1/31/22, Still Hibernating


Hi Everyone,


Well, I hope you’ve had a good week, maybe even a great one, with good news or some fun.


January is always a hard working month for me, I always use the dreary winter months to hibernate and write a lot. I’m working on three books right now, in first draft, final draft, and outline. It makes the cold winter days pass more quickly.  January has drifted by, and tomorrow it will be February.


Covid is still forefront in our thought, and the number of daily cases has been pretty terrible everywhere. And while we all try to make the best of this long playing situation, I notice that it does take a toll. With fewer social contacts, and most people being more careful, we don’t have the social lives we used to, the distractions, or opportunities for relaxed encounters with family and friends. I miss seeing my friends, and seeing my children as often and as easily as I did before the Pandemic. Travel is really challenging, and even dangerous. My airport experiences have been harrowing recently, with all the conditions I try to avoid: crowds, people squeezed in together, long lines, and on domestic flights people don’t have to test, so the plane could be full of sick people and you don’t know how much risk you’re taking, or if the person you’re sitting next to has Covid (and they may not even know it either if they’re asymptomatic). International flights require a test, which is more reassuring. International flights seem safer and are more likely to be Covid-free, but airports are scary everywhere, more so in recent months as more people are travelling.   I’m also finding people crabbier, more impatient and short tempered. As we approach the two year mark of the pandemic, I think everyone is tired of the stresses of the pandemic. It has lasted a lot longer than anyone guessed. They say that the variants are a sign that the end of the pandemic could be growing near, but in the meantime, contagion is sky high. In my own family, five of my eight children have had it, even though several of them are extremely careful. Some countries are reducing their barrier measures, which seems premature to me. The experts keep saying that we’re not out of the woods yet, and I believe them. And the rules about contagion, and exposure, periods of incubation, and isolation keep changing which is VERY confusing. And the endless back and forth about masks, no masks, etc.


Last week was Haute Couture week in Paris. Where the Haute Couture (made to order, not ready to wear) designers show their collections. This is the third year I haven’t gone. Once again, sitting in crowds and arriving and leaving in crushing masses of people just seems too soon to me. I haven’t had the courage to go back yet, and watch the shows afterwards on line, since I still enjoy them. Although as much as I love clothes and fashion, I don’t have much opportunity to wear anything exciting at the moment, since I’m not going anywhere all dressed up. You see a lot of ‘comfort clothes’ in public now. I think all of California is wearing yoga pants at the moment. I’m living in jeans and old sweaters, when I’m not at home writing in one of my old cashmere nightgowns. And I miss getting dressed up, and having a reason to!!!


I think we’ll all feel better when Spring rolls around, the sun is shining, and the weather warms up. Somehow life always seems better on a sunny day. We have a way to go until then!!!


I think most of us are still hibernating, winter isn’t over yet. And hopefully by Spring, Covid will be receding, and life will be more fun again. I think we have to seize the happy moments now, the fun, enjoy them to the fullest, see our friends and family when we can, be as careful as we can, and the good times will come again!!!


Have a wonderful week, stay as safe as you can, and I’ll keep writing the books to distract and entertain you in the meantime!!!


love, Danielle


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4 Comments so far
  1. bonnie February 1, 2022 6:49 am

    Danielle, Thank you for continuing to “write the books to distract and entertain” us. Your brilliance is amazing!!!
    Glad that you are taking care and staying safe.
    Sending you much love and appreciation,

  2. Rae February 3, 2022 9:53 am

    Thank you for your post. I think you are so right, some of us are in hibernation!!! Times are so different now and adjusting to all the changes can be stressful. I am thankful for the books you and many other incredible authors continue to write.
    Thank you.

  3. Sally February 3, 2022 12:56 pm

    Danielle, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your books. Every single one of them touch my heart. I am trying to get a collection of all your writings. So far I have all but 17 novels. Yesterday I bought a copy of A Gift of Hope. You are a wonderful example of how we all should live our lives. Thank you for all you do, and please keep writing!

  4. Vicky Jenks February 6, 2022 3:11 pm

    I agree with the 2 post’s done by Danielle S. Still Hibernating to be careful of the pandemic and stay safe away from COVID-19 wearing masks for mandatory appts not attending church only certain number of people attend by signing up. I’m maintaining hibernation when at home and not scheduled Dr. Appt