7/6/20, Let’s Save America!!



Hi Everyone,

Okay, Guys (or girls), straight talk, from me to you. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were told in France NOT to wear a mask, it was ‘not necessary’ and masks were in short supply, and we were confined to home anyway. At the beginning, no one knew a lot about the virus, research was just beginning, and doctors and scientists have learned a lot since. Now we are told that 3 things are essential to reduce contagion and SAVE LIVES, our own, and everyone we’re in contact with: Wash hands (or gel) as often as possible, WEAR A MASK, and Social distance. All 3 are equally important, it’s not multiple choice with options. WE HAVE TO DO ALL 3. The virus hit harder in Europe first, and now the United States is at the epicenter, while Europe and Asia are deconfining, and the numbers get lower every day. And now the US is blazing, with terrifying numbers. All of Europe was strictly confined, whereas in the US, many States were not confined, only some were, so the virus continued to spread at a rapid rate, Social distance was ignored in many cases, people continued to congregate in large groups (on beaches, in bars, etc.), and don’t ask me how—and I don’t care, but masks were considered optional and became a political issue. Suddenly whether you wore one or not indicated what political party you vote for. WHO cares? Meanwhile the virus is killing people, and 17 states have now been black listed and you have to quarantine for 14 days if you’ve been there. In EVERY country scientists agree now that MASKS ARE VITAL for YOUR safety, and everyone you see or meet. You will save lives if you wear one. The virus does NOT care who you vote for, but your not wearing a mask could cost someone’s life, yours or someone else’s. Please, please PLEASE wear one. We will never get the numbers down, and life safe again unless we follow these 3 vital steps. And yes, even if they look goofy, so what? It’s a lot worse to kill someone, or get sick yourself. Foreign countries won’t let Americans in right now, with the numbers so high in the US. I have not seen my kids in 4 months and miss them terribly, and it’s too dangerous to go home right now. I want to come home and see my kids. Please wear a mask so we can stop the contagion in the States, lower the numbers, save lives, and so I can see my kids.


These are the masks I wear, as soon as I leave my house, when I’m out in the street, in public, running around, doing errands. I take it off when I eat out. I wear it when I meet friends, or go into a store. My daughters gave me the beautiful lip one, by a fancy British designer, a friend gave me the polka dot red one that looks like Minnie Mouse, both are fabric which are a little harder to breathe in. And the easiest to wear, for me because I have a small face, are children’s paper medical masks (Mickey Mouse and Goofy are on mine, I also have one with pink dinosaurs), the children’s size fits perfectly if you have a small face, and regular surgical masks are cheap and fit normal adult faces, for men too (or black fabric ones if they want to go James Bond/Darth Vader). I wear reading glasses, and they don’t fog up, you can wear your glasses too. The mask must cover your nose, don’t stick your nose out over the mask. I promise, you’ll still look cute, or sexy—you are doing the entire world a favor if you wear a mask. Let’s save America and the world, and each other by following the rules!!! Please wear a mask!!!


Have a great week, love, Danielle


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3 Comments so far
  1. Antoinette Vella July 6, 2020 9:23 pm

    Spot on Danielle. Best wishes from Malta

  2. Lorraine July 14, 2020 12:02 pm

    Dear Danielle,

    I feel so bad for you not having seen your kids for 4 months, I’m in the same situation. I hope you can see them relatively soon. This is a great post from you. It’s shocking to me how selfish people can be in a time of crisis and not comply with common sense measures. Stay well!


  3. Vicki Stewart July 29, 2020 11:27 am

    Ireally enjoy your books. I am rereading them! I am currently reading “Dangerous Games”. I don’t know your political party. But it is about Trump!? I read them as a checkout eread from my local library. I used to check out 25-30 books. My poor husand had to carry them out for me. He passed away 3 years ago after 43 years of marriage. Being disabled, a retired elementary art teacher, 4 brain aneurysms, I just couldn’t do it anymore. Then a teaching teammate told me about ereads from my local library. Now to the reason for this. You need to be vocal about the things you’ve said in your books. They discribe Trump perfectly. Please help save this country!! Plus please keep writing!! I also read his neice’s book. His standing on masks is criminal. I am 73, have asthma almost my whole live. I always wear my mask!! Now he wants kids back in school! Criminal, sociopath!!