5/17/21, To Mask or Not To Mask


Hi Everyone,


I hope you had a good week last week. I’ve been adjusting to re-entry into a previously familiar world, and a certain degree of culture shock after being away for a long time. And to make matters more confusing, there have been differences for the past year between what Covid protocols should be followed, between Europe and the US, between European countries, and between states and cities in the US. There are differences of opinions about what is safe and what isn’t, and sometimes contradictions between suggestions, rules and laws. At first we were all told that masks were unnecessary, don’t bother with them, (both in the US and in Europe) and then country by country, scientists and governments decided that masks were essential, and one of the most most important tools we had to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus, particularly now with a multitude of variants from around the world. Masks even became a political issue in the US. Most of us have been wearing them for a year, surgical masks, cloth masks, decorated masks, colorful ones, adult and children’s masks.


Last week, new pronouncements were made, saying that vaccinated people no longer needed to wear them, indoors or out. The news was met with a huge collective sigh of liberation by many people. No one is thrilled by having to wear a mask, but if it keeps us safe (and people around us), why not? Particularly if it keeps high risk people safe, it seems important to wear one. And doctors have said that wearing one is still crucial. But with many people vaccinated now, the rules are changing, and it sounds like vaccinated people will be able to live free of masks now. It sounds like a plus if it is truly safe.


I’m a little confused about it myself, and since I can’t get vaccinated (due to potentially fatal allergies), I do pay attention to the recommendations about masks, to protect myself, and others, whether loved ones or strangers. Doctors seem to agree that there are many things we don’t know both about the vaccine and the virus itself, and they continue to learn more every day. And possibly it won’t be until after the pandemic is over that we will really be able to figure out what helped and what didn’t. But from everything we know now, masks are still very important, particularly in crowded public places, like airports, public transportation, and even stadiums. As things open up more and more, and we get back normal life, it’s important to know if masks are still important. It sounds like they are, for now.


From what I understand, among ALL vaccinated people, they can start to put away their masks now. And for people who haven’t had the vaccine, masks are VERY important to protect themselves and others. And to a certain degree, among the vaccinated, it will become a matter of choice, as to how comfortable they feel now not wearing a mask. But it is a small step to freedom, and an important one.


We’ve all gotten used to wearing masks now. It isn’t a lot to ask. And since I’m not vaccinated, I will continue wearing mine, except when I’m outdoors, with reasonable social distancing and precautions. According to everything the scientists say, masks make a BIG difference. So, with people I don’t know well, or at all, or people whose ideas about safety are different than mine, or in an airport, or on a plane, for now I will continue to wear a mask. And with those of my children who are not vaccinated, I will continue to wear a mask and social distance. Just to be on the safe side. And with friends and family who are vaccinated, and careful, I feel comfortable taking off my mask, especially outdoors or with fresh air circulating.


I guess things will get clearer and clearer as time goes on!!!


Have a GREAT week, with lots of good news, and some fun.


love, Danielle

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4 Comments so far
  1. Judy Pasqualone May 24, 2021 12:11 pm

    I hope this is appropriate to write you here..I am watching an series of episodes on Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman. It’s about Custers’s Last Stand. So doing the usual I googled Custer’s Last Stand. I had no idea about the battle details. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of The Ghost. I’ve read it and listened to it several times. It’s so very moving. The similarities are uncanny. In 1805 a fur trader Francois Antoine Larocque joined the Crow nation and aided the army against the Cheyenne etc. tribes. This reminded me instantly of Francois Depeleran (can’t recall spelling) who also became part of the Crown nation and did the same thing. And in the battle is where he was killed leaving Franchesca a widow. I cannot begin to tell you how this book moved me and made me cry. It’s an ingenious story. Did you get the idea from the true history facts of this horrible battle? I saved the battle story to further read all about it. But I just had to ask you about the similarities. I finally found my own copy of the audio cds some time ago, I’ve written to you before about this book when I was trying to find the audio book…which I later succeeded in finding.

  2. Judy Pasqualone May 24, 2021 12:15 pm

    Sorry, made a few spelling errors and it wouldn’t let me correct. I hate that. Anyway, I needed to change an to a and Crown to Crow! Oops. I didn’t know how to correct.

  3. glenda black May 25, 2021 8:53 pm

    Hello, I just found your website and want to let you know how very much I enjoy your books. My Kindle is full of them! I just finished Pegasus that I enjoyed so much! In 1961 I traveled to Erlangen, Germany(near Nuremburg) as an 18 year old bride, my husband was a corporal in the Army and we lived on the economy…
    There were still so many bombed sites and I’ve always had great interest in all that happened during that time. I was born in Louisville, Ky and can remember the circus coming through there when I was very young, back in the “40”s. We now live in Alabama.
    I am a 78 yr. old widow now with my handicapped daughter and your books give me a lot of enjoyment!

    Thank you for your books,
    Glenda Black May 25,2021

  4. donna griffith June 9, 2021 4:22 am

    miss steel I wanted to let you know how I first started reading your books. MY MOTHER she would buy one of your books for me for a holiday she would read it first than wrap it for me I would ask her if she like it and she did . I LOST HER ON CHIRSTMAS DAY 2002 BUT IT FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY THANK FOR WRITING SUCH GREAT BOOKS DONNA GRIFFITH