3/22/21, Confined Again, Round 3


Hi Everyone,


So, how was your week last week? Mine was busy doing the usual errands, writing, and trying to catch up on my desk after a book, which takes a while. And the big news in Paris this week is that we’re in confinement again, which is definitely an odd confinement. The reason for it is that the hospital beds are full up, because unfortunately they have not added more beds in the past year, so with rising numbers of new cases again, there is a shortage of hospital beds and the Paris area and the South of France have been put on lockdown, while the rest of France has not. The confinement from March to May last year was of the strictest regime in all of France. Total lockdown, you could only leave your house for an hour a day, for an essential reason, within a short distance of one’s home. Offices and businesses, restaurants and schools were closed. The entire country was shut down for two months, with disastrous economic consequences to the country. The President has become determined to avoid lockdown as much as possible. And in spite of that, we were back in lockdown from the end of October until the end of November, and that time restaurants were closed (and still are since then), but shops were open for business, but you had to order and pick up outside, schools stayed open, and offices, and eventually a 6pm curfew was set in place. The idea was that you could work or go to school, but there were to be no social gatherings, no going out in the evening, and nowhere to go. And now here we are again, Round 3, with restaurants still closed (till May or June, they have taken a brutal hit, being closed since October), offices open with people urged to work remotely where possible, shops open for order and pick up but not shopping in store, schools are open, hairdressers are open and have been deemed ‘essential’ (I second that), and the new twist this time is that everyone can go outside as much as they want and are encouraged to, until curfew at 7pm. The weak spot there is, that encouraged to go outside, suddenly there are big groups of people picnicking together in the parks, (without masks while they eat and drink), playing sports, lining the river, filling the streets on the weekends. It is hard to believe that those rules will bring the numbers down. Vaccination continues at a snail’s pace, after a 3 day hiatus (with concerns about blood clotting possibly being related to the Astra Zeneca vaccine,from Britain). And in all forms, modified, local, or general, people are generally fed up with the confinements and regulations, lack of a social life, no restaurants. It has definitely been a long year, and everyone is hoping that the vaccines will return life to a semblance of normalcy. I hope too that things get more normal soon. People are worn out by the hardships, the risks, the uncertainties, the lack of ability to plan anything, the lack of a social life. It WILL get better, and the virus will eventually go away, but it’s a long road getting there, a lot longer than anyone knew a year ago. I hope that we see the last of it soon.


Meanwhile, I am writing and talking to my kids. It’s still wintry cold, with many rainy days. We need a big dose of good cheer, and good news, and hopefully the vaccines will be part of that, and with Spring will come new freedoms, and fewer people getting sick, and the hospitals less crowded than they are now.


I am reading and writing, and I hope you’ve had time to read my new book “The Affair”.


We just have to keep going until we reach the end of this long road. The current confinement will be under review in a month. And let’s hope this will be the last one. We will certainly remember this past year, and I hope the months ahead are a vast improvement. Hang in!! And have a great week!!!

love, Danielle


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3 Comments so far
  1. Mella O'Donnell April 20, 2021 2:38 pm

    Dear Danielle,

    I am here in beautiful Adare in Ireland. We are all getting very
    tired of the lockdown. Your books are a great mental escape!
    I admire your success and work ethic.

    Kind regards, Mella.

  2. Helen Norris April 25, 2021 7:00 am

    Dear Danielle Steel,,
    i’m from Scotland, but live down here by the sea in Brighton, & have been in Isolation for
    the whole time. i have 3 grown children & 12 grandchildren, & 3 great grandchildren children.
    i have read so many of your books, i’ve lost count! (and loved every one) But since i’ve (aged 84) -i’ve almost stopped, Till yesterday i bought “Property of a

    .Noblewoman”. – i’m nearly half way through it. But have had to stop Reading!
    at Page 159 to be precise – & at the moment i’m uncertain in my mind and heart – whether i can continue reading it. That’s how i feel at the moment. The first half or what i have read is happening in London –
    till (and i hesitate So much at even daring to criticise you Danielle, your books can move back and forwards e.g. London, New
    York etc . And Valerie, Philip’s Mother lives in England. Phillip himself, enjoys his w/ends on his small boat. and is able to visit his Mom
    Phillip Lawson & Jane Willoughby meet at
    Christie’s Auctioneers in London.
    The story then brings in more information
    about Valerie (Phillip’s Mom) and visiting he sister Winnie……etc… i’m writing too much i’m sorry ; Valerie is searching for an old card she’s kept for many years, but finally
    finds it at 2 in the morning. she can’t for the rest of the night. – then she decides what to
    Danielle, i’ve spent approx 12 years in New York (which i love so very much – no room
    for any more, i’m sorry about that).

    But back to Valerie in London, very excited that she has found the card she was looking for. Couldn’t sleep at all until 8 in the morning she called the Nursing Home where she found the lady she was looking for. is still alive.
    That Danielle is when my brain got into motion. 8am inLondon is 3am in New Hampshire (i had then carried on reading.)
    i have been driven up to Wilton (Ct) etc etc.And finally Phillip’s Mom and Jane Willoughby……….now they are in London.
    I feel sorry Danielle his has affected my reading of the story ! If i have made an enormous mistake, i apologise profusely.
    At the moment i don’t think i have,, But I do hope you will let me know..
    I. doubt that many people will have noticed that. in fact i think i’m certain they won’t…
    If this does reach you…again i apologise if i have missed something and made a big mistake. all your boos are so wonderful & helped e through a very sad divorce,
    sincerely yours,
    Helen Norris. Brighton . U.K

  3. MARION LONGO May 5, 2021 10:00 am

    send me emails of new books release