11/13/14, Whirlwind

Hi Everyone,

Whew, whirling dervish time in my life. This has been one of those ‘transitional’ weeks when I run through three cities in two countries all in a matter of four days. And sometimes the transition is gentler than others. And it requires a different mindset and attitude in every country and city, depending on the life I live there. But each city has its own characteristics and pace, some speedier or slower than others.

At the end of last week, I left my quiet, friendly relaxing life in Paris, having lunches and dinners with friends, and headed for New York. Usually I see my children there, but this time in addition, I spent most of one day in very interesting meetings with my publishers, making future plans. The meetings were serious and fun, with both my American literary agent, and the agent who handles my foreign sales, the Chairman of my publishing house, the President and CEO, the heads of marketing and publicity, the woman who handles social media, and another who deals with the distribution of the books. Ordinarily, as most writers do, I work in solitary silence, alone at home, and in cities that are each three thousand miles from New York, which is the hub of literary activity and publishing. So to be in the midst of all the excitement and activity at my publisher’s was a BIG change. And after the meetings, we all went to lunch. And then I met up with my daughters. But it was a day of intense activity and work focused on my publishing life and future books for most of the day. We shared a lot of information and some very good plans.

I had dinner with my daughters that night, and again on Saturday and also spent the day with them, and on Sunday I flew back to San Francisco, to unpack, settle in and get ready for some family time in a few weeks. And by Monday of this week, after catching up at my desk, I moved my things out of my beach house that I’ve told you about, since the house was sold. So I apologize for the delay getting my blog up this week, but you can see what I’ve been up to, and there just was no time to write once I got home.

I was startled by how hard it was to let go of my beach house, because I love it, but it’s going to people who are thrilled and love it, so it feels right, even if bittersweet for me to let it go. I had dinner with one son, and before that with three of my daughters in New York.

The week has whizzed by and the holidays are approaching. And hopefully now things will slow down a little, at least for a few days.

Have a great rest of the week,
love, danielle

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5 Comments so far
  1. Laurean Vincent November 13, 2014 10:46 am

    “Whirlwind” is a great word! Mind if I borrow it? My life has been crazy stupid the past four or five weeks, and no calm in sight until the first week of December. This weekend I forced myself to take some slow time (for the first time in weeks). I drew a bath, grabbed a glass of wine and my latest DS purchase “Winners”. Getting lost in Squaw Valley and Denver was absolutely what I needed to relax. Thank you for another fantastic heartwarming, and empowering story.

  2. Keyla Marques November 14, 2014 3:56 am

    its fun to have “crazy” days sometimes.
    Your week seemed to be really pleasant.
    And I bet the family will have a great life in your beach house.

    cant wait for Christmas.


  3. Sylvia November 14, 2014 1:35 pm

    Dear Mrs. Steel,

    I am writing to you from Poland, Europe. I am a mother of two daughters, Lena and Hanna, both under five. I admire your writing – every book is different and it is difficult to resist reading them. I have so many duties as a mom of two energetic girls and I admire you as a person, as a mum, who brought up so many kids:) This must have been a great challenge to you – to combine famiy life with work activities.
    I have been reading your blog for some time now and thank you for sharing your life with us. You are an inspiration to me.
    Sending you my love from Warsaw, Poland,


  4. linda cooper November 15, 2014 7:55 pm

    Mrs. Steel
    When I was younger I used to read your books all the time; however I don’t remember them being so morbid! You kill off characters so quickly and so many of them in all your books…that I’ve read lately! I have no idea how anyone could think it’s okay to read about so much death! I know you probably get a lot of praise; since you’ve sold over 600 Million copies but if they’re filled with death and mayhem it just shows how sick our world has gotten. I’m sorry to be so blunt! But I’ve praised you to many of my friends and now I’m somewhat embarrassed! It’s depressing reading your books now…
    I’ve already read 5 of your books this summer and I’m now to the point I’m not liking the feeling that I get as I go through them. I’ve just stopped reading WINNERS… because I’m only on page 38 and already 3 deaths in the main characters so far! I’M DONE!
    My husband is so upset about how I’m feeling because I’m making so many negative comments that he suggested I write and tell you; because I had bragged on you for years. He said maybe you don’t realize you’re speaking of death so often! You speak of death so readily it’s abhorring! Just thought I’d let you know. Once an avid reader of yours.


  5. Teresa Cunha November 16, 2014 1:48 pm

    To Linda Cooper,

    Ms. Steel has her own voice and she can stand for herself so I won’t do that for her. However I’ll stand for myself because I’m deeply offended by your insinuations regarding people who read Ms. Steel’s books.
    In any other place I would just write “troll alert” because you sound like one, specially because just in her last post Ms. Steel made a remark about being disappointed with some writer that was killing main characters at the end of her books – your post if it is real should have been posted there.-
    I’ve been reading Ms. Steel’s books for twenty years, she writes about life and its events, some are tragedies, death being both the biggest one and the one nobody can avoid. Reading your post it seems Ms. Steel went on a killing spreed! Also I don’t get why you’re embarrassed! Did you write the books yourself? I still love Ms. Steel’s books, like the way she draws the story and how the characters evolve. Also like the subjects she deals with in each novel. I always feel better when I read her novels.
    This is way I feel offended by you calling me a sick person! I hope the venting did you some good.