10/31/22, Why?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good week, and have some fun planned for Halloween. Good, safe fun!!! Please be careful if you go trick or treating.

Halloween has always been a huge deal at our house. With nine children, you can imagine how exciting and fun that was on Halloween when they were little. Costumes planned for weeks, going trick or treating, seeing the fun spooky decorations neighbours had set up, and counting their candy loot at the end of the night, and trading each other for the candy they liked best.

On a more serious subject, I am shocked and saddened by the attack on Paul Pelosi at his home by a deranged intruder, brutally attacked with a hammer, with a cracked skull, a damaged arm and long hours of surgery as a result. Regardless of one’s politics, politics are irrelevant, this is a shocking attack on an innocent person, of a considerable age (he is 82) by a deranged attacker. The assailant could easily have killed him.

One of the things that shocks me most is the dramatic increase in violence since the pandemic. I truly don’t understand how that can be the outcome of more than two years of the pandemic. We all lived through something frightening and terrible, almost like a war waged on us by an unseen enemy. Many didn’t survive, many lost homes, jobs, and loved ones. It would seem that such an incredibly hard time would lead to greater compassion, and kindness toward one’s fellow man. Instead, there have never been more shootings, more violence, more brutal attacks, and crime. Mass shootings are no longer a rare occurrence, instead they happen every day, and the only thing that changes is the number of victims and the name of the location where it occurred. People are being mugged and attacked in broad daylight, stores are being robbed, and people are being killed by assault weapons, by teen agers, with military style weapons that are in wide circulation. Economic circumstances are hard, but not enough so to justify mass crime on an alarming scale, or the murder of innocent people during house invasions. Why is the overriding response to the stress of the pandemic one of violence, hostility, aggression and even murder. What during those hard scary two+ years has led to such an explosion of anger instead of compassion. We were punished enough by Covid, without having the aftermath make it even worse, with people turning on each other with killing sprees and destruction. I just don’t see how that has become the result, or why. Most of us came out of the two years of lockdowns, worry and sickness, exhausted, somewhat demoralized and many depressed. PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has become commonplace,—–but so have violence and mass shootings.

It seems to be a noticeable reaction in every city, in every country—-and perhaps worse in the US, because fire arms are so readily available. But crime and violence have increased abroad too, even if not to the extreme degree as in the US.

I remember the somber days after 9/11, with the country in shock over being attacked on their own soil. There was a loss of innocence realizing it could happen. New York was like a deserted city in mourning for months, and the rest of the country was quiet and sad for a long time. But it made people kinder to each other, more helpful, more supportive, reaching out to each other in shared sorrow. Why is that not happening now? We have always faced disasters with kindness and compassion for fellow victims, I think this is the first time that instead of a helping hand, people are the victims of violent crimes and being injured and murdered.

If there is an explanation for it, I don’t know it. And we stand aghast at what is happening, the additional tragedies being added to those of Covid, and the lonely pain of the lockdowns. I hope that this is only temporary, and we are not descending into the hell of violence and crime for a long stay. We all need to heal from the pandemic, not fear for our lives every day. Untreated mentally ill people are roaming the streets freely, and common criminals are having a field day. I hope this stops now. It is the exact opposite of the comfort, healing and peace we need after 3 years of fighting Covid, and struggling to stay alive….only to be murdered when we go to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread. The violence needs to stop now, whatever the reason for it beginning. It needs to end so we can all heal from these very hard three years and return to some semblance of normal. And we cant allow violence, crime and murder to become our new normal.

Have a great week, and a fun Halloween if you celebrate it. And above all, stay safe!!!

love, Danielle

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3 Comments so far
  1. Ann O’Neill October 31, 2022 5:59 pm

    I’m reading His Bright Light. I am so sorry for your loss of Nick. I am also so very sorry for your loss of Julie.
    I feel your pain and agony over loving Nick so very much, people constantly telling you he’s ok when he’s not, difficulty finding resources for him, and how hard it is to love a child so very much and be unable to give them what they uniquely need.
    Thank you for sharing Nick’s story and yours. I admire you as a mother. Your children are so very fortunate to call you Mom.

  2. Beatrice November 4, 2022 7:28 am

    It is sometimes said that basic values are not recognized as such by many of us.
    That some will have to learn the hard way.
    That people will end up destroying themselves, including their chance to live on this planet.
    And that it is how we will slowly become better beings…

    By writing your books, you bring a lot to the world.
    You show us how it is possible to become ourselves and grow, no matter what happens or happened in our lives.

    “Accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can…”.

    Have a beautiful day!


  3. Kerri November 22, 2022 9:17 am

    Hi Danielle,

    Sorry for the late comment. I have come to believe with the most absolute conviction that social media is responsible for the increase in violence across the world.

    There’s a stark contrast between 9/11 and COVID. Back in 2001, we did *not* have social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. The main available social media (if you can call it that) was AOL Instant Messaging, fandom sites, YouTube, Netflix, and personal websites. The aforementioned social media platforms were all developed in the years after 9/11. The social media platforms gave people a voice, and unfortunately we have seen the detrimental effects of social media addiction – decline in face to face communication, increase in spreading misinformation, increase in hate crimes against women, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and minorities, and so on. It allowed for extreme polar people (meaning people who subscribe to either far-right or far-left ideals) and incels to be finally heard, and it has made it that much harder for people to be willing to listen and communicate with one another. Any complaint that is not from a celebrity usually gets drowned out.

    Even though I do use social media, I’ve been trying to reduce my online presence. Unfortunately I’ve come to the conclusion that if we were to right the sinking ship of human beings, social media needs to be shut down permanently. We’re NOT meant to be seated behind a screen interacting with people we’ll never meet. Or at least have social media platforms regulated.

    We need to rediscover what makes us human beings in the first place, and recover our ability to be kind and respectful.