3/4/19, Rainy Sunday


Hi everyone, I hope it was a good week for you!!!


I’ve been running in ten directions all week, occasionally riding the wave of fashion week!! I went to two fashion shows this week. Everyone in the fashion world is talking with great regret about the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary designer of Chanel (please see last week’s blog!).


I went to two fashion shows in the last week, each of them VERY different from the other. One was for a brand called Altuzarra, which was very fun and kicky and young, with soft feminine clothes, lots of printed chiffons, with leather jackets, and some pretty coats. It has a jazzy, sexy flavor to it. And the other was at the other extreme, very, very very chic, elegant beautifully designed clothes by Hermes. Altuzarra was more playful, Hermes deals with a different customer, and the clothes were just beautiful, a lot of coats, and leathers since Hermes is primarily a leather craftsman, and there were gorgeous suedes and leathers in the show, in natural earth tones. It was very elegant. And both were in interesting locations. Altuzarra was at the Potoki  Hotel , an absolutely beautiful structure, (previously a home), I kept staring at the moldings, high ceilings, and all the details of what was once a spectacular home.  And the Hermes show was at the horse guards’ stables, and the show was very dramatically lit and impeccably organized. And the models were unusually beautiful!!!


I had fun at both shows. And the Altuzarra show was special for me, since one of my daughters organized it. Paris had beautiful spring weather this week. I’m sure we’ll get another blast of winter before it’s all over. Spring can’t be over this early, although I’d love that. I’ve been enjoying time with my daughters, although they’re very busy, working.


You must think that going to fashion shows is all I do—-which isn’t the case, I still have to work, a million hours a day (and night), working on the books. But I must admit, it’s fun fantasizing about the pretty clothes, and some really knock out looks. Watching the video of a fashion show is great distraction when I finish some part of a book and finish my days at 4am.


The rest of the time, I’ve been working. So, see you next week when I have lots more to report on.


much love, Danielle


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4 Comments so far
  1. Dara March 8, 2019 8:05 pm

    I wish writers realized that profanity is not necessary especially taking my Lord’s name in vain. Profanity does not reflect intelligence or creativity. It is possible to have a good storyline without it.

  2. Deede March 9, 2019 5:31 pm

    Love your comments about the fashion shows…I know it made your heart proud to go the show your chick organized…What fun! and the Hermes show dramatically done in a horse guards’ stable…Quite the contrast!…

    Just finished SILENT NIGHT and I loved it…Can’t wait for the next book…

    THX for sharing…

  3. LB (LateBloomer) March 10, 2019 10:05 am

    Glad you’re keeping busy as always. Can’t believe we’re already into the third month of the new year! Summer is right around the corner. I’ve taken time to read more than I do write. And it’s been incredible! I think this year I’ll focus more on my reading than writing. Although I’ve stumbled upon Flash Fiction which I’ve been having a ball with. As well as “Pulp Fiction”. Which is another fantastic genre. Best wishes as always.


  4. Camille March 12, 2019 5:14 pm

    Going to fashion shows is like going to museum .It is a way to see how people very creative and artistic… It is really an eye opening to see how powerful human beings’ brain can achieve greatness.
    If one think about how much time and energy and creativity people put to make those fashions shows happened…it is not really a day at the beach!