4/8/19, “I had a blast in LA!!” Again!!

Hi Everyone,


I just had the great pleasure of spending a weekend in LA with one of my daughters, to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, with my rushed life of travelling between the two cities where I live, between writing deadlines, and another city where I spend about two months a year, I only get to LA about once a year, for my daughter’s birthday (and I see her in the cities where I live the rest of the year). Each time I go to LA, I remember what a fun city it is, and how much I enjoy visiting my daughter there, and I promise myself to visit there more often. But somehow with publishing 7 books a year, and all that goes with it, I never manage to get to LA more often—but wish I did. What a fun, lively, exciting happy city it is. The weather alone is enough to cheer you, when it’s still dismal winter everywhere else. I love the way the city looks, and the people always seem upbeat to me.


San Francisco has a certain casual austerity to it. Maybe it’s the weather, with gray foggy weather and a chill wind so much of the time. And New York is brutally cold so many months of the year. I love the way cities have a look, feel and personality all their own. LA just seems like a happy place to me—or maybe that’s just the fun I have with my daughter, which predisposes me to loving the place. The restaurants are great, and people REALLY try to look great—-maybe that’s due to the proximity of the film industry—but there are an awful lot of pretty people there. Lots of jeans, but bright colored shirts and clothes, women in sexy high heels running around town (and not just flip flops, or Uggs, or heavy snow gear, or just functional running shoes and yoga clothes all day long/ did they REALLY go to the gym or just wear the clothes?.) Lots of glitz and glamour, a lot of younger women with carefully done wild colored hair, many shades of pinks, some gorgeous mauves and purples, occasionally blue. The women wear makeup, and the men seem to pay more attention to how they look too. I always end up shopping there, and often buy things I can’t wear in very, very casual San Francisco, serious New York, and which they’d never understand in Paris. This time, I bought a wild shocking pink dress, a giant black suede purse, a great pair of combat boots I can wear in all my wintry cities, some good jeans (with a strawberry on the back pocket!!), and I wore a pair of light blue iridescent sequined jeans I haven’t been able to wear in any other city. The shopping is great in LA—the cultural side of life too. I had some interesting meetings, exploring film and TV options for my work. And the meetings in LA are fun too, and very creative.


I’m fascinated how different the cities are from each other. Las Vegas is a source of absolute fascination, with great shows and all the excitement around gambling (I’m not a gambler, but the people watching is unique!!). I’ve only been to Boston a few times, and liked it, it seems very traditional, historical, and solid. Miami always seems like a combination to me of LA and Las Vegas, double fun. San Francisco was long ago a very conservative, formal city, but The Flower children in the 60’s changed all that, and now it’s the most low key, informal city I know, and it’s still home for me for a few months a year. I’ve been to Chicago twice and loved it, it seemed like a mini New York, very chic and sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Washington DC has the underlying current and electricity of politics in a beautiful little city. I do love L.A.,  it seems light hearted (except for some very serious film work and opportunities there!!) and at times it feels like Disneyland for adults. And there is so much hope there among young people working in the film industry, or hoping to get in. And it is very different from Paris.


There are so many parts of this country that I haven’t seen and would love to visit. I’ve never been to Texas and would love to. I’ve only been to the South a few times, other than Miami. I have a deep love for Wyoming where I used to go with my children every year, the mountains there are magical and deeply spiritual, it is powerful and peaceful in a very special way.


I hope I get back to LA again soon. It was a very, very fun three days, and energized me to start a new book!!!


Have a great week, wherever you are!!!


much love, Danielle


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5 Comments so far
  1. Marie Manson April 8, 2019 3:31 pm

    Would like to have emails from Danelle when a new book is coming out.

  2. Amanda April 9, 2019 1:56 pm

    I always love your fashion and travel related blog posts! The shopping and people watching sounded amazing for this adventure.

  3. IP April 10, 2019 11:14 am

    So glad to hear good things about my city! I wasn’t born there but moved there long time ago after falling in love with the weather and the vibe while visiting once. Spent some great years there and most probably will be back again.

    On the fun related note I’d like to recommend a really great show, called “Call My Agent.” It’s a new French show that take place in Paris. The setting is a talent agency that handles careers (and often personal lives) of some of the biggest European stars, such as Cecile de France, Isabel Adjani, Isabelle Huppert, Julian Dore, etc. Each episode is named after the big star whose story is being explored.
    Hope you like it!

  4. Kerri April 16, 2019 6:42 am

    You’re not the only one who has never been to Texas! I haven’t been there either, and passing through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport en route to Santa Ana/Anaheim does not count as being in Texas. I’ve been invited by friends who live in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio to come and visit but I haven’t decided yet if I want to go to Texas. Personal hang-ups. But Texas sounds fun!

  5. Camille April 23, 2019 6:14 pm

    Haha very funny, your geographical description of America ‘ cities. You know this is a particularity of America’ cities. Every one with its own features.
    Las Vegas that means “Meadows ” was originally a “railroad city” surrounded by deserts ;but saw a lot transformation and became a “touristic city” with all it fantasies!
    New York and Chicago are kind of similar but hyper busies.
    Los Angeles and San Francisco still carry the “etiquette” of being associated with “Hollywood” where the stars live; that explain why people are “chics” and life is expensive!
    America is so rich with many diversities wherever you go.