10/6/14, A Comet Into The Sky

Hi Everyone,

I had a great privilege today, as I write this. I had the honor of knowing Robin Williams, socially through our kids (one of my children dated one of his for four years), and he was incredibly generous with his time, and came to the gala benefit evenings I gave for my son’s foundation for mental illness. He always showed up, every time which was a thrill for people who came to our event. We had mutual friends, and met a few times a year. He visited my home, and wherever I’d run into him, or when he came to my house, or to my daughter when she went to theirs, he was incredibly gracious, kind, and warm. He was a lovely person to meet and know, always charming, always funny, always nice to talk to. And I was greatly saddened to hear the news when he took his life nearly two months ago. It was a terrible shock, and knowing his children, I was particularly saddened for their loss.

Today, my son and I attended his memorial service, which was heart rendingly sad, and beautifully done. It had all the potential to be a star studded Hollywood event, and although there were some major Hollywood notables present, it was all deeply personal, and heartbreakingly moving. All the invitees had to promise not to reveal to anyone beforehand where the service was being held, and the reception after, and I suspect that everyone respected the request in deference to Robin and his family. There were no gawkers or celebrity watchers outside the theater where the memorial was held, a few photographers discreetly across the street, and most of the people who attended appeared to be family and good friends, and filed quietly into the theater when they arrived. Afterwards, a reception was held at a nearby hotel.

The most striking element of the whole event was his children, each of whom spoke at the service very eloquently and with great emotion, and I think everyone cried as we listened to what Robin meant to them as a father. It is not easy to be the children of celebrities and people in the public eye, nor of people with demanding careers, and yet he managed to be a wonderful father, and his children’s profound love and respect for him was plainly evident. It ripped our hearts out to listen to them speak of him and tell of things they did with him as they grew up. His kids are still very young.

The Rev Cecil Williams, an extraordinary minister and orator handled the religious aspect of the event, and the wonderful choir from his church, Glide Memorial Church, opened the service. Glide is particularly extraordinary as it serves the poor and homeless, serving meals, providing housing, jobs, medical care, and education. Most people in San Francisco know the Rev Williams and admire him greatly. Billy Crystal gave a deeply moving eulogy and opened and closed the proceedings, since Mr. Crystal was his closest friend, as was Whoopi Goldberg, who also spoke beautifully. Mort Sahl, the writer, an Admiral from Robin’s many USO tours to Afghanistan and Iraq to cheer up the troups there. There were about 8 very impressive speakers, as well as all 3 Williams children, countless film clips from his films and interviews, and slide shows of poignant photographs of Robin with friends and family. It was an extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary man. And at the end, Stevie Wonder came on stage and performed a final song. I think most of us cried through most of the two and a half hour service. Seeing Robin’s photographs and movie clips, reminded us all of his many and varied performances and brought home to all of us just how incredibly talented he was, to the point of genius. And in the course of the afternoon, listening to the speakers’ stories about him, we laughed as much as we cried. And we cried a lot, for Robin, for his children, his new wife, his family and friends. It is such a terrible loss for those who knew him and for the world.

On a more personal note, since one of my sons committed suicide as well, I was struck again by the terrible waste and loss when a great talent fades from the sky, and has chosen that loneliest of paths to end a life. One tries to reason about it, to make it make sense, to try and feel better. But any way you look at it, you can only be impressed by how talented he was, and what a great friend and father he was. Suicide is never the right answer, but to those suffering from depression, sometimes it seems like the only one.
It was clear to me today, as I sat in the theater crying during the service, that a great light on earth has gone out, and has been silently extinguished…….and in the universe, a comet is shooting through the sky with all the fire and talent and brilliance of Robin Williams. I pray for his peace, and for his children’s peace as well. I was honored to be there. It was a very, very special day.

love, Danielle

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  1. Late Bloomer October 6, 2014 6:04 pm

    It’s terrible the losses we’ve endured this year in Hollywood. I pray for all their families and wish them a safe and healthy recovery. I wish you and your family the best Danielle Steel. God Bless.

  2. Keyla Marques October 7, 2014 4:13 am

    Robin was one of my favorite actors, I grew up watching his movies and I’ve admired him.
    Its sad that he is gone now, but somewhere he is in peace and making other people laugh.
    each one of us are comets ( i have a tattoo saying “The boy saw the comet” its a sentence from a tv show ‘One Tree Hill’) but not all of us have the opportunity to leave “something good behind”. Robin did. So did Nick.

  3. sandra rose October 7, 2014 9:58 am

    I loves him andmental illness has been in my family for years..its so sad.

  4. ROSEMARY MCCONNON October 7, 2014 10:03 am

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man. A good friend of mine also succombed to sucide and the priest giving the eulogy reinforced the fact that we should not place judgement on him but remember all the good he had done during his life. As somone who in the past has suffered from depression but with the help of God has overcome it, I can honestly say it is worst than a physical ailment. May Robin and all others who have had the same death rest in peace.

  5. Rose Hall October 7, 2014 10:04 am

    Beautiful words, thank you for sharing your experiance I think a lot of the world would of loved to be there, your words brought us that bit closer. God bless his family and you and yours. Love and respect. Rose Hall in the UK

  6. Deborah Yingling October 7, 2014 10:05 am

    I am a fan of all your books and this story of Robin Williams is very touching he was also a wonderful actor and I am a fan of his too I pray for his family that they have peace in their lives. Thank you for this.

  7. Wanda Hopper October 7, 2014 10:08 am

    Loved this article on Robin Williams and am a huge fan of both Robin and Danielle Steel. Just one comment to Ms. Steel. Your statement that there were no gawkers, or celebrity watchers outside. Has it occurred to you that many are just fans who loved Robin, and would also have been there just to honor and mourn a great man, not a celebrity. I agree that his family deserved to be left alone to grieve, but don’t forget that he was loved by many. I understand that you see the worst examples of paparazzi and such, but please don’t forget that there are also a lot of genuine human beings who love and respect Robin, and mourn his loss.
    My sincere condolences to his friends and family.

  8. janvi October 7, 2014 10:29 am

    Robin Williams was a great actor and its truly a terrible loss. You have written beautifully about him and the service held. May his soul rest in peace.

  9. Linda Whitt October 7, 2014 10:35 am

    Once again this is a wonderful writing by Danielle Steel. Robin Williams was a terrific actor I watched him in Mork and Mindy He was terrific in everything he did

  10. Lenore October 7, 2014 10:57 am

    This was so beautifully written. Thank you, Danielle, for taking the time to remember your friend, who was so special to all of us.

  11. Sheri Dodson October 7, 2014 10:57 am

    So beautifully spoken Danielle . Thank you for sharing !

  12. Rachel Dietschmann October 7, 2014 10:59 am

    That was amazing to read also very sad but positive too.It is incredibly hard to live with someone who suffers chronic depression but we do our best to be supportive I do have experience of this as my husband and son are sufferers, it is just devastating that it takes for someone famous to take their life before people start to take notice, normal every day people suffer too but are not recognized and it takes an age to get any help.We the carers keep smiling and trying to help our loved ones because that’s what we do.Best wishes to all

  13. Gail Stewardson October 7, 2014 11:05 am

    Lovely words, wish I could have be there. My son and daughter grew up with his films and were also heartbroken. Such a loss, loved and still love his smiling face. Will think of him when I look to the stars. Love to all his family and friends. Xx

  14. jane king October 7, 2014 11:09 am

    A beautiful tribute to robin Williams by Danielle Steele so sad.

  15. victoria forster October 7, 2014 11:17 am

    what a beautiful tribute to a marvellous man. Mental illness is such a hard thing. Thankyou Danielle x

  16. Kemi Okunade October 7, 2014 11:25 am

    He was such a highly talented man. He enjoyed greatly what he loved doing (dishing out laughter with no reservation. What a great loss! May God grant peace to his children and loved ones.

    Danielle Steel, love you and enjoy your books.

  17. susan thomason October 7, 2014 11:39 am

    beautiful , I was only in San Francisco once and I got to see both your home and Robin Williams. I was so excited to just see from afar as he was my favorite entertainer and you my favorite author.
    This is just beautiful and I printed and put in my Bible, we all have our favorites. The both of you guys have made my life better just doing what you do so well.
    I am a mental health nurse in an acute care 23 bed locked unit. Suicide just can’t be explained or understood by anyone. I am just thankful I can do my best to help people who have thoughts of or have a failed attempt.
    Again, thank you for sharing, I had wondered what the family had arranged for him. It almost made me think I was there. You detail so wonderfully.

  18. Tisha Post October 7, 2014 12:22 pm

    Such a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. As I read this if felt as though I was sitting there with everyone else mourning the loss of such a multitalented, wonderfully entertaining, special man. Your description is so descriptive that it makes the reader feel a part of the service. My thoughts and prayers to his family and all of his friends for peace in the future. We can only hope that he is beyond the stars entertaining all of our loved ones who have gone before us, waiting for the rest of us to get there for the show.

  19. Liz kanne October 7, 2014 12:33 pm

    Thank you so much ! I have had so a problem to understand this one, Hè was my favoriete person.

  20. eva drejer October 7, 2014 12:55 pm

    Robin was my favorite actor

  21. Susan Koerber October 7, 2014 1:28 pm

    Thank you Danielle for sharing this event from your eyes and heart. I love Robin, as at 62 yrs old, Mrs. Doubtfire is still my favorite movie and still makes me laugh. I hope Robin knew how much we all loved him and wish it had kept him with us. I understand depression and the black hole it sends people to. I can only hope more people will seek help for this vicious disease.

  22. Amara October 7, 2014 1:40 pm

    I was so saddened by his death, suicide is never the answer,i hope everyone who goes through depression gets the help they need. I love Danielle and it’s my greatest desire to meet her one day soon.

  23. Sue Watt October 7, 2014 1:55 pm

    I wish I could have been there just to hear and see and be part of this special tribute to such a special man.x

  24. Judy October 7, 2014 2:03 pm

    I am a big fan of all your books and was very touched by your heartwarming tribute to Robin Williams. I am also a big fan of all of his work that gave us so much laughter and fun moments. He will always be remembered through his movies and accomplishments. Thank you for sharing this tribute with your fans.

  25. Gina Godios Prahovic October 7, 2014 2:22 pm

    Having just lost a very close friend today your beautiful words have again brought me much inner peace! Love to you , your family and friends!

  26. Rhonda Brammer October 7, 2014 2:34 pm

    Mr. Williams family will be in my prayers I grew watching Mork and Mindy loved that show.He made me smile so many times I just wish I could have done this for him.I pray he will finally find some peace.Loved all his movies.He was a genuine, loving human He will be greatly missed

  27. Rhonda Brammer October 7, 2014 2:42 pm

    Mr. Williams family will be in my prayers I grew watching Mork and Mindy loved that show.He made me smile so many times I just wish I could have done this for him.I pray he will finally find some peace.Loved all his movies.He was a genuine, loving human He will be greatly missed Ms.Steele I have enjoyed your books for years You are awesome My favorite book was His shining light love ya

  28. Dora Ramirez October 7, 2014 2:52 pm

    Ms Steel, just wanted to let you know that my one and only daugther is named Danielle. I’ve loved that name since I was a little girl and I’ve loved your books since I was a young adult. Once again, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful words. I’ve read your book His Shining Light (along with all your other books) and I’m amazed at the wonderful mother and woman you are despite everything you’ve gone through.
    That being said, I cried when I heard of Robin William’s passing. He was one of my favortie and most charished actors that I loved to see. I grew up with him and could watch his movies over and over. The world truly lost some of it’s happiness when we lost Robin! Thank you for bringing some insight on just how beautiful he was and how beautiful his memorial was. RIP my little funny man….you will be forever missed!

  29. Shanna Slade October 7, 2014 3:11 pm

    I was so sad to hear of his death. He always made me laugh, especially his interviews. I loved that about him. I was so shocked he was suffering from severe depression. He seemed so happy and cheerful. I guess we do not know what is going on behind the scenes. I too have suffered from depression since I was 16. I never knew he too had this condition. I will miss that man making me laugh.

  30. Chris Findlay October 7, 2014 3:30 pm

    Robin was one of my favourite actors & one of only few who could really make me laugh.It is so sad that someone with so much talent was so deeply troubled.May he rest in peace.

    Beautifully written Danielle as are all of your books, of which I have read most & love everyone of them.
    An admired fan.

  31. Jan Dartt October 7, 2014 4:34 pm

    Thank you Danielle for the lovey tribute to Robin. I cried while reading it as I also loved this man who never failed to make me laugh. It’s hard to believe that we will never hear or see him again in person, but I have some of his movies to watch so that’s a plus. God Bless his family.

  32. teresa watkins October 7, 2014 4:41 pm

    such a lovely tribute about robin williams

  33. Beverly October 7, 2014 4:48 pm

    That was beautifully put, as one of my favorite authors, well, you are the only one I read, you just described Robin Williams life to a tee. Keep up your excellent writing. Thanks.

  34. Veronica October 7, 2014 4:52 pm

    Beautiful and touching tribute! You have shared with us a beautiful memory of Robin that we were unable to see. Thank you for your words, your caring heart and spirit and for leaving a wonderful thought for us to carry forward. May Robin rest in peace!

  35. catherine cybulak October 7, 2014 5:06 pm

    Mr Rob Williams will be sadly missed I enjoyed all his movies. He is a very funny and honorable person who has a heart of gold.

  36. Kimberly Fox October 7, 2014 5:25 pm

    Ms Steel, I am not only a fan of yours but also suffer from severe depression. I have tried everything but haven’t had any success, including ECT which made me not remember anything during the treatments , including my middle sons wedding. I suffer from fibromyalgia and have even gone to the Mayo Clinic, Florida center, for a pain clinic. It helped some since I was able to have physical therapy everyday which is something my insurance won’t pay for. It helped a little of my depression while there but got worse upon return. I totally understand why Robin and others commit suicide, which I told my psychologist. There are days when I feel that is the answer and am not sure why I haven’t followed through with it.
    Thanks for your talent of writing. I have a Masters Degree in Literacy which I can’t use so the written word is awesome.
    Blessings to you.

  37. Debbie October 7, 2014 5:42 pm

    Beautifully written. So very sad for those left behind. Hard to understand.. Prayers to all the families that are ‘living’ through this dreadful disease.

  38. Maggie Burrows October 7, 2014 6:06 pm

    Danielle Thankyou so much for sharing your personal thoughts with us. He was truly a wonderful man who brought so much laughter to people’s lives. As a Funeral Director I see so much of people taking their lives and the heartache that it brings to their loved ones. We live in a lost and broken world which is so sad. So many people say to me “we didn’t know, we didn’t see it coming” that is the sad part. If only we had an answer. God Bless P.S. Love your books have read them all.

  39. Mar Wad October 7, 2014 6:18 pm

    I have struggle with depression and tried twice to end the pain, however, I found something that has giving me a new opportunity and here I am felling his pain and understanding why he did it, however wrong. May his family find peace and for you Danielle, you know you have an Angel looking after you…

  40. Pat Tyra October 7, 2014 6:23 pm

    My heart goes out to Robin’s family and close friends. What a terrible loss. It was a terrific loss to all of his fans as well. We felt like he was part of our family. I remember we watched his first show on Mork and Mindy. We wouldn’t miss it. He was a genius and one of a kind. We will miss him!

  41. Michelle McHatton October 7, 2014 6:27 pm

    I never thought I’d ever cry at a celebrity’s passing. But I sobbed when I learned of Robin’s death. To know that I would never be entertained by this comedic genius ever again was heartbreaking. He was and always will be one of my favorite actors.

    Ms. Steel’s emotional words about the memorial left me in tears. Her blessed ability to write so well only solidifies for me the reason why she is my favorite author. She is so fortunate to have known Robin. May she treasure those memories of him forever.

  42. kristie austill October 7, 2014 6:33 pm

    I’m so sorry for your loss Mrs . Steele.
    Thank you for sharing your loss.
    Prayers for you and your family and friends

  43. Cindy October 7, 2014 6:54 pm

    Though I never had the pleasure of meeting this greatly funny man, I wept at his loss and could feel your tears in the words you’ve written. A profound loss indeed and it just never makes sense to those of us that have never felt the pain inside that Robin, your son, and countless others must feel to choose such a drastic solution. May they find the peace that they could not find here on earth. The tears from heaven are now truly from laughter.

    Bless you. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Patty October 7, 2014 7:09 pm

    Beautifully written Danielle. Robin Williams will be missed forever.


  45. Debra Rivera October 7, 2014 7:26 pm

    Ms. Steele: Beautifully written. He was a fantastic human being and is greatly missed.

  46. Georgia October 7, 2014 7:28 pm

    Just tears!

  47. Sharon October 7, 2014 8:41 pm

    Thank You for sharing This with us and so beautifully written. You have such a beautiful gift to make your readers see and feel the moments. Thank You for everything that you do. God Bless you. I was so saddened by Robin Williams death and can well imagine what his family and friends must be going through. I recently lost my mom and my mother in law in a space of 4 months both very. unexpectedly so I empathize with them. I pray that his light shines brightly over his kids to watch over them and protect them. Your faithful reader Sharon

  48. Denise Reese October 7, 2014 9:50 pm

    It was truly a great loss, he was a very talented man, and loved in this house hold. I was very touched by your tribute, as usual, you made me feel like I was sitting right there. That is the reason you are my favorite author. When life gets to be too much, and I need a break, I can sit in my chair and travel all over the world in your books. You are as well, a very talented and caring person. Thank you.

  49. Louise Horton October 7, 2014 9:52 pm

    Thank you Danielle for a beautiful tribute to one of my favourite actors. Only those who knew him could see his true brilliance. As fans we only saw what he wanted us to see. I believe that he is looking down on us now and that his spirit will stay around his children the most. My heart goes out to all those who knew him and most of all his children. He was clearly a very special man and I thank the good Lord that we all got to see his brilliance. The light has truly gone out but his legacy in movies, charity work and in his friends and family will live on for us all. Louise

  50. Rhonda October 7, 2014 9:53 pm

    thank you for your sweet reminiscences of the days service.. It is nice to hear the simple elements that embraced the family and friends of such a beautiful person as Robin..bless his family and friends as you all morne the loss of this great man. Rest in peace New comet!

  51. Janet October 7, 2014 9:59 pm

    My heart goes out to Robins family and friends, I too lost a loved one to suicide so I know what they are going through!
    I know they will get through this with their friends and family, they need all of them right now.

  52. Kim Deters October 7, 2014 10:21 pm

    Thank you Danielle for sharing this with us. I suffer from depression and have been fighting it since my early teenage years. I am now 48. Suicide is never the right answer but I do understand firsthand how one suffering from depression feels its the only option. What hurts me the most is when the family members left behind blame themselves in some way after a suicide. They never caused the depression and most likely were the only times of joy is their loved one’s life. No one who commits suicide is trying to hurt their friends or family. They are in deep despair. We need to keep fighting for more awareness and support for others with depression. We need to be educated about the warning signs. I wish you peace Danielle and thank you so much for all you do to support mental illnesses such as depression. God bless you and your family and I pray that beautiful memories of your son in happy times fill your heart with peace. Kim Deters

  53. Karen Romero October 7, 2014 10:58 pm

    Beautifully written. Such heartfelt, sincere thoughts.

  54. Petra de Kok October 7, 2014 11:06 pm

    Beautiful, breathtaking and loaded with emotions. Respect!

  55. Dianne October 8, 2014 12:40 am

    Thank you for sharing s very personal and loving tribute from you. It somehow made his death seem so up lose and even more loving. Our family has watched Robin Williams over the years and have been amazed at his talent and ability to make others laugh while he was so tortured inside. I pass along our families prayers and concerns for his family. May he please RIP. DIANNE

  56. Liliane Robinson October 8, 2014 2:11 am

    So nice to read to words, I lost my son 6 months ago to a horrible disease called muscular dystrophy he was 24 he was the strongest person I ever knew but he was tired of this illness i miss him so and depression is not always visible to the eye, i suffer from depression but even more now because of my lost Robin was such a great actor to all, he made us laugh hey he made me my son laugh all the time we loved him so much. Liliane

  57. debra jones winslow October 8, 2014 2:37 am

    Very very nice he was a very talented man and god bless you Danielle and your son and family

  58. Desley October 8, 2014 5:06 am

    Thankyou for sharing this Danielle very much appreciated.

  59. Gabriele Green October 8, 2014 5:40 am

    What a beautiful tribute to this Great Mam, Comedian, Husband and Father. I watched most of Robins Films so funny and some Serious.
    RIP Robin Williams.

    For u Danielle Steel u wrote this tribute about him from ur heart and as a friend of many years.

    God Bless u and ur Family.

  60. Jackie October 8, 2014 5:55 am

    So sad to hear about Mr. Williams death. Why do such beautiful people feel this is the answer?
    I too have lost a beloved Grandmother from suicide. She meant so much to me and if there was an angel on earth she was it. It has now been 20 years from when they found her floating in the family farm after a month of searching for her. She had drown herself. I will always have questions, why did I not notice she was so sad. Why didn’t she talk to me so I could have some how found her some help. She had spoke with a minister, a friend of the family, but even he didn’t recognize how seriously troubled she was. I pray I get to see her again some day in heaven because I still miss her whenever my grandchildren have been born and wish to be the Grandmother she was to me.

  61. Candis Pipkin October 8, 2014 12:11 pm

    Danielle, I think what you wrote was beautifully said. I also lost my only brother to suicide due to depression.We watched our mother waste away to colon cancer. He only lived five weeks after we buried our mother. I still miss him terrible and the day I found him I lost a piece of my heart. I understand all about depression. I fight it everyday myself. Candis Pipkin

  62. Traci L. Weida October 8, 2014 12:14 pm

    Dear Danielle:

    I was wondering if you knew Robin and now I got my answer. The death of Robin Williams has been so devasting to me. I could tell that he was not a happy man. I also understand to want to take one’s own life. I have thought about it many times but I have four cats to take of and I will not leave them no matter how difficult life can be. I understand that his ashes are spread in the Bay. I think Robin is there to help others who have jump off the bridge to cross over. I have watched his movies the last few weeks and it is so sad that such a man with so much talent could be so unhappy that he could not hang in there anymore.

    Thank you Danielle for writing about his memorial. I love your books and I have written to you before and you have responded back to me. I keep your son Nick pic on my wall to honor him and I will do the same about Robin. Thanks for writing.


  63. Judit October 8, 2014 12:34 pm

    Thank you for your nice words!It was touching to read.
    He was an excellent actor and as you told a very kind and warm person.Rest in Peace!

  64. sandee October 8, 2014 1:48 pm

    As someone who has battled depression and suicide most of my life, it breaks my heart every time I hear of another’s deep silent darkness. No one can understand unless they have been there. Robin Williams was an amazingly gifted man yet he felt this was an answer to end his deep personal pain. This was a well written piece, thank you for sharing it and I am sorry about your son. Last week, in our community, a fourteen year old girl took her own life, my heart breaks for her and her family.

  65. Tina Tassone October 8, 2014 1:57 pm

    I was heartbroken when I heard about the death of Robin Williams, & then when I heard how he died, it just tore my heart out. It makes you realize that there are a lot of people suffering with severe depression, but it’s so hard to believe that NOBODY saw it. I secretly suffer from depression, & I found myself relating to the story of his tragic death. I feel for his family and friends. I just wanted to thank you for taking all of us who were fans of Robin inside the final celebration of his life. It was beautifully written, as are all of your books, that, by the way I have read every one of. I enjoy your writing so much! I feel an escape from this cruel world with every book I read. Thank you so very much for the peace I get from reading everything you write. Love Tina

  66. Dar Hedrick October 8, 2014 3:21 pm

    Thank you for writing this wonderful tribute to Robin and sharing your personal experiences you had with him.

  67. Patti October 8, 2014 4:14 pm

    I feel such a great loss for myself ,the world and mostly for his family and friends. Its hard when you feel hopeless and it’s even harder to make it go away. Life can be overwhelming and that’s why we need a higher power to help us stay focused.

  68. Bebe Melaram October 8, 2014 6:21 pm

    from what Daniellesteel has said about the children speaking of their father it just goes to show that being a person in the limelight constantly and with a demanding career doesn’t mean you cannot be the best parent ever to your children. I hope the can bask in his glorious goodness and cherish him in their hearts forever. God bless them all

  69. Laura scott October 8, 2014 7:29 pm

    I don’t know if we will ever truly know what we have lost.
    I just hope as we continue this path together we are able to bask in the lightness he left knowing he would want us laughing.
    Rest easy in your journey Robin.

  70. judy October 9, 2014 2:11 am

    Great loss-there will never be another Robin -like his name he has taken flight and will always be in our hearts-hope his journey to freedom from the evils he encountered are gone the love and respect I have for him will always continue

  71. Noel Jonathan Kalilima October 9, 2014 12:00 pm

    My name is Noel, I live in Botswana, Africa. I have lived with Robin on video and my heart ever since I saw his video Mrs Doubtfire I think it was around 1996. My favourate video of him is still Jumanji. His untimely demise leaves me flabbergasted. This may not make sense but I feel like I’ve been on a journey with somebody then suddenly they abort and now I have to make an unplanned detour. My deepest sympathy goes to those that survive him.

  72. Cheryl Walrod October 9, 2014 12:17 pm

    I agree totally with what you said about Robin Williams, although I did not know him personally, his persona came across the screen as if one did. He was a sensational actor, full of wit, charm, intellect and most of all sensitivity. Everyone and anyone loved him, even if you didn’t know him on a personal level you achieved this thru his performances and of the many characters he portrayed. When it was quoted: “He wanted to stop the Pain”, I knew only first hand of those words as well as others who have spoken that language. Life is full of beauty, love, scenery, passion, hopes, dreams and expectations but unfortunately it is also filled with deceit, corruption, pain, hardships and sorrow. Like in the bible, the good with the bad, it is apparent in life thru this journey we call living. Some of us feel this sorrow more than others, deal with it differently or what is the protocol of the expected duration that this will last? I only wish I had the chance to tell him in person that time is of the essence and only with knowledge, meds and support this will surpass. Unfortunately the struggle continues much longer for others.
    I only wish they could find Peace in their minds. That is what one needs a place of complacency. I hope Robin Williams has found that. I believe it exists if not here on earth, then definitely “out there”. God Bless you Robin and Danielle Steel as well as both your families. My heart goes out to you all, you understand and have experienced the “Human existence of living”. xoxo Cheryl Walrod, MASS

  73. Cheryl Walrod October 9, 2014 3:43 pm

    Always remember “those that seem happiest are almost always the saddest”, they are trying to hide their emotions in hopes that no one will know of the suffering they endure inside their hearts and minds” WE ARE ALL only human after all and are very fragile people even if we don’t wear our hearts on our sleeves and then again some of us do. We have to seek out: Love, passion and good times.I once heard a paraphrase of some sort: To understand sorrow and to feel it, you then in turn truly appreciate the good times that are to be had. Unfortunately,there are times when even the good times seem beyond catching as well as remembering. But after being in a “whirlwind” state of mind, you really do enjoy the feeling of living, once you come out the other side. Just please hang on, please!

    Reach out, get help, call someone, write in your journals, go on line and research, talk to someone – talk to GOD! There is a song by Stevie Wonder… “YOU WILL KNOW” – one of the most beautiful songs ever written, the words are captivating, you get chills up your spine, I think the song was written with me in mind! He (upstairs) knows everything there is to know about you…. The words go something like this:

    Troubled heart you’ll know
    Problems have solutions
    Trust and I will show

    You will know
    Troubled heart you’ll know
    Every life has reason
    For I made it so

    I have this song on my Ipod and listen to it repeatedly at the beach. I found it one day on my list of songs that I downloaded and must have forgot about it. Keep in mind I just lost my job the day before and was needless to say feeling overwhelmed with two kids to raise still (one off in college) and other still in school. I had such high expectations of this job after being unemployed previously for 17 months; all of which were short lived. Now again, I am unemployed. But listening to these words, gave me courage, support, hope and where as I would be normally be getting depressed – I have now come to the realization that “security” is not in a job as I always thought it had been. “Security” lies in me, knowing I will prevail, I am determined and have the will to keep on truck in because I am the “SECURITY” that I have always been seeking. It took me 54 years to learn this lesson… Do we ever stop learning? The answer is no, we learn constant lessons in life and our children for those who have them give us the Biggest Lessons of all. I am a lioness for my cubs and will always be. LOL…Some people are just irreplaceable like “Nick” and “Robin” but they WILL FOREVER LIVE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS of those who lives they touched upon. This is something that they can’t even take away with their death. They live on in our Memories forever! God Bless everyone who has ever been associated, afflicted, or known of others who have this so called “disease”. Some of the greatest human beings alive had been affected, President Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, President John Adams, Truman Capote, Princess Diana etc. the list goes on and on…as well as YOU and ME (research for yourself). We are unique, we are sensitive, we are complex, we are HUMAN. Bless you ALL! Cheryl Walrod – MASS

  74. b e hudd October 9, 2014 4:19 pm

    Thank you Danielle, for your wonderful emotional and heartfelt article on Robin Williams memorial … Seems Robin was as special in his private life to the people he loved as he was in every film that he acted in … (hence he wasn’t t acting just being his multi-talented self) I truely thank you Robin for the emotional experiences we have had when watching your films…..
    The films will always be played as a lasting tribute to you for ever… God bless the family as they come to terms with their sad loss.
    ((Hugs)) and preyers are sent to all x. RIP Robin Williams x

  75. Sandra Castellanos October 10, 2014 6:38 am

    I loved your message! Thank you for sharing this marvelous experience to all of us that follow you and also cared for Mr. Robin Williams!

  76. Cadmus October 15, 2014 10:26 am

    Hi Danielle, reading your write up about Robbie remainds me a lot when my dad past on 5 years agoit was so painfu and so sad to see someone you love and care so much about pass on to eternal glory, it feels as though your heart has left your chest, but at thesame time we feel a little relieved because they has gone to a better place far more better and precious, where lies no pains,no worries and no sorrows. As Robbie sleeps on my his gentle soul Rest in perfect peace and also to your son late too. Am indeed a big fan of yours and I love your books. Thanks a lot Danielle.
    My Regards
    Cadmus Atake-Enade.

  77. Anna fulop October 16, 2014 4:07 am

    Dear Danielle, I am deeply touched by this blog. Robin Williams was one of my favourite actors and comedians and I was devasted when he died especially the way he chose to go. Especially the loved ones he left behind I feel so sorry for. No one can make sense of when someone takes their life but I agree with you that sometimes it’s the only way for the person to free them self. I wish I could have given hope to robin Williams, I’ve been there and was lucky to have called the right people for help. If there is any good to come out of this is awareness. I live with bipolar II and as you know it’s not easy. I hope one day i will be able to make a change by either working with an organisation to make a difference or to just help someone in need. Thank you for your words as always you are inspiring. My prayers are with you, your family, a new bright star in the universe and robin william’s family and friends love Anna

  78. Shekinah-glory Johnson October 17, 2014 2:08 pm

    although i didn’t know who this man was,the way you describe him with so much painful feelings and emotions,his talent,the love he possessed,his love for the kids and then this unbearably painful kind of death,Dan,you make the picture so vivid,leaving our hearts so ripped out…Truly may his soul rest in peace and may the Lord comfort the heartbroken loved ones left behind.

  79. Nancy L.Compton October 18, 2014 2:56 pm

    Hello Danielle,
    I was saddened and shocked when I heard that Dear Robin Williams Took his life. I have loved all of his movies and watched many shows that he appeared on. He was a wonderfully talented and gifted man. He will be in my heart forever. I also lost a son to suicide a few years ago. He was 42 years old and Bipolar. He has two wonderful sons that we adore. They are part of him and us. His wife divorced him when he was diagnosed with his mental illness. She loved him but just could not live with him anymore. Our son was very talented, he wrote lyrics for songs, made wood furniture, decorated his home with flair, cooked and baked, but most of all he loved his wife and kids with all of his heart. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son too. You understand how hard it is for Moms who loss a child no matter the age or illness. God Be with you always, Nancy C.

  80. Mary October 23, 2014 6:58 pm

    That very lonely moment when a persons desperate decision takes them to that most ultimate final decision to take their own life,,, the ember of that soul is extingushed for all time leaving us in the wake of their choice and powerless to change what happened. The echo of their moment of exiting life hurts us now we are forced to live in their absence. The place they filled remains empty. We survivors can only have gratitude for having been blessed to have known them. We have to carry them forward in our hearts and in our lives and live to try to turn their loss into something better and remember them always with a warm loving smile for every gift they gave us by just being here.
    I will always love my brother Jeffery who left this life too soon, he inspired me to become the better me. Danielle and all who have suffered such pain my heart is with you all.

  81. Babs December 26, 2014 5:17 pm

    We spent part of Christmas day at the movies watching Robin Williams’ last movie (I think!), Night at the Museum 3. It was bittersweet to watch the ending. As his character said farewell it was almost as if Robin himself was saying goodbye. His movies spanned so many of the past decades, which were most of the years of my adult life…It was like losing a friend, though we never met. I also have a brother that suffered from depression and tried to commit suicide. We are all so thankful that he was not successful, but it didn’t end the anguish and tribulation that characterizes his adult life. I join you in praying for peace. For all who have loved ones who cannot seem to overcome mental illness. God bless.