12/9/20, Hard Decisions


Hi Everyone,


I hope that all is going smoothly, wherever you are—but we seem to be in the same boat all over the world now, in varying degrees. Certain European countries are doing better, after being confined for a month. Modified confinements are being practiced, with restaurants open in some places, not in others, or for takeout only, stores open to varying degrees, while governments try to blend and marry physical safety in the pandemic, with steps to keep the economy afloat all over the world. And in the US, a wide divergence between places with strict confinement, and others with no restrictions at all. And sadly, the result is numbers that are skyrocketing, with the effects of Thanksgiving yet to be felt later this week, and Christmas and New Year coming. We are all dependent on each other and how responsible people are.


My family and I made a tough decision about the holidays. We decided not to gather the whole family on Thanksgiving this year, which was a sacrifice for a holiday we hold dear, and include friends in our celebration every year. This year, the family decided to stay where they were and not come home from cities all over the country, and in Europe. And we just made the same decision for the holiday we love most. Our family won’t be together for Christmas, and we will give up our Christmas as a whole family this year. It’s our contribution to the situation, and to each other, to remain safe. It was a very hard decision, one of the hardest I have had to face. We made it jointly in a series of conference calls, and it was a unanimous vote to remain safe, and not bring all of us together. Our family will spend Christmas in small groups across the country, without travelling to be together.


I hope that you will give serious thought to your Holiday plans. It’s a very hard decision for all of us, but we all need to be responsible for the common good now. The stakes are high, and the damage too important. None of us can afford to make our loved ones sick or get sick ourselves. It’s grown up time for all of us to make the hard decisions so we can end the pandemic soon. Our family hasn’t been united in ten months, and we are a very close knit family.


Families around the world are facing the same decision. None of us want to get sick or make others sick. If that helps us get to better numbers sooner and saves lives, it’s worth it. I hope we are all thinking of how we can make this challenging situation better. It’s not an easy choice, but it may be the sacrifice we have to make this year. Please be safe during the holidays, and consider your holiday plans. It’s a tough decision we all have to face.


Be careful, be safe, and take care, and have a great week!!!


love, Danielle


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3 Comments so far
  1. bonnie December 11, 2020 4:04 pm

    What a heartbreak!!! I am so sorry for the hard decision that you and your family had to make concerning your Christmas gathering. Through the months of sacrifice and loneliness many of us highly anticipated being together with our families to celebrate this blessed holiday. But now, we are suffering under the backlash from the Thanksgiving serge. Very disappointing!!!
    Our senior living facility has been informed that beginning Jan. 3, our group is scheduled to receive the vaccine. Thank the Lord that hope is on the way!!! I pray that the distribution will go smoothly, quickly, and safely.
    Blessings to you and your family, Bonnie

  2. Elaine December 11, 2020 6:33 pm

    During the pandemic, I have been reading all of your new books and re-reading some older ones. I hadn’t read Silent Honor in years, but I discovered that Hiroko’s spirit of dignity and perseverance in very troubling times is just what I need to read right now.

    On an unrelated note, I was intrigued to read in your instagram post that, at one point in your life, you considered becomining a Dominican nun. I would love it if you would share more of your religious journey.



  3. Lorraine December 12, 2020 12:50 pm

    Dear Danielle,

    I have so much respect for your decision to stay isolated, rather than
    be like so many people who are not complying with anything to keep
    themselves and others safe. My family, as well, had made these
    hard decisions before Thanksgiving. May you have a peaceful, blessed,
    healthy 2021. Stay well…better days are coming!