12/10/18, Countdown to the Holidays


Hi Everyone,


I hope that all is well with you. 14 more shopping days till Christmas!!! Holey Moley and I haven’t finished shopping yet—-and I started in August!! But I have to admit, Paris being under lock-down every weekend, as the riots continue, and have for four weeks now, with shops and restaurants closed, and many stores being vandalized, burned and looted every weekend—–is not exactly conducive to Christmas shopping, as we all stay home (by police order) to be safe.


The riots have continued since last week, with even greater damage last weekend, with stores burned, flaming barricades in some streets, cars burning and some exploding, and in some cases whole streets virtually destroyed, and some monuments, and tear gas heavy in the air. It has been an impressive and saddening experience to see the violence in the city (and several other French cities), and so much destruction. Rumor is that it will continue this weekend. The city licks its wounds for 6 days, and then explodes again on Saturday. The atmosphere is heavy and people are serious. I hope it will be resolved soon, so peace can return to France.


Other than that, I am looking forward to Christmas with my children, am enjoying small gatherings with friends, a women’s lunch I give before Christmas every year, and a small dinner for others who can’t make the lunch, a wonderful early Christmas celebration with my God children yesterday, with a pasta dinner in my kitchen, and the warmth of sharing the beginning of the holidays with friends and people I love. And another gathering of friends, in the Christmas spirit. I love Christmas, and can’t wait to spend it with my kids soon, although divided in two cities this year.


I’ve been working on several books recently, and am hoping to take a couple of weeks off now, to enjoy the holidays, and see friends and family. It’s nice to take a break!!! And as always, I worked hard this year.


I hope that all is well with you!!! I hope you’ve had time to read my new book, Beauchamp Hall, it seems like the right kind of book for the holidays, and would make a great gift if you have people on your list who love a good story!!! I hope you really enjoy it, and will have time to read it before or after the holidays.


I hope too that your holiday plans are taking shape the way you want them to, that you’ll make it home if that’s where you want to be, or that others come to your home, people you enjoy spending time with. It can be a stressful time too, and I hope it won’t be for you. I hope it will be a happy, fun, blessed, warm, loving holiday and that everyone in your world is good to you!!!


Have a great week!!!


much love, Danielle.


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2 Comments so far
  1. Joann Mackewich December 11, 2018 7:28 pm

    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas! To you and your family! Blessings and stay safe! <3

  2. Jessy Bowman December 13, 2018 12:02 pm

    Ms. Steel,
    I hope that you remain safe and that these horrible tragedies will end soon. I wish you and your family a very happy and merry holiday.

    I just want to say that I love, love, LOVE your books. I’ve been reading them since I was 4 years old. I had finally bought a copy of each book and was catching up on reading them. Unfortunately, I lost them when I moved from Arizona to Alabama.

    Your books, your writing style, you being you, is what inspired me to write my first book and actually have it published.

    Thank you for writing such wonderful stories that allowed me to escape my reality and feel what your characters felt.

    You are amazing!