4/17/17, Opening Day of the Giants

Hi Everyone,

Well, it must be spring, baseball season has officially begun!!! One of my great treats is going to baseball games with my youngest son. And BEST of all is when he invites me to opening day. It’s always so festive and exciting and fun. People are waving and laughing and talking, there are fireworks, and fighter planes fly overhead. There is music and laughter, and fast food everywhere (I had a pretzel, AND caramelized popcorn, and I wanted a churro, but couldn’t find any.) People were drinking beer (which I don’t). I had lemonade—there is also cotton candy, which I love. The excitement of the day brings out the kid in me (and maybe in all of us), and I love sharing it with my son, and his girlfriend, and good friends sat right behind us, and my son had several friends at the game. Barry Bonds was there as a new employee of the team, and he’s an old friend, so it was nice to see him there. Everyone is in a good mood on opening day, with high hopes for the team!! I was really touched that my son invited me to go with him!! He expects me to dress in team colors, so I wore black jeans, an orange sweater, coat, and loafers, and a handbag that my son gave me for Christmas, with the team’s logos on it. So I was dressed for the occasion!

They played the Diamondbacks from Arizona for the opening game, and the first inning got off to bumpy start with a mishap. The pitcher of the Diamondbacks hit Buster Posey, one of the Giants’ star players, he hit him smack in the head with a fast flying ball, when Posey was up at bat. Posey was wearing a helmet but he fell to the ground and looked dazed for several minutes. A medical person of the team’s came out to check him, led him off the field, and took him out of the game, which was disappointing, and everyone booed the Diamondbacks’ pitcher. But other than that, everything went smoothly, and the Giants won the game to the delight of the crowd.

I’ve gone to baseball games with two of my sons for several years, and I always have a great time (less so when they lose of course!!). But a victory makes it a real celebration. I didn’t grow up with baseball, and I think one of the things I love about it is that it is so jubilantly American. Pacbell Park where they played is beautiful, and it was a gorgeous sunny day, not windy for once, and pleasantly warm.

So I had a ball at the ballgame, and the season is off to a great start with a win for the Giants on Opening Day!!

Have a great week,

love, Danielle

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  1. SALLY Fellers April 19, 2017 8:43 am

    Dear Danielle, I’m so happy to come upon your blog and your website!
    You donated a painting you did to help us fund raise for a foundation we created after our disabled son, David, died. It didn’t get the minimum bid because the turn out for our event was too small. It’s a lovely painting that really shows your talent. It looks like a Madonna with a very painful expression and a blue scarf around her head. I have a feeling it may be a self portrait. I noticed you no longer have a gallery and I couldn’t find a work of art to compare it too for pricing purposes. We are having another fund raising event in Albuquerque this Saturday April 22, ’17. All the money we raise provides aid to disabled people living in poverty. Can you please give me an estimate on the value of this piece, if I send you a photo? You can contact me a 505 412 9006. Thank you so much and Gods Blessings for all the good work you are doing!
    Sincerely, Sally Fellers