6/15/20, Joy


Hi Everyone,


How’s it going? I hope things are getting easier, wherever you are, that the confinement is getting eased, you can get out more and do some things you love, that you’ve had some good moments to share with people you love, and had some good news!!! And that you and everyone you love are healthy, and haven’t been touched by the virus.


The confinement and the slowing down of our daily lives—–by eliminating so many things we usually do and take for granted every day and enjoy—–this time of lock-down and even as it begins to ease now in many places, has given us all more time to think than usual. We focus first on what we’ve lost, what we can’t do and wish we could, we focus on our fears for ourselves and others, our livelihoods and our jobs, and the world in general. We hear the noise of fear constantly, loud as a drumbeat: ‘a second wave, it will get worse, more people will get sick, we’ll lose our jobs’—–and beyond the drumbeat of fear, there are the die hard optimists who tell us that the sky is bluer without so many planes, that the flowers smell better without pollution, and the birds chirp louder. Okay, but let’s face it, give me a cheeseburger at one of my favorite restaurants after an afternoon of shopping, a day or evening with ALL my kids around me, a hug and (unmasked) kiss from someone I love, and a # 1 book, a fat bank account and no financial worries, and a solid economy, and life would be pretty damn sweet. It all seemed so simple before the pandemic. It wasn’t simple every day, but looking back, it seemed that way, and there was a lot we all took for granted. Now everything is complicated—keeping our distance, remembering to wear a mask, worrying about our loved ones, washing our hands constantly, bracing for bad news, and trying to resist the loud voice of our fears—-it’s not easy. I’m an Olympic Class worrier, and the pandemic has given me LOTS to worry about, starting with worrying about the safety, well being and health of my loved ones, and even my own. And after that, the list of what I worry about is LONNNNGGGGG. Endless!!!


I was thinking yesterday of what is missing right now from our daily lives, for many of us. A simple word. Joy. JOY. That burst of happiness that overtakes you, fills your heart, and makes you happy.  It takes less to make me worry right now—-but it also takes less to make me happy. Being able to go to an outdoor restaurant has been a real delight and a thrill. Walking down the street after being trapped in my apartment for 74 days—-a VERY long time— was great!! A photo of one of my kids….something that makes me laugh. A sunny day of gorgeous weather. A call from a friend, the realization that someone loves me, either one of my children or a close friend—-or the awareness of how much I love them. A thoughtful gesture. Finishing (writing) a book. There have been some very special moments during this hard time that have touched my heart. Being far from my children for the past three and a half months, confined alone, and with social distancing, I am aware of how much the human touch matters to us. I have one close friend I can hug now, and who hugs me. (A designated hugger!) Other than that, there is no physical contact between people right now, we can’t get close enough to touch each other if you respect social distancing. We need people in our lives, exchanges, conversations, touch, love, hugs, laughter, things to smile about. We are not made to live in isolation, or at a distance from other humans.


But in a quiet moment yesterday, I wasn’t thinking about how blue the sky is without planes, or how much better the flowers smell.(That’s nice, but eh?….really??), I was thinking that what we all need and must not forget, is to try to put Joy into our lives, right now, even before the pandemic ends—especially before it ends!!!—-we need to do something fun that makes us smile, to reach out to the people who make us happy, to seize the joyful moments large and small, to laugh, to do something that really brings you joy, even something silly, and to seize and cherish those moments when they happen.


I think Joy is vital to us, like hope and love, and food and air. Let’s try to remember to put more joy into our lives and the lives of others right now. We all need it. Just pure simple joy, a great meal, a belly laugh (my youngest son sent me a hysterically funny photo of himself this week, I laughed for 5 minutes and smiled for an hour after I saw it)….we need a good laugh right about now, a happy moment when we stop worrying about what’s coming next and what isn’t. I think I had forgotten about joy in the pandemic. We are so focused on safety, which is important too. But let’s try to focus on Joy, on feeling good, on treasuring the small moments that light up our hearts, and our souls…..and after that, I’ll remember to notice that the sky is bluer. Joy. I wish you a joyful week, a great belly laugh, a bunch of smiles, some really happy moments, and a couple of great surprises!!!


with lots and lots of love, Danielle


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3 Comments so far
  1. Helen Hu June 18, 2020 12:32 am

    Dearest Danielle,

    It’s such a delight to read your blog “Joy”! During the lockdown, I dig out my old travel photos and wrote the travel journals for those unforgettable trips. I already wrote four of them. I was so joyful to recall those happy moments which I did not have time to sit down and to write them out before. I shared those articles to my friends and relatives to let my joy spread out. Joy is to be shared and I have it multiply back to me. With the joy in life, I feel more grateful for all the love and grace God showering to me from the above which gives me more joy to thank God. Now my local library has re-opened. I went there yesterday to borrow the reading book audio CD “Cast”. I am so joyful to re-read your wonderful work like to meet my old friend again! With much love and deep appreciation for your great work, Helen

  2. Rob Scott June 18, 2020 5:41 pm

    Great picture of you, Danielle.

    I just picked up a copy of your book, “The Good Fight” which brought me joy. I had been meaning to read it for a long time. It seems especially fitting after the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that prohibits LGBT employment discrimination due to Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It should be perfect reading for the hammock on my days off while I work from home.

    “I wish you a joyful week, a great belly laugh, a bunch of smiles, some really happy moments, and a couple of great surprises!!!” – I WISH IT ALL RIGHT BACK AT YOU, DANIELLE.

    God bless us all.

    Rob Scott
    ABQ, NM

  3. Bonnie June 27, 2020 6:58 pm

    Joyful Danielle,

    Two great minds!!! Before I read this blog, I had put together a list that I titled `The Joys in my Life .` I felt that there was so much chaos around me– covid, riots, relationships , and more. The list perked me up, it was a long one. My life is filled with with God`s blessings. Your name was in capital letters.Your sweet spirit and immense writing talent has given me many hours of hope and joy! Bonnie , thanking you.
    P.S. My computer was down, so my comment is quite late. Computers were not on my list of ‘Joys”!!!