2/29/16, Happy Leap Year

Hi Everyone,

I hope it’s been a good week since I last wrote to you!! Today is leap year—or is it Leap Day?
I’m sure there is some very adult, astral explanation for why we get an extra day on our calendar once every four years. But the only one I’ve ever known is that on leap year, on the 29th of February, a woman can propose (marriage) to a man and she doesn’t have to wait for him to come up with the idea!!! Now I’m not entirely clear if a woman can only propose on February 29th, or does she get a pass to do it all year on a leap year? I suppose we could stretch the rules on that one!!! Why not? And get a pass all year!!! It’s interesting that, no matter how modern we’ve become, how feminist, or liberated, it still seems to be the tradition in traditional couples that a man is supposed to propose, and a woman is supposed to wait till he does, and I think even modern women stick with that tradition. I’ve never known a woman who proposed marriage to a man, but I’m sure there are some out there who have!! And proposals, among any and all couples of all sexes, are a BIG deal and a lot of planning goes into them, when and how, in what meaningful location, what special day, it’s a very important moment in one’s life and a memorable day. Some proposals are a big surprise, and unexpected, in other cases, the one being proposed to suspects it’s coming, but may not know exactly when. The current generation has an aversion to being ‘cheesy’. I was proposed to twice on Valentine’s Day and loved it, but when I’ve suggested it to younger friends, they make a horrible face and think that’s a terrible idea. Actually, several of the recent proposals I’ve heard about of people in their 30’s happened outdoors on a walk or a hike, which is nice for people who like the outdoors. Valentine’s Day at a dinner table (or in one case, at a fancy lunch) was more my style—I wouldn’t want to have to hike up a mountain to get engaged!!!

Which brings us back to leap day. If your true love didn’t propose on Valentine’s Day, if you’re a woman and holding back for that reason, you have a perfect opportunity on Leap Day!!! I think the Irish are very big on Leap Day. I’m not sure if they started the tradition or just enjoy it. There is a very cute romantic comedy called “Leap Year” with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, (and yes, okay, it might qualify as a chick flick), about a Leap Year/Leap Day proposal. It’s a sweet movie and I really like it. I love romantic comedies when I just want to relax.

I’m not sure I’d have the courage to propose to a man, but who knows, maybe I would in the right circumstances (not on a hike though!!). And as much as some people are skittish about marriage these days, and either wait longer than they used to, or don’t do it at all, people still do get married, in all kinds of combinations and configurations, and The Proposal remains a major event in one’s life. So if Valentine’s Day didn’t pan out this year, then go for the Leap Year window of opportunity, and if you miss Leap Day, you can have a pass all year!! Whatever works, and whatever makes you happy. And for those of you brave enough to try it, Hurray!!! And good luck!!

I hope it works out just the way you want it to.

love, Danielle

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3 Comments so far
  1. Janine Hewitt February 29, 2016 5:31 pm

    Hoping for engagement news in the family! But not our say, unfortunately or fortunately I suppose,depending on the future! Proposals are exciting for everyone to hear about! ….especially the accepted ones of course! Janine

  2. Asavari Sharma March 1, 2016 8:06 pm

    Hi Danielle,

    I love “Leap Year” too!! It’s an adorable film. I never get bored watching it!!! Plus, I also love Ireland, so…


  3. J-C March 3, 2016 7:52 am


    Julius Caesar added on February 29 by year end Julienne, every four years to make up the annual calendar of the delay relative to the rotation of the earth around the sun. The earth rotates around the sun at a speed of 365.2422 days / year, or about 365.25 days / year for the calendar, he shows only 365 days. After 4 years behind schedule is 4×0.25 j = 1.

    In Ireland, long ago, the women complained to St. Bridget that men do not ask you enough to marry. She has negotiated and obtained permission to St. Patrick February 29 every 4 years.

    The modern woman is no longer the same, less vulnerable, less fragile, independent and able to choose who, when, how and where! A man would he be destabilized, somewhat bewildered, surprised, unable to meet for lack of experience ? Yes, probably, but if women have always faced the challenge of responding, it is to their turn now to rise to the occasion ! They may have an “ego” problem thinking maybe this was their prerogative reserved. It remains to their show intelligence by showing their ability to adapt to modern life !
    If the woman takes the initiative, it may be that the man is not ready, or it is but dare not, or it is about to ask but awaiting a response.

    St. Patrick is OK until December 31, but no more !

    Thanks for this subject, I never thought about it without you.