4/12/21, Finding Ashley


Hi Everyone,


I hope you had a good week, things are a bit dreary in Paris, another cold rainy day. I don’t know what’s wrong with the weather this year, last year at this time, I was perched on my little balcony, getting a suntan in the spring sunshine. It made the long lockdown a bit more tolerable. Last year, in the lockdown we weren’t allowed to go outside, except for an hour a day with a permission form filled out (for medical reasons, groceries, an hour of exercise or to walk a dog). This year we can go out all day until 7 pm, but go where? It’s too cold and rainy to want to go out, and cozier at home. It feels like December, not April. It was supposed to snow last week, but it didn’t in the city, only in the country around it, and in London. So, it’s reading, writing, getting work done, and watching series. And I think most people are pretty much series and zoomed-out. Human contact would be ever so nice, a walk with a friend on a sunny day, lunch at a restaurant, on a terrace (no stores or restaurants open). Spring will come, and Covid will get better and eventually disappear. We just have to be patient, I guess.


I remember one year, I was on my way to the Caribbean, and changed flights in New York for 2 hours, and in those brief two hours on April 15, there was such a huge blizzard that they closed the airport. So I guess cold weather happens in April.


The vaccine roll out is still slow in Europe, and impressively efficient in the US. I heard yesterday that 25% of the population is fully vaccinated in the US, and 50% have had one shot and are waiting for the next one. That really is amazing.


Otherwise, the world seems a bit slow at the moment, I have a new book coming out two weeks from tomorrow, which is always exciting. “Finding Ashley”, about a reclusive writer who lost her son to cancer, and her marriage, and is quite solitary, and estranged from her only sister, who is a nun. The writer gave up a baby at a Mother and Baby Home in Ireland when she was fifteen. And when the two sisters meet again, the one who is a nun takes a leave from the convent, to try and find the baby girl that her sister gave up. The writer has regretted it all her life, and her sister wants to help her find peace about it.  All the convent records were intentionally destroyed, so none of the mothers and adult children can find each other now. The search for the little girl her sister gave up becomes a journey of self-discovery, revealing truths and long hidden secrets in both their lives, and it renews the bond between the two sisters, and what they discover during the search for the baby the one sister gave up. It’s about mothers and daughters and sisters, and the bond between women in one family, no matter how different they are. It’s about looking for someone you loved and lost, and finding yourself. I hope you love it!!! And because of the subject, it will make a wonderful Mother’s Day book!!!


I hope you have a wonderful week, with lots of happy surprises—–and warm weather, and a hint of spring!!


lots of love, Danielle


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3 Comments so far
  1. Mary Bukala April 12, 2021 10:33 am

    I love all your books but I have one problem. I am now reading “Lightning” and the characters are “Alex” (Alexandria) and her husband “Sam”. As I am reading when I see the name Alex I have to think to myself “oh that’s the wife”. Having both names male names is very confusing. This is my 87th book of yours that I am reading and this has happened before. I just thought I would let you know for your future books. It is very hard to keep my reading flowing with no interruptions, I hope you understand.

  2. Kerri Jansson April 13, 2021 5:24 pm

    This comment is directed at Mary Bukala.

    Hi Mary,

    A much easier way to remember unisex names:

    If a female is named Alex, it’s usually short for Alexandra/Alexandria. If her name is Sam, it’s short for Samantha. And so on. Any “masculine” female names are shortened from the feminine version of the male name.

    But sometimes unisex names like Kerry, Dakota, and Kelly are…well….confusing. That’s why my name is spelled with an I. No men named Kerri. LOL.

    Besides, shortened “male” female names are cuter and easier to say than the longer feminine version of names.

  3. Lindsay Harmse April 17, 2021 12:36 pm

    It’s absolutely lovely to read about your way of life and the new books you have been writing that are coming out soon. Strange enough, I too have been finding the weather rather odd this year. I currently stay in South Africa, in the province of the Northern Cape. It’s been exceptionally hot here this summer and I’ve been wishing for winter to come already. I am an inspiring writer, and am in the beginning process of writing my first book. I want to write a book based on a true story, in the hopes that it can inspire and bring hope to women who are or have been in similar situations. (Cannot give too much of the story outline as yet.)

    You have been one of my favorite authors who’s work I admire and often can relate to. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with your fans. It’s one of the reason I have finally gotten the courage to start writing my first book. Though finding the right publisher to get my first book published seems like a daunting process. But I pray that I get the right channels to finally be an author. May this be the first of many books I shall write.

    All the best with your current book and I cannot wait to read your new book!