerably worse, which I will spare you. And the worst of it is that I ALWAYS fall for it. I get busy, or am writing or distracted, and forget what day it is, the phone rings, and one of my kids is either in jail or pregnant. By the second or third Get Me Out of Jail call, I finally get it, and some of them had me going until nightfall with the “Mom, I’m pregnant!!”, this of course always from an unmarried child in their early to mid-teens. By now, it would be far more normal, so much less fun for them. Some of my children are truly pranksters, and have even played April Fool’s jokes on their bosses, which didn’t always go over so well. Not everyone is as amused or as gullible as I am. What do you mean the IRS is outside and they have a warrant for my arrest—-or our biggest customer cancelled 500 orders???  We definitely love funny holidays in our family. Actually, we love ALL holidays. Christmas is our favorite, but Halloween is a biggie for us, even now, they still wear costumes, very clever ones. We love Valentine’s Day: Never mind love, it is a holiday about chocolate, a personal favorite for me. We get pretty wound up for Easter and Thanksgiving, and we all wear large, ridiculous bunny ears for Easter brunch, and have wind up bunnies and chicks on the table. I guess I’m the culprit here, I over-decorated everything when they were kids, and I still do a Valentine’s dinner table, with little candy hearts on it….and the Halloween trick or treat candy seems to last for months. I am addicted to Peeps in every color, for every holiday. I started the Peeps early and ate about a dozen bright yellow marshmallow chicks yesterday.  I was planning to start on the shocking pink ones today. What can I tell you, we’re holiday addicted. But it’s so much fun. I had a very serious childhood, and have been making up for it ever since. And come Monday, April 1st, I will be innocently answering the phone, and who knows what they’ll come up with this year. Those messages work particularly well at 4 am…..I think this year I’ll tell them that I’m  pregnant, AND in jail, come and get me…..it’s time to turn the tables on them!!! Happy April Fool!!

love, danielle

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3 Comments so far
  1. Huong April 1, 2013 7:38 am

    Hello Danielle 🙂

    Your childen sounds so fun and bubbly!

    Be sure to update us on their reactions! 😛

    Best wishes


  2. thackery April 1, 2013 7:34 pm

    Dear Ms. Danielle Steel,

    Nice to write to you on your work “A Gift of Hope”.

    For eleven years you had been out to the streets to extend your helping hands to the homeless. Your motivation from your son, Nick would have come, I guess and feel deep sympathy. Through such activities you would have given “A Gift of Hope”.to them, and been given to you in return. As a reader I have been given “A Gift of Hope”, too. Our society has been causing various problems since its beginning. For example in Japan, nowadays ordinary people’s life is in danger, such as being run over and killed by cars accidentally, or being killed on the street by unknown crazy persons, etc. An important thing is to live on our own philosophy, while contributing to the peace of the world. Thank you for your wisdom to live meaningfully on this planet. Your episode on “April Fool” is really amusing, and lures me to say something to you that way – like “Mommy, come and take me out of jail.” Thanks for everything. Please pay a visit to the following web site to enjoy the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms taken picture by me.


    Your reader and friend
    April 2, 2013

  3. Marilyn April 6, 2013 6:03 pm

    Danielle, I loved reading your blog. Your children sound so fun, especially with the April Fools. I’m sure you enjoy all nine of them very much.
    I enjoy your books very much and just picked up another one today and have started on that. Thanks for writing such wonderful books. I look forward to reading them all (when I find the time) They are great. Marilyn