2/22/21, Why Not?


Hi Everyone,


How are you? Hanging in, I hope. Despite the challenges, the sometimes alarming news, and learning to live with masks, curfews, reports of contagion and mutations of Covid 19, and living our work life on Zoom, our family life on Face Time, and having no social life at all (with restaurants closed, and a 6pm curfew in Paris), we’re all struggling to maintain a semblance of normalcy in our lives, and explore new avenues. I’ve been working a lot and doing some fun things related to the work front, some great promotional opportunities that keep life interesting. And meanwhile, I have a new book coming out on March 2nd, The Affair. It’s a fun, slightly racy book as the title suggests, and I hope you love it!!


I’m scheduled to appear on Good Morning America on Monday, March 1st, which is always the high point of my year. Robin Roberts is one of the most amazing women I know, someone whom I admire enormously and have a deep affection for. Being on the show with her is always an honor, a privilege, and a heartwarming treat.  As a guest on the show, she makes you feel very special, and like a Queen. This time, I will miss out on giving her a hug in person, but even being on the show with her on Zoom is exciting. I’m the least high tech person I know, so a small team of people (Covid tested before) are coming to help man the equipment, and the person who does my make up for TV is in New York, so I am trying someone new. The Thrill of it for me will be being on the show with Robin, as always. We’ll be talking about my new book, “The Affair”.


That same week, I am very honored to be included in an exciting promotional event by Loewe, the luxury fashion brand that make gorgeous clothes, and I’ve been invited to join their very talented designer Jonathan Anderson for a special event—-full of surprises, and a very exciting opportunity for me. They are wonderful people to work with, and Jonathan Anderson is an incredibly talented designer.


I just finished an article for a major American magazine, which is fun to do. And am editing two books that will be coming out soon. So I’m keeping busy, and the work challenges of the pandemic make us all come up with new, different and creative ideas and ways to do business and share our work in new ways. High end restaurants are doing take-out, that would never have considered it before, people are making films, documentaries, writing books and articles in spite of the challenges we’re all facing. It’s a learning experience to do new things and brings new elements into our work. It’s teaching us all creativity and flexibility, with a “Why not? “attitude. In fashion, without the traditional Fashion Week shows, they are finding new ways to show us their collections, and we’ve all adapted to shopping on line. The secret is to keep businesses and industries alive, and make them better than ever. It’s a time of exploration, serious thought about new avenues, and inventiveness. It’s a benefit of these unusual times. People are discovering new talents, and interests, they’ve never thought of before and didn’t know they had. So if you’re tempted to do something new, try it, do it!! You may find a whole new world opening up to you with a talent that has lain dormant all your life. I think “Why Not?” is the right answer right now. What have we got to lose? Try something new, a painting, a hobby, something you haven’t had time to do before. Stuck at home, you have more time to try new things. (And no, I am not learning to cook, that might be asking a little too much of my limited talent in that area. But anything relating to writing or art seems like a great idea to me. And I’m very excited to be invited into the world of fashion by Loewe.)


My youngest daughter started a tie dye business and is having a ball, my artistic daughter in law is doing paintings for commissions, and my daughters who work in fashion are expanding their horizons too, as is my son in his field. And I have several friends starting new businesses, not easy, but well worth doing if you can. It’s a time for entrepreneurs, and brave, creative people. And when the pandemic finally ends, it will leave us with newly developed talents, new interests, new connections, and new friends, along with the ones we had before.


So why not? Whatever you’ve been mulling over and hesitating to try, give it a whirl, you may open the doors to a whole new opportunity and some fun, even if it’s doing a thousand piece puzzle, watching shows you’ve never seen before, learning a new language,  painting, baking—-even making money doing something you love to do and never thought of charging for before. The possibilities are endless.


So I’ll see you on Zoom, and let’s have some fun with what we CAN do, rather than mourning what we can’t do right now and think we’ve lost. And when this is all over, we’ll have found a new talent. Why not?



Have a great week, I send you a virtual hug and lots of love,




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6 Comments so far
  1. Cosima French February 22, 2021 8:21 pm

    Hello Danielle,

    I read your book for the first time. I read ‘All That Glitters’.

    As an english major I can not understand the attraction to your books to be honest with you. Your writing is bland I thought. However. I might read another book by you. It could’ve been just this book that I found predictable.

    I forwarded your book to my 21 year old niece who loved the story. I might be too old to appreciate your work. I don’t know yet.

    I will keep an open mind.

    Keep up the good work.



  2. Cosima French February 22, 2021 9:18 pm


    I just wanted to apologize for previous negative comments. There is a market for all writing.

    Take care.


  3. Shantal Taylor February 22, 2021 11:46 pm

    You are Amazing! Thank you for your beautiful website and I’m in the process of listening to All That Glitters on Audible. I thoroughly enjoyed Safe Harbour. I hope to be like you one day and my goodness, your Why Not? Blog post was for me! I read that post and got inspired. I will look forward to watching you on Good Morning America. Robin Roberts is outstanding and one of my favorites as well.

    Keep sharing your multi-faceted gifts.

    Shantal Taylor

  4. Teresa Cunha February 23, 2021 1:00 pm

    Hi! Good to see you trying new things.
    Your post cause me to remember an old lady I met during the last financial crises, back then the Troika was in my country controlling everything: salaries and pensions had major cuts, rents, transportation, taxes, you name it, had several raises, it was havoc! I had a store (books, gifts, stationary, printing…), which saddly I ended up closing as it was impossible to maitain it and had not yet had the possibility to reopen (now we have everything online and kept the publishing business as we always had it), the said lady came in “just to look around” because it was still days away from getting her pension. Long story short her father went to great lenghts to have her going to school. She was the oldest of several children and her mother was against it, so she went in secret. Her father had taught himself to read and was passionate about books as so was she. She told me that she had decided both to her pleasure and also to honor her father, that she would buy two books per month. Her pension had been cut, her rent was higher and her medicins’ bill was greater but, as she told “I’m an old woman I don’t need much, so I pay all my bills and then I always make sure to have enough money to buy books, I rather eat less than not have my books.” Then she would look around as if “Big Brother” was watching and she would say: “I will always find a way of buying the books, that will show them!”
    I think that this “that will show them” is a bit like yours “why not?”, it is a sort of a driving force, a rebellious shout against being defeated by the circumstances. I think often about this lady, don’t know if she is still alive, but I treasure her life lesson.
    Like you I’ve been work as hard, or even harder, than before COVID but as we are confined and most shops are closed, restaurants are closed, temples are closed I try not to work all the time. I read a lot, as usual, never less than 4 to 5 books per month, but I decided to try new things. One of them was crystal embroidery or diamond painting. It is amazing and trully addictive.
    God bless,

    Teresa Cunha

  5. Rob Scott February 26, 2021 5:41 pm

    Looking forward to seeing with Robin on March 1st, Danielle.

    Love you both!

    Rob Scott

    ABQ, NM

  6. Bonnie March 4, 2021 10:53 am

    Hi Danielle,
    Thoroughly enjoyed your interview on GMA. You were able to cover several fun topics along with promoting “The Affair”. I thought that it was your best visit with Robin.

    You graciously overcame the distracting echo in the audio system, it made me nervous for
    you, but you were your usual wonderful poised self!!!

    With love and blessings, Bonnie