7/18/22, Gone Fishing


Hello Everyone,


I hope that you are having a break from work and your regular routine, as the month of July rolls out. People are on the move this summer, hungry to return to normalcy, travel, and summer vacations, after two years of staying home during the pandemic. Our family tradition has been a week’s vacation together every summer, which was cancelled for the last two summers, and we finally got back on track with a family holiday, for the first time in 3 years. Only three of my children were able to get the free time, and although we’re a small group, it is wonderful to be together, to swim and relax, and have dinners out in the same beach town where we go every year for our annual family week together. We go to the same hotel every year, and it was a joy to see the same people working there and everything unchanged, as the two disrupted years fade away. And next year, we hope that all of my kids can make it. I am so grateful for this precious week together.


My new book “Suspects” is on the bestseller lists and doing well. I was working hard right up until the vacation, and I will start a book the day after I get back. But I am thoroughly enjoying the time off for the first real vacation I’ve had in three years. And we all need time off from our daily routines to see things with a fresh eye. I hope you are getting time off this summer too!!! And I hope you have time to read ‘Suspects’ before the summer is over. It’s a thriller with Russian spies in it, as innocent people cross their path and get caught in a web of intrigue, and a dedicated CIA agent, who is discreetly following the spies tries to keep the innocents out of harm’s way before they realize the danger they are in. I hope you have fun reading it, and that this turns out to be a great summer for you.


Have a great week, with some beach time or time on vacation somewhere in a place you love!!!


with much love, Danielle


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3 Comments so far
  1. Beatrice July 19, 2022 6:59 am

    Congratulations on your new bestseller!
    Have a wonderful week with your family.

  2. Rob Scott July 20, 2022 8:21 am

    I liked the dedication to your kids in the front of your new book, “Suspects”.

    “You light up my world.
    May you be forever safe,
    untouched by danger,
    and blessed in every day.

    I Love you so much,
    more than words can say,
    and bigger than the sky,”

    These words will be there for all eternity with your books you leave behind.

    They may not all read all your books now. But perhaps one day if they are having a difficult time they will find the passage above and read it.

    And it will make all the difference and in a very good way.

    You were given a great gift with your writing.

    You experienced unthinkable pain in losing a child. I can’t imagine that.

    But you got back up and continued to shine.

    Write on!

    Rob cost

  3. Mavis Watson Gibson July 21, 2022 8:19 am

    Mrs Danielle,
    I thought after reading one of many books mostly paperbacks. I just finished Winters Novel. I really enjoyed each book I have had the privlage to read. I have read some of your background and understand your stories even more. Your books are easy and interesting to read. I look forward to reading more.
    I am the oldest of family of 11 children. I can relate to many of your books Love them! I am a widow 74, love to read, art is my favorite pasttime.
    After wreading your background I am more impressed.
    Keep up the good work and keep us dreaming, love yor books
    Mavis Ginson from America Rockingham, N. C. 28379