7/18/16, River of tears.

Hi Everyone,

 I hope that all is well and peaceful in your world, and that you’re getting some time off this summer to just relax, recharge your batteries, and do the things you want to do. I’ve continued working hard this month, so that I could take a break and enjoy a vacation with my kids.

I  was thinking about what to write to you, without boring you with the more mundane parts of my life, or not wanting to talk too much about fashion, or should I tell you I’m working on a new book…..tell you how happy I am to be with my younger kids…..or that I’ve enjoyed seeing friends recently….or that one of my daughters got engaged, which is exciting news for us……and as all those possibilities wandered through my mind, fate intervened with shocking news in Nice: another act of terrorism, the man who rented a truck and ran down a crowd watching the fireworks on Bastille Day,  killed 84 people, and wounded 68, 50 of them children.

Where does it stop? How can this be happening? Some of us know the grief first hand of someone we know and love being decimated by these shocking acts. I told you in March of my niece who was at the airport in Brussels, during the attack there, and at 17, lost both her legs. She is still in the hospital, undergoing further surgeries.  And even when we don’t know the people affected, our hearts go out to them and their families….in Brussels, or Paris, or Orlando, or wherever it happens.  The plots get simpler and simpler. Suicide bombers in a nightclub, or a mad gunman with a machine gun who suddenly opens fire and alters or ends hundreds of lives forever. Now even simpler, a man rents a truck, drives it at full speed where he knows there is a gathering of people celebrating a national holiday, and runs over the crowd, killing and maiming people, destroying lives and dreams and families. It is unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable.

Once again, France is mourning its dead, grieving for children whose lives have been cut short and forever altered so needlessly. Several of my own children took a plane that night, and I had my heart in my mouth until they landed. Fear fills our lives, which is the intention. Nothing is sacred or safe, human life is cast aside, dreams die instantly, and futures are erased. Only a month ago, we were shocked and grief stricken over the carnage in Orlando, my own family has yet to recover from the attack in Brussels, and now we are watching it unfold again, with a holiday turned to horror, countless children dead, and others fighting for their lives.

In the long term, I cling to the belief that the forces of good are more powerful than the forces of evil, despite present evidence to the contrary. But in the short term, the news is so unspeakably awful, the scenes of terror so disheartening.

Somehow, we must cling to what is right in the world, we must somehow prevail against violence and fear and broken dreams. We are all changed by these events, and somehow our resolve must grow stronger to protect our world and loved ones, to stand by the values we believe in, and to cling to the principles we hold dear. Around the world, we are shaken by what we hear. It is not just happening to ‘other people’. It is happening to us too. In Paris, 50,000 police, and additional riot troups stood near the Eiffel Tower, to prevent a spectacular fireworks show from turning to violence, and at that same moment, innocent people were being murdered in the South after a similar show.

Please let it stop, let the world come to its senses again, may we find a way to live in peace, to cherish life and our fellow human beings. This cannot be the future for us, to watch civilization and humanity float away on a river of tears. May we have the courage and strength to stand for all that we believe in and preserve our world in peace. And may our prayers for peace and safety be heard.

With grief and all my love, Danielle

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10 Comments so far
  1. Lorraine July 16, 2016 4:07 am

    Dear Danielle,

    I thought of you right away when I heard this horrible news and hoped you were not in that area. Your article is so beautifully worded. There are no words for this horror. Hoping your niece continues to improve day by day. I’m so, so sorry such a young girl has to face such a horrible ordeal. Thank you for being such a peaceful person in this unpredictable world. Enjoying all your latest books. Thank you.

  2. April Hudson July 18, 2016 6:17 am

    Hi Mrs.Steele. I would just like to say thank U and I Love All of your books I own about 50 and theirs at least 15 that have made me cry my favorite being Malice and special delivery though I’ve just finished reading friends forever and it just might be my new favorite!!!!! Your books have helped me through all my good times and the bad I’m a stay at home mom and my kids tell me I spend more time with you than them sometimes!!!!!! So I let my oldest read one of your books like my mom did with me (shes a fan too) and now he wants to read another !!!!!! Thank you for your amazing work and I look forward to reading many more Thank You April!!!!!

  3. Marguerite July 18, 2016 2:46 pm

    All your readers who have read this post, I am sure regardless of religious affiliation or not, have sent prayers, meditations or thoughts of hope for all those affected by this tragedy. May we all work towards a better understanding of each other and help to heal our fragile and fractured world. May love help us to find peace once more.

  4. Janine Hewitt July 19, 2016 2:24 pm

    Its so sad and senseless, this attack on Bastille Day in Nice France. But knowing that God is always in control, that He will have His Justice one day, we have to try, until then, to make this a better world beginning with ourselves and lots and lots of prayer. Thanks for your reflections once again Danielle.

  5. Rob Scott July 20, 2016 8:50 am

    “May we have the courage and strength to stand for all that we believe in and preserve our world in peace. And may our prayers for peace and safety be heard.”


    Than you for this.

    Perhaps since you once shared a quote that inspired you by Mary Baker Eddy then I could also share one that has inspired me.

    “One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfills the Scripture, “Love thy neighbor as thyself;” annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry, — whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalizes the sexes; annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed.”

    The light shined in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity to ALL Mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Oaxaca, Mexico

  6. Celine July 20, 2016 5:15 pm

    Danielle, I am in awe at your ability to write so elegantly and to take pain and devastation and instead turn it into beautiful prose that creates possibilities for peace, possibilities for humanity and possibilities to awaken and choose peace, daily. I love you writing and connect with your characters, and the beautiful scenery of Paris and France. I particularly connect with Veronique in Precious Gifts. May your family, the land you love, that we love, find peace and acceptance, and may we all focus our attention to the good and love in the world.



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  8. Elaine July 23, 2016 7:13 am

    Dear Danielle,

    Thank you for your inspiring words! “Somehow, we must cling to what is right in the world, we must somehow prevail against violence and fear… .” I pray for your niece and for our world that truth and love will prevail.

    On a happier note, I was looking at the NYT bestsellers on Amazon today, and I see that your “Magic” is #1. Congratulations!

    Regards, Elaine

  9. Marty Rowe August 4, 2016 3:42 pm

    So Very sorry about your niece, so much terrible trouble in the world today. I hope as you do that the world will be a safe place again. I worry for my children and granddaughters. love your books always have reading magic now. Thank you.

  10. Britt Legrow August 8, 2016 10:37 pm

    The Trayvon river of outrage is deep and wide. We hug our children close and take to the streets. One more river to cross. It is a river of tears shed for our haunted and broken children, husbands, fathers, who have been murdered because they had no rights that a white person was bound to respect. I could cry me a river, but that river’s not enough.