4/22/19, New Book Coming: “Blessing in Disguise”


Hi Everyone,


I hope that all is well with you. The Easter Bunny has come and gone, and both Easter and Passover provided warm festivities for many. I enjoyed a really nice Easter Brunch with half of my children, who were in the same city with me. I’m always grateful for holidays we can spend together. And I actually took 2 days off from a mountain of work. I have been buried in outlines for new books, a first draft of a new book, and some re writes and editing to do. It has definitely been busy!!!!


I enjoyed doing an interview with Glamour Magazine, for their online magazine, with a very nice interviewer and lots of interesting questions. And I really enjoyed having some downtime, even if it’s only a weekend!!! These days, non-work weekends seem to be rare for me!!!


Paris is still reverberating from the shock and sadness of the terrible fire at Notre Dame a week ago, but people are already focusing on restoration, with an astounding amount of contributions, some as large as 100 and 200 million dollars from major French luxury brands. I was told that Disney contributed 5 million dollars, which is generous and amazing. The damage to the Cathedral is immense, and it will undoubtedly cost as much to repair as people are contributing. I hear that the donations are close to a billion dollars, which is heartwarming. Notre Dame is probably the most important, most beloved and most precious of France’s national monuments, with deep significance to so many people, whether religious or not, and it will be comforting to see the restoration begin on the 12th century church which went up in a roaring blaze last week, and shocked and saddened all of France, and people around the world. The church is really at the heart of the French spirit and culture. Some important moments in my life happened in that church too.


I’ve been so busy writing that I haven’t had time to do much else lately. And I suspect this pace will keep up until the summer. I always feel a little out of touch when I’m so deep into my work. The few chances I’ve had to stick my nose out the door, it feels like Spring (which makes it even harder to stay in and write), but it’s nice to feel warmer weather, and see Spring outside my windows.


I’m beginning to dream of summer, and taking some time off, my kids visiting me in France for our annual vacation together (one VERY precious week), not writing for a little while, having the time to read other books than my own, and just relaxing and doing fun things, seeing friends.


I have a new book coming out at the end of this week, “Blessing in Disguise”, about a woman with 3 adult daughters—-each one by a different father, and how different these young women are from each other, how each one’s relationship to their mother is entirely different (often true, even with the same father. All 9 of my children are VERY different from each other), and the challenges they face in their own lives and with their mother. It seems like a very appropriate Mother’s Day gift!!! Mother/Daughter relationships can be so challenging, and bumpy at times, but we grow from the hard times too, and learn a lot about ourselves—–and our mothers!!! I hope you read the book and love it, and that it feels like the perfect Mother’s Day gift to you!!!


Have a great week, and I hope you get to do some fun things this week!!! (We all need that!!!)



love, Danielle


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3 Comments so far
  1. David Doré April 23, 2019 2:25 pm

    My mother, Gernice Meyers Doré, thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. I think she must have read every one of your large print books in the Iberia Parish Library system.

    She suddenly passed away on Palm Sunday at the age of 91. As a tribute to her, I intend to make a donation to the Iberia Parish Library system so large print editions of your future books will be available for the elderly.

    Thank you for using your story-telling talents to bring enjoyment to so many people.

    David Doré

  2. Bonnie April 26, 2019 11:35 am

    Danielle, Please tell us more about your Glamour interview and how we can enjoy it!!!

    You are so eager for summer. As an Arizona resident I cannot share your enthusiasm. The temps are due to hit 100 this weekend. It`s time to hit the pool.
    Love and blessings always!!!

  3. Camille April 30, 2019 3:16 pm

    Yes Notre Dame will be restore by the gratitude of amazing donations.
    People were still amazed by the fact that “Le Grand Orgue” was not damage by the immense fire.
    Well can we call it “MIRACLE”?

    In addition , you remind me of my mom when you said all your nine (09) kids are different from one another. My mom alssays the same thing that all her seven (07) kids are different from one another. It is funny!