2/14/22, Raise the Hearts!!!


Hello Everyone,


I hope you had a good week last week. I was working full tilt on three books in different stages, which was intense. Sometimes I work that way when the ideas are flowing. A few weeks ago, I finished the second draft of one book in the morning, and moved on to another book in first draft that night. I’ve always found that when I’m working, more ideas come, sometimes in a flood, and when I’m not working (and being lazy), nothing comes. I prefer the flood of ideas to the drought. And inspiration is harder to come by these days while staying home a lot, not going out much, and having little or no social life because of Covid. The Covid worries provide a backdrop of anxiety, and staying home keeps one from seeing the little and big things that spark a book when you have a full life out in the world. So in these sparser times, I grab the inspiration when it grabs me and go with it, gratefully!!


So I’ve had a very busy month writing, with a third book percolating on the back burner as I work on the outline. And today is one of those days that can be wonderful or disappointing, Valentine’s Day. I’ve had some great ones and some real lemons in my lifetime. I’ve had two marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day, and both came as a (wonderful)surprise!! One led to eighteen mostly happy years and 8 children, and the other resulted in 8 years together, stormy but exciting, to a fascinating person, and no children. Both husbands were much older than I (decades) and were very interesting men, and both are gone now, I stayed close to both of them until the end of their lives. And I do miss them and having them to talk to. My husband John, the father of 8 of my 9 children was incredibly elegant, gracious, handsome, and the other, Tom, was brilliant and a genius, with an extraordinary mind. Both marriages ended in divorce before they died, we had a good run, and stayed close. Both were father figures for me since they were so much older. And both Valentine’s Day proposals were very romantic. (My first marriage was in my teens–my teens were a busy time. I went to college at 15, married in my teens, became a mother for the first time in my teens, and wrote my first book in my teens, at 19—-I started life early!!!)


And in contrast to my two Valentine’s Day proposals, I’ve had some really dreary, disappointing Valentine’s Days—haven’t we all!!!—-when nothing at all seemed to be happening. Some years, romance in one’s life is just not happening. And it can be REALLY discouraging if you haven’t met “The One” yet, or you’re between relationships, or if a relationship didn’t work out. I’ve found that (some) men aren’t very good about dates, not as good as women are about them, and some holidays mean a lot to us as women, and just don’t mean as much to them. So a man who really loves you may not come through on Valentine’s day with chocolates, flowers, or a great piece of jewelry, or a proposal, or even remember what day it is!!! (My husband Tom hated most holidays, and particularly didn’t like Christmas (and I LOVE Christmas) and won the prize one year when he asked me on December 23rd—“When is Christmas this year??”—Soon!!!) So your true love may not make the brilliant showing you hope for on Valentine’s Day, although I hope he (or she) does!!! Some men aren’t dazzlers on birthdays either….there is something about dates that eludes them. And if you have the perfect love who showers you with kisses and gifts on Valentine’s Day—–Lucky You!!! Hang on to him (or her).


I came across something in the writings of Joel Osteen this week. It is religious, so won’t appeal to those who aren’t, and I love his writings. They always give me hope and strength:  “God has prepared a set time for His promises to come to pass in your life. While you wait, you can trust that behind the scenes, He is working all things in your favor”. I really like that.


And there is a lovely saying in French, “Haut les coeurs!!” when you need encouragement, the rough translation is “Raise the Hearts!!!”


So, whether religious or not, I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, and a great week. And May Love be showered on you abundantly by those you love today and every day. You deserve it!!!


with so much love, Danielle



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4 Comments so far
  1. bonnie February 14, 2022 1:11 pm

    Precious Danielle, You have “Raised our hearts” today. Thank you ! I would like to add to Joel Osteen`s encouraging words my own mantra that has helped me oh so much during these many years.
    `God is in complete control { sovereign } of EVERYTHING.
    He is working out EVERYTHING in love for me and to His glory.` So I put my trust in Him and not myself !!!`
    My love and admiration always, Bonnie

  2. Melissa Klar February 19, 2022 6:23 pm

    I am trying to contact you.. I left another message on your other site, so please look for it…

    MANFRED WALZER took his life tonight…he rang me, he was taking LSD and going in the ocean…I can tell you more if you reach out…he told me to tell you but didn’t give me your email, I hope you see this and the other one I sent

    He loved you so much…

    I hope you get this and you are welcome to ring me and I can tell you what happened…

    I am DEVASTED…

    Melissa Klar

  3. Mick Guinn April 20, 2023 8:56 am

    Danielle and Melissa Klar! Please contact me?

    I don’t know why I didn’t Google more, but I loved Manfred Walzer too and only learned a few months ago (from Julia, who he also loved very much) that he had taken his life. I’ve been trying to find out more ever since.

    Danielle, he spoke of you to me privately the last time I asked for a reading. I’d forgotten that till I found this thread.

    I began as a client of Manfred’s in Tokyo, but we became friends that same week after I took him out and showed him the town.

    If either of you can email me I’d be deeply appreciative. For reasons unclear to me, Julia is not getting back to me, but gave me the news when I texted him and it bounced. My email is just my name (no spaces or dots) at Gmail.

    I often reach out in dreams to those I love who have died, but the only dream I’ve had about Manfred was very brief and he was annoyed that I’d missed an appointment with him! LOL! I’d told him he should keep the money, no problem, and that I was sorry but I wasn’t lucid enough in the dream to track the appointment. But he was still kind of annoyed with me and I couldn’t hold my focus in the dream long enough to work it out. [sigh]

    I’m really not a “woo-woo” person, but Manfred’s gift was real and his heart was HUGE. I miss him.

    Please contact me if you see this?

    Mick Guinn

  4. Cara August 17, 2023 9:07 pm

    Another friend of Manfred’s looking to connect. icara4u@hotmail.com