8/18/21, “Back at Work”


Hi Everyone,


I hope you’re enjoying these last days of August, before the summer ends. It always goes too fast. I had ten wonderful days with four of my children on vacation, our first one in two years!!! Yes!!! And it was soooo nice to be together. One of the things I enjoyed most was walking on the beach, on an endless long stretch of white sand, wading in the water as I walked along. The Ocean always restores me and makes me feel peaceful. And now I’m back at my desk, back at work. I hope you’re having a good summer!!! This is a vast improvement for me over last year, when I was totally alone.


I’ve been in two places this week, and there is such an odd discrepancy between seeing people having fun, playing on the beaches, enjoying restaurants, talking in groups. On the one hand, everything looks so normal. People weren’t even wearing masks in the stores I walked into, which worried me. And then you read the numbers on the Internet and see how serious the situation is, but it seems unreal when you look around.  I long for the day when Covid will no longer be an issue, and just a dim memory.


I read a wonderful interview about a 101 year old woman, fully active and still working as a commercial lobster fisherman, with her own boat and crew. She works every day and apparently reads my books. I think work keeps one grounded, engaged, and involved in the world. I would be lost without it. And being a commercial fisherman can’t be easy at her age. Remarkable.


Well, I’m back at work on new books. The vacation went too quickly, but I’m grateful to have had the time with my children.


Take care and stay safe!!! Have a great week, love, Danielle


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2 Comments so far
  1. Laetitia August 19, 2021 10:26 am

    The old lady is even famous in Belgium, she’s great!

  2. Rob Scott August 19, 2021 5:04 pm

    Summer Heats Up with Danielle Steel

    Enjoyed your book, “Nine Lives”.

    Just started “Complications” today in the hammock.

    Looks good.

    Write on!

    Rob Scott
    Abq, NM