7/2/18, Happy Fourth!!!


Hi Everyone,


I hope your summer is off to a great start, and that you’re getting ready for a festive, relaxing Fourth of July. It does bring back happy memories of the Fourth of July parties we gave when my kids were little, which eventually became barn dances with line dancing. It was lots of fun, the guests were all ages, old and young, with dozens of children running around, lots of yummy food, games for everyone to play. It was a real, old fashioned Fourth of July.


And I’m in the category of ‘Beware of what you wish for’ right now, in the midst of a heat wave. It’s sweltering, and was chilly only a week ago, but at least it feels like summer!!!  My summer has gotten off to a busy start, with 3 of my children visiting me for 2 weeks, and lots of running around with them. And four more arriving tomorrow, with friends, for another 2 weeks of my children visiting. They’ve been coming in shifts this year!!!  And between the two ‘shifts’, I just had a ‘grown up week’ to myself. As much as I adore my children, and am grateful for every moment I spend with them, it’s nice to have some grown up down time too. I had lunch with a friend almost every day, which is rare for me, since I work through lunch most of the time and don’t go out for lunch, but I indulged myself. I had lunch out every day, with leisurely opportunities to chat and catch up. I had dinner out once with a very interesting friend, a psychiatrist who is also a writer. And I had a group of women for dinner, whom I try to see once a month. We laugh a lot, and also talk about some serious things. I caught up on some reading, did a couple of writing projects, went shopping on Saturday, and am ready for the next group of visitors. The best thing about summer for me is spending time with my children, and although I love it when we’re all together, I also enjoy it when they come in smaller groups, which gives me time to focus on each one of them, and spend some individual time. We’re a big group when we get together!!!


Without getting involved in the political issues, my heart has ached recently for the children who have been separated from their parents, due to immigration issues. It always saddens me deeply when children become the victims of adult actions, and are in precarious situations. Children in jeopardy is something that is dear to my heart. As I understand it, there are 3,000 of those children, separated from their families, in limbo at the moment, while adults attempt to solve the situation. It breaks my heart when children pay the price for adult actions, whatever the reason. Childhood should be an innocent, protected time, in a perfect world, which is so often not true, starving in ravaged areas, or the victims of wars, living homeless on the streets in our own country, or even children of ‘good homes’, being abused by their parents. And often there is so little one can do to help and protect them. I hope that those 3,000 children are rapidly reunited with their families. Children are so often at the greatest risk, in every country, even ours, ravaged by poverty, disease, or neglected by irresponsible parents. Children are always at the mercy of the adults in their lives.


I hope you’re busy making summer plans, and will get some vacation this summer. My vacation is the time I spend with my kids, we’ll spend a week at the beach, and as soon as they leave, I go straight back to work. I don’t know what to do with my free time when I’m not shepherding kids!!! Old habits die hard, and I’m grateful that they spend time with me!!!


Have a wonderful Fourth of July. And between the hot dogs, hamburgers, Southern Fried chicken, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream, it’s good for us all to remember and be grateful for the immense freedoms we have in this country, and all the advantages.


We are very lucky!!! Happy Fourth!!!


And much love, Danielle



Have a GREAT week!!!

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4 Comments so far
  1. Paul Ingenito July 3, 2018 5:51 pm

    I love this. Beautifully said…as always. Ive been a fan since high school…Im now 44 and still read every book that u write. You are my favorite and always will be. Have a blessed 4th of July and enjoy your summer

  2. Joy July 4, 2018 5:35 am

    Dear Danielle,
    Thank you so much for giving us your hard work- great books to read!!! I just finished ACCIDENTAL HEROES!! It was fantastic!!❤️

    I, too, understand your feelings about the children caught in the political mess. Except I understand it personally. In another country, they immigrated thousands of Chinese men to help build the railway across the country. But, after it was built, they didn’t want them anymore. But,,they couldn’t send them back. So, they invented the Chinese head tax. Every Chinese person living in Canada had to be registered and pay a head tax of $50 per head!! In early 1900’s, that was well over a year’s pay!!

    So, families got split. They couldn’t bring their wives over. If they raised enough $, they sent for another male, because he could work more hard labor. That tax increased to $500 per head!!! And existed until 1949!!!

    It split my family in half. My grandfather married,,had a daughter, but the Mom died in childbirth. So, he came to Canada because of the sale ads, Come to Canada- Make Lots of Money! It was known as Gold Mountain… He married again, to my grandma, but couldn’t bring his own daughter back over.

    My Mom tried to see her. She was overjoyed to hear her on the phone, and begged her to come, but Mom was on a tour bus, so,she couldn’t leave. The next time, she returned, she had passed away. And, everyone was treating Mom as the new head of the family!!! To them, she is their oldest link, important Chinese tradition. They call her every birthday, Christmas, and Chinese holiday.

    But, our families are separate by the Pacific Ocean. I cannot hug, hold any of them. I’m too poor to visit them. And, I miss them. Winston, the young boy who came on a trip with 3 relatives to Canada, and translated for the family, is the kindest boy. And, he could have been born here. Instead, he’ll have to fight to study as an international student.

    And, the PM at the time, did a sham on the retroactive apology nd compensation. He just made a public apology, and that was it. He didn’t even mail one.
    When the Swiss Air disaster hit us, we got a government letter, thanking us for our donation of bread to help feed everyone!

    My eldest aunt grew up without her Mom or her Dad, left to be raised by grandparents.i can’t imagine how hard that was for her!!!

    So, this is what they’re doing to the children now???!!!
    I’m sorry, but my heart cannot handle it,either… because my family has lived this. It’s so painfully hard.

    May yer kids run your feet off, make you go shopping, take you out to lunch, spoil you rotten, and make you laugh your head off!!!
    That’s what all good kids are for…?❤️

    ??- the two sinners food, chocolate, and ice cream!!

  3. PJ July 4, 2018 11:58 am

    This has been going on since 2014 under a different administration (pictures of kids behind cyclone fences) and there was no hysteria until now….why?

  4. Mary Catherine Miskelly July 9, 2018 6:55 am

    I just finished Cast. I loved the characters and would enjoy hearing more about them in another book. The friendships you devoloped between the women was most enjoyable. Thanks again for this title

    Enjoy your family and your summer.