1/18/16, “Blue”

Hi Everyone,

I hope that all is okay with you, and that life is treating you well, good things are happening, and you’re even having some fun!!

Tomorrow, January 19, is an exciting day for me: my new hardcover “Blue” is coming out. I’ve been looking forward to this book. It’s about a homeless boy, and about finding hope when you least expect it, long after you’ve given up hope. On a snowy night, sleeping in a small tool cupboard, barely big enough for his body, a thirteen year old homeless boy named Blue (because of the vibrant blue color of his eyes) meets a woman who champions his causes, believes in him, won’t let him give up, fights some important battles with and for him, truly cares about him, and changes the course of his life. The woman who befriends him had given up hope herself. After losing her husband and son in a car accident, she is alone in the world….until she meets Blue. I wont tell you the rest, but there are surprises in the book, some serious challenges, some dark secrets, and twists and turns. The woman who befriends Blue is kind and trustworthy and compassionate. We all need people like that in our lives whom we can trust, and who care about us, and a lucky break when the sky looks very dark. It’s about not giving up hope. I really hope you love the book!!!

Other than that, I am working on another book now, and enjoying working on it. I love to hibernate in the winter, and write, write, write, which is what I’m doing now….so I really hope you read Blue and love it!! Have a great week!! I’ll be hard at work at my typewriter, and thinking of you!!!

much love, Danielle

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10 Comments so far
  1. J-C January 19, 2016 7:19 am


    You sometimes write there anything about you in your books. Let me smiling and why not laugh! You’re an exception, Danielle, your parents conceived you with a huge heart and since then, every day, every night, incessantly, for years, with great courage and perseverance, you assume! We’re not going to complain, quite the contrary! It welcomes you to write a lot right now, as you have no more excuses not to laze this summer and soak up the sun. In fact, these are the bears that hibernate … I reassure you, when you see your recent photos on the web, you do not really have a bear! Really nothing! Our bears do not also beautiful green eyes and a smile to fall backwards!


  2. Janine Hewitt January 19, 2016 2:50 pm

    thanks for the books Danielle! Keep them coming! Winter is the perfect writing time i agree….have some fun too!

  3. LateBloomer January 19, 2016 7:04 pm

    Dear Danielle,

    Happy New Year!! Forgot to add that in my last entry. This entry I just had to add. I drive for a living, and just yesterday I was driving I95 south and I happened to lean forward & as I did this something just told me to glance over my left shoulder…mind you I was listening to the radio & just happened to memorize a part of the song..the lyrics were…”We’re just faces in the crowd,” or something to that effect. And I promised to make it a saying of mine…I have several sayings..more so philosophies than anything else. But I realized, so many people don’t really get how Hollywood is and that you have to stand out. Find the creativeness somehow.
    Anyway…as I was thinking all this, I happened to glance over in the car beside me and there in the passenger seat was an older woman looking into the pages of a book…and would you believe on the back cover was none other than you. You were wearing a red sweater/or top. But I couldn’t believe it. I chuckled to myself and felt good, cause I just purchased “Pegasus” over the weekend. I know i’m like a year and a half behind (more than that).
    But I just had to share that with you. I’m an oldies kinda person, the song I was listening to was from the Miami Vice theme in the 80’s (@ least I think so).

  4. Lori smith January 21, 2016 5:52 am

    Blue is amazing! Can’t put it down as usual with her books

  5. Late Bloomer January 21, 2016 7:30 pm

    Dear Danielle Steel,

    I just had to add this. Today I grabbed your novel..”Pegasus,” from my small compartment and when I looked at the back cover, “surprise!” it was the picture I happened to catch a glimpse of from the woman in the car (my last entry explains). I felt like such a fool. But it goes to show you how much I adore your writing…I just picked up this novel without really looking at it knowing/remembering what I had read about it when it first came out in hardcover.
    Just had to add this piece.lol

  6. Rob Scott January 21, 2016 8:00 pm

    Blue is under way and is awesome.

    Great traveling companion.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL Mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Mexico City

  7. Asavari Sharma January 21, 2016 9:03 pm

    Hi Danielle,
    I can’t wait to get a copy of “Blue”;but I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!!!

    Lots of love,

  8. Deede January 24, 2016 7:50 am

    Danielle, WOW…i just finished BLUE and am absolutely enchanted…The young character, Blue, stole my heart..What an exceptional young man who as Ginny wanted…would have an “amazing life”…I felt the love and power of having someone there to help over the bumps and hurdles as Blue guided by Ginny did…This was an incredible read…one that made me wish it would go on and on…
    I am so pleased that you will be writing more great stories…Just please don’t write so many that you use up your supply…Take time for ds…
    Thanks as always for sharing…You bring me incredible hours of joy…

  9. Brenda July 19, 2017 6:30 pm

    Blue is one of the Best of your books. Thank you for a wonderful story.
    God Bless

  10. Sis August 20, 2017 1:46 pm

    I have all your books! I’ve read all but five of them. I don’t want to read them all and a new one not be available, therefore, I always leave five unread. I just read Award”. Truly brilliant, informative and inspiring, loved it – keep writing, you are my favorite author and I hope to meet you one day, Godspeed!