7/15/19, Precious Days


Hi Everyone,


I hope you’re having a good summer so far, not too hot, not too busy, with some real time off to relax and take a break. I had my annual week’s holiday with my kids, and now it’s back to work for me. I’m working on three outlines, have a book to edit, and will start a new book soon. So the real vacation is over for me, except for a long weekend in August with my kids. I spend a week with my five youngest children in July every year, which I look forward to all year, and is the only real vacation I take. I have to admit that I miss the days when I spent the whole summer with my children, not working at all, but with their jobs and busy lives that’s not possible anymore, and I am grateful for the one precious week we share now. This was the first year that one of them couldn’t come, and it was an adjustment and we all missed her. I even take my three dogs, Minnie, Blue and Lili on holiday with us!!!


We spend the vacation in France every year, and the days pass too quickly. One of the things I love on our vacation every year is that I go to a tiny beautiful little 11th century church, tucked away, on top of a hill, with an incredible view of the sea. It’s a very special place, and miracles are said to happen there, or as a result of prayer there. It has a wonderful peaceful feeling, and I make sure to visit it every year.


Everyone swims a lot, relaxes, and meals are an important part of the day, where we get together and talk and laugh (and eat too much!!!). We play lots of Scrabble, liar’s dice sometimes, cards, and added dominoes this year, which was really fun. It’s interesting to share thoughts and opinions and different points of view, they keep me up to date on a Millennial perspective on life, and we all make suggestions that are sometimes very helpful with whatever we’re dealing with at the time. My children are ALL very different from each other, so it’s a whole range of thoughts and philosophies on life. Those who have them, bring their partners, which broadens the perspective too, on everything from health to politics, to the wishes and dreams we all cherish, or the disappointments they’ve recently gone through, or challenges in their jobs. They are all very generous with their opinions and advice, which is sometimes challenging, but always well meant, and most of the time helpful. The week we spend together is a wonderful break from the pressures of “Real Life”. Their jobs are as different as they are, so we all learn something about the fields in which they work (fashion, startups, sports, finance, and my writing).


I’ve mentioned before that I collect favorite quotations, and have since I was in my teens. I’m currently thinking of putting together a book of my favorite quotes (some from famous people, others anonymous, and even some by children). If I do it, it will come out for Christmas this year. It’s fun going through my favorites, trying to decide which to share. They inspire me in my life, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you!!!


Whatever you’re doing this summer, I hope you have a break for some relaxation and fun, on your own or with favorite people, travelling, or even close to home.  We all need a break from whatever we do, although I’m always excited to get back to work even after a short break. It energizes me to take a little time off. I miss my kids like crazy after our vacation is over…..but back to work, which keeps me busy!!  Have a great week, and I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start!!!


love, Danielle



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6 Comments so far
  1. Elaine July 15, 2019 12:20 pm

    I hope you do decide to do the quote book! I would love to read it. I too have collected quotes since I was a teenager. Two of my favorites, which I discovered while I was a student at NYU, are “I have only one life and it is short enough. Why waste it on what I don’t want most?” (Louis D. Brandeis) and “As I grow older, I have stopped having lush dreams. Even one hibiscus tree by the pond is too much for me” (Su Shi)

  2. Marilyn July 17, 2019 2:18 pm

    I hope you do a book of quotes as well. I could use that from one of my favorite authors, you!
    Over the past 8 months we have found out that our 16 year old son, Nick, is bipolar. Ironic I know. And of course I remember back to the heart felt book you wrote about your son, His Bright Light. It is time for me to reread that book. We are only getting through some of the darkest months in our lives and I truly hope your book about your son will give me some hope. I am tear-filled as I write this but we are trying to regain our lives. Mental heath issues are still such an overlooked area in society. I hope this changes in time.
    Sorry I’ve gone on so but I wanted to let you know are an inspiration and comfort to me, at this most difficult time in our lives.
    I’ll be looking for the new book of quotes around the holidays.

  3. Rob Scott July 20, 2019 5:38 am


    I would love to see you put out a book of quotes especially at Christmas time. They also inspire me.

    I had a friend suggest that I write down the quotes I collect and put them together with some inspired readings that move me. I did this during the most difficult time in my life by creating a blog. It literally saved my life.

    There are power in the words when you write them down.

    I found this one from you:

    “Maybe some people just aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through our lives to bring us something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn. And that’s why they’re here. You’ll have that gift forever.” – Danielle Steel

    Perhaps if your prayer in that tiny church overlooking the sea is “thank you” then that is enough.

    Shine on, Danielle.

    Rob Scott
    ABQ, NM

  4. Bonnie Johnson July 21, 2019 2:50 pm

    When you mentioned the Christmas book of quotations, my first thought was–a gift for my grandchildren that would enlighten their minds. I pray that you would include a few Bible verses and quotes from theologians,too.I am picturing it in a soft cover, as a keepsake. I hope that the price would be reasonable so I would be able to purchase it for several others on my Christmas list. As you can tell…I am already excited about it !!!

  5. Camille July 23, 2019 11:16 am

    ” I miss my kids like crazy after our vacation is over”… hahaha “MOTHER INSTINCT” always kicks in.
    Have fun!


  6. Kerri August 4, 2019 3:27 am

    I’m all for a book of quotes from you! Years ago you did an entire book on poems about love, so why not a book on quotes? I like someone’s idea about making the book a soft cover keepsake book as discussed on the thread. Looking forward to seeing it at Christmas time!