3/7/16, Paris Fashion

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your patience with me, after weeks of writing, (and a few days off for a bad cold), I’ve surfaced and am back in the human race, although not for long. I’m just taking a short break, and then will go back to writing again. But in the meantime, I’ve had some time to enjoy some of my children visiting me. I always feel lucky to share time with them!!!

I got my nose out of my typewriter just in time for Paris Fashion Week: the big ready to wear shows in Paris that highlight fashions for next fall/winter. And the fashion world is buzzing with gossip these days, after a number of recent changes. The House of Dior parted company with their designer recently, and is looking for a new one to design ready to wear and haute couture, that’s a mammoth job, doing both, with several collections a year. Lanvin parted company with their designer too and are also looking for a new one. The designer at Saint Laurent is also leaving. There are rumors that Karl Lagerfeld might retire from Chanel next summer, which will be major fashion news if that happens (I hope it doesn’t!! I want Karl to stay where he is forever. He’s too good to lose!!). And there are always rumors about the other houses and designers, trying to guess who might be leaving. So fashion is a game of musical chairs these days. So this is a slightly unsettled season. It was also the first fashion week since the attacks in Paris last November, and I think many Americans were afraid to come to Paris, because the crowds were a little thinner than usual. But the city put their best foot forward, and there is a great deal of security everywhere in Paris now, at every fashion show, and in every store, bags are opened and the contents checked, wands to check for metal or weapons are in use, and there are a lot of security guards in evidence, which is all a good thing and reassuring.

I began my fashion week at the Celine fashion show in a tennis club in the park, at lunchtime on Sunday. Their show is always held there, and we sat in bleacher rows as all the notables of fashion walked in. The Queen herself: Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue, with her signature bobbed hair, and dark glasses—-looking glamourous and beautifully put together on Sunday morning with sparkles on what she was wearing., Grace Coddington, also an editor of Vogue with her signature mane of flaming red hair, sat down in the same row as Anna Wintour and the American Ambassador to Paris, Jane Hartley, sat a few seats down, with Wendy Murdoch between them. People are there to see what’s coming up in fashion for next season—-the stores then order the clothes in advance and we’ll see them in stores next fall. But first, all the fanfare of the fashion show. The show began with the usual beautiful models (mostly in their late teens) pounding down the runway in flowing but clinging dresses, cocoon shaped jackets and coats, comfortable looking sandals and footwear, some belted coats, some very fluid looking dresses, everything beautifully made, and exciting to see coming down the runway. I will admit that I felt most of it would look great on my daughters, but less so on me. It really wasn’t my look, and was a little more fashion forward than what I can get away with. I tend to wear more classic clothes, and less avant garde. But Phoebe Philo the designer at Celine has a fantastic eye and sense of fashion, and it’s exciting to see what she produces. My daughters went to the show with me and loved it. Lots of whites and earth tones, some gold, and some striking pieces in black. And everyone was talking about how great the collection was when they left. We really enjoyed it, and it’s always an honor to be there, since the event is invitation only, and mostly attended by buyers and the fashion press. With a smattering of celebrities and movie stars thrown in for good measure.

It was all very fun to see, and fashion week isn’t over yet. There will be lots more shows to see and comments to make, and guesses about which designers will be going to work where, and which designer had the best show. The hubbub was tremendous as always, and we all left having gotten a bird’s eye view of what lay ahead. Stay tuned…..more shows to come!!!

love, Danielle

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6 Comments so far
  1. Janine Hewitt March 7, 2016 1:03 pm

    Hi Danielle, exciting to hear about Paris fashion week! Just wanted to say I read The Ring last week and was brought to tears at the ending which I was really hoping for throughout the book. I am rarely brought to tears but this story did it! Thanks.

  2. LateBloomer March 7, 2016 5:19 pm

    Hi Danielle Steel,

    Just wanted to pop in quickly and say hi. Also, thank you for your Blogs. To give us more glimpses into your life is truly a bonus. When I start my website don’t know if i’ll have a blog. I’ve never been the witty type, to simply string together life’s “liquid gold” from my past or everyday occurrences. But fortunately just this week in fact, I’ve finally obtained that depth of perception I always admired about other writers. Esp. those portrayed in the movies. lol Their simple conversation is incredible & so in depth. I’ve finally reached that mark! So i’m very thrilled.(I just need to read more)lol
    But back to the “Blog” thing…I guess i’ll have to wait & see. But It won’t be for another 2 yrs before I have my website.
    Thank you for being a part of our lives. You’re an incredible person/Lady and I can’t thank you enough. Oh…also, it’s through your writing when I first started out pursuing writing that I was able to take pointers on how to describe material I’d often get stuck on. You have a way of describing somethings that are just difficult to put in words. Your writing helped me with that right from the start & a few other things. Plus you kept me dreaming & ambitious! I’m behind in my reading,but I have your recent novels.
    Take care.

    Late Bloomer

  3. LateBloomer March 7, 2016 5:41 pm

    Hi, had to clarify…I know the whole “Life’s liquid gold” is a Velveeta thing, but that’s not where I got the idea. My idea came to me yesterday or the day before when I thought about my descriptive style & realized everything was more “pristine,” I imagined being at home, everything taking a new shape & the faucet running “liquid gold” symbolizing how magnificent it all was. :))

  4. mike reid March 9, 2016 8:30 am

    Hi Danielle – this seems exciting – even the idea of looking for the talent that can design & organize a co. is very
    very interesting. Sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner – I was preoccupied with a couple of art projects -theres
    no excuse though.Anyway – the previous blog -leap year – I never knew much about or considered marriage – I guess I was always avoided things that caused me to leave my comfort zone or shall I say chicken – hahaha. Back
    to the designers – they need someone that is -( a Natural ) to handle things & design things. There our people out there and there good at it. Others our phonies who act like they know what there doing. Theres a difference -you can spot them right away if you ck. out there portfolio. I was always able to spot talent and the opposite. Its just like watching a movie and making decisions on weather it will be a success or failure. You know when you watch the shows & see the outfits, colors ,design & styles- whats nice and what isn’t. Anyway – short note — enjoy it all. Mike

  5. barbara gross March 9, 2016 2:34 pm

    hello danielle,

    i have wanted to write and thank you for years…you have been along with me through my travels, my children growing up and even while my husband battled cancer. somehow each of your books was a refuge from my daily trials, taking me away to a special place where i felt happy and safe. we are about the same age and the way you dedicate your books to your children, gives me the sense that they are as special to you as mine are to me. i grew up in paris and your constant return to my favorite city fills me with joy! i am a middle school teacher and rush to the library when i am alerted that your new book is available!i try not to read it too quickly, enjoying each new character as a new friend, wanting them to stay with me for awhile.there are times when i wake in the night and am smiling as i reach for your new novel, knowing that it will keep me good company til i fall back to sleep!
    i have done some writing myself, although it is poetry mostly, and hope to do more when i retire (not to sure when that will be).i am hoping to be in paris for awhile when i do have longer stretches of time on my hands, loving the city so.
    i go on too long and you are a busy lady…please know that i am a devoted fan, who is now starting my latest adventure with ” undercover”, recently acquired from the library!
    thank you so very much for the joy and comfort you give…
    fondly, barbara

  6. Amelia March 31, 2016 6:30 am

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