8/28/17, Early Bird

Hi Everyone,

Say goodbye to August….and summer. We did it!! Hopefully we all got a little vacation time, relaxed a little, and had some playtime. All in all, I had a good summer, even a very good summer this year, although a very busy one, and got two separate vacation weeks with my children, which made it a great summer for me.

And while leaping into September, and welcoming the fall (I love the weather, and the exciting feeling of starting fresh with new energy—I’ve felt that way since my school days)—–I also do a leap frog jump every year, thinking of the months ahead. True confessions: as I’ve told you before, I am one of those incredibly irritating people who start Christmas shopping in August. I know, it’s awful, and it drives people crazy. But the fall and winter months are my busiest writing time of the year, so I try to use any free time I have before that. And by August, I am itching to get started on Christmas. I did that two weeks ago. It also avoids my standing in long lines in stores in December, and no longer finding anything I want in the right sizes. So I am an early bird Christmas shopper. Very, very early. I started dragging shopping bags home a few weeks ago. And I have other bad habits related to Christmas (which I love!!). I rarely have time to shop, and I love shopping. Most of the time, I am socked away in my office, writing. So it’s really fun for me to get out and look around in the stores and shop. And when I do, watch out!!! First, I start seeing cute things for my kids and close friends that I hope they’ll love, and then a little something for me will catch my eye….hmmm…wow that red purse is cute!! Or a book, or a pair of shoes, or something for the house—-for my house!!! Uh oh!! The joke in the family about my Christmas shopping is “one for them, and one for me….okay, two for them, and one for me….uh oh….three for me, and one for them.”….at five for me, and two for them, I’m in trouble!! I start seeing so many fun things to buy for myself, and have to call myself to order, and focus on who I’m shopping for.

So, to confess all, I am up to my usual tricks. On my first Christmas shopping day two weeks ago, I was positively saintly. I found two things for one son, two things for another son (really fun stuff I hope they’ll love), and two things for one daughter….But on the second day, I started slipping. I jumped straight to finding one Christmas gift for three of my kids, and half a dozen things I loved for me: a pair of dressy pants, a fun purse, and two pairs of shoes. I know, that’s cheating. I came home with several shopping bags for me, and a skimpy catch for the day for everyone else. And of course, I felt guilty when I got home. So now, I’m trying to be good, and only buying Christmas gifts for the people on my list, and restraining myself. But I can tell you it won’t last. Something bright and fun will catch my eye (I bought a little red Chihuahua statue for my Paris office, and a little heart dish. I couldn’t resist!!), and I’ll be off and running again soon with the “3 for them, and 7 for me” system. Christmas shopping is just toooooo much fun!!!

So the Early bird is at it again. Christmas is starting at my house. The end result is that I feel ridiculously virtuous by November, when everyone is starting their Christmas shopping, and I’ve finished. But then of course, there are always the people I’ve forgotten on my list, and rush out to buy something for….so it’s Christmas in August at my house. While the rest of the world is wrestling with September, getting past Labor Day, and car pooling their kids to school, I’m Christmas shopping….it’s just toooo much fun!!! And the five for them, two for me system, or the reverse is just too tempting. The flesh is weak…mine sure is when it comes to Christmas shopping. So have a great week, and I’ll wait a few weeks before I wish you Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays.

love, Danielle

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3 Comments so far
  1. Janine Hewitt September 5, 2017 10:54 am

    I guess shopping for ourselves during Christmas shopping is more common than we realize! I love your excitement for Christmas and how you hunker down for fall- early winter writing when we’re shopping…more good stories!

  2. Debbie O'Brien September 8, 2017 2:53 pm

    I just finished reading “The Right Time” and have to say it was one of her best!!!!

  3. Joy September 11, 2017 1:34 am

    Oh, how you made me laugh! Your Christmas shopping was like looking into a mirror and seeing myself, caught red handed!!! Yep, hands full of bags, not knowing for sure, what was for whom, when I got through the door…. At least, you can keep count! I lose track partway through, but keep trucking because I know the mission’s not done yet.
    Today, I was terrible.
    I went to an art fair with a friend, who told me she was expecting. Exciting, right? So, we both visit this baby booth, and she’s looking at baby bibs. Top one is puppies…ho hum. Underneath I spy a Star Wars baby bib!!! She’s buying a bib. I rrRRIP that bib out of that stack, and say, “I want This!!!”
    Oops… she was paying for the bib I grabbed.
    Did that stop me??? I’m proud and ashamed to say no, it didn’t. I insisted on buying it, then told her that property law says that ownership, having the item, is 9/10ths of the law!!!
    So, now I happily have the perfect gift for her since she and hubby love Star Wars! What are friends for, anyway…
    But, here’s my problem, Danielle- I don’t know if I can last that long, all the way to Christmas, to give it to her!!!
    May your shopping troubles be as wonderful as mine!!

    And, to all those affected by the multiple hurricanes and earthquake going around the world, I do not mean at all to make light of your situation.
    I’ve cried tears over you, and pray for all of you, for your safety, for your needs to be met, for your prayers to be answered.
    As I lie, in my safe hiding place, please know that there is a hand to hold you, and many that love you, as you pass through this storm.
    You can make it!!! One breath at a time, okay…