2/5/18, Mix and Match


Hi Everyone,

Oops, sorry I’m a day late with the blog, but I will confess I was having fun yesterday, at least some of the time. Living between two cities and travelling back and forth every few weeks, I always seem to be hit with a backlog of work, minor and major problems, and things to catch up on when I arrive. My last day before I leave is hectic, and my first day back in either city is a total zoo, and chaotic. I’m not complaining because I feel very lucky to live in two cities—but the transition can be bumpy. So yesterday was first day back, and I spent 21 hours playing catch up and settling in. My reward for all that was that a small shipment of photographs, paintings, curtains and objects that I sent home by ship when I moved to my new apartment in Paris at the beginning of November, had arrived the day before I returned home, and I got to dig through the boxes and find a place for each of the things I sent back. Some of it I had earmarked for my kids (some great photos of Marilyn Monroe that my son wanted, some fashion photos from the 1950’s for one of my daughters in fashion, and the modelling photos of another of my daughters, when she modelled for a while before getting into the business and counselling end of fashion).

It felt like Christmas as I took time out from real work to dig through the boxes.  It was like a treasure hunt!! After three months, I had almost forgotten what I sent, including two sets of really pretty curtains that didn’t work anywhere in the new apartment, and I hated to give up, so I kept them and sent them home. I love collecting things, so my houses are pretty full, and trying to fit anything new in is like working a Rubik’s Cube!!! But I somehow always manage to squeeze one more thing in, or hang one more painting, by re-hanging 5 or 10 others!! I also used the opportunity of the move to get rid of things I was tired of, and had been mistakes to begin with, so what was left were mostly things I really love, which makes my new home that much more enjoyable, now that I weeded out the things I didn’t love. I love going to auctions and finding unusual things, or paintings by unknown artists. I love Chinese art, and have a collection of small wooden antique Buddhas—they’re not of great value, but with the patina of age, I really love looking at them!! And sometimes moving something old and familiar to a new home gives it a new burst of life and you enjoy it all over again!!! I love mix and matching things, old and new, I have a collection of Chinese ceramic vegetables and fruit, and have mixed them with the things that my children made in ceramics class in school when they were very little. It makes a fun eclectic group of objects, and I have them all together on a table. I have a lot of art made by my children, and I love it!!!  And I still have many paintings left from when I had a contemporary art gallery. Sometimes the things my children made look great with modern art. I love mixing and matching with both fashion and decorating—-something very special and even expensive mixed with something silly or fun that I found in a funny little shop somewhere. I like the light hearted side of that rather than being too serious about decorating or fashion. So I had great fun finding new homes for all the things I sent back, and the curtains I sent home fit perfectly and look beautiful. So it was my Mix and Match day.

As much as I love fashion, almost as an art form, for the past 10 years or so, I enjoy decorating even more. And when I had put all the new arrivals away, I went back to work on the mountain waiting for me on my desk, and I’m still at it today. It was a 21 hour work day yesterday, with more of the same today…..but I loved my Mix and Match day yesterday.   Have a great week!!


love, Danielle

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  1. IP February 6, 2018 5:24 pm

    I love the fact that you display your children’s art prominently at your house. I still remember when I was little I felt a bit sad that my mom wouldn’t care for the things I made. She was glamorous and elegant with taste for expensive and stylish things. I remember wishing she would wear the macaroni necklace I made for her, the way other children’s parents did or hang the art I created in our apartment or place the sculptures made of play-dough so that everyone could see it. That’s such a small thing of course and I’m not saying she wasn’t a good, kind mother, but it made me feel like what I did wasn’t good enough. Your children are very lucky!

  2. Late Bloomer February 6, 2018 9:49 pm

    Hi Danielle Steel,

    It’s me again. Just left a post on your “proud mama” blog. I’m now getting back into the whole “Art” thing, can’t wait to start back sculpting. That’s going to take some time however. Otherwise, I was reminiscing a bit while reading this blog. Art is such a sensation of the extraordinary kind. It’s a marvel to see what talents we all can possess and what extraordinary talents have succeeded throughout time. I like the little bit of art you display on this site and wish you many more works.
    I can’t believe you owned a Gallery. That’s something to marvel over.
    Take care.

  3. David February 7, 2018 2:23 am

    Have a marvelous week, Danielle!

  4. Jean February 16, 2018 8:01 pm


    Just finished your book Past Perfect and loved it. I hope there is a second book about these families. I have been reading your books since I was in my twenties and have loved all of them. I am always waiting for your next one. This is my first time visiting your website and am excited to read your blog posts and all of the other information about you. I look forward to keeping up with you, your books and new adventures.


  5. juanita johnson April 15, 2018 12:43 pm

    I have read everyone of your books and always look forward to the next one. I just started reading Fall From Grace and was greatly disappointed. after reading a few pages I knew I had read this book previously. not sure what the title was, but the complete story line is one I had read before. please advise why this NEW BOOK is not indicated as having been published under title before.

    Juanita l johnson