1/1/18, Clean Slate

Hi Everyone,

I hope that Christmas has been joyful and peaceful for you, and happened the way you wanted it to, with some happy surprises!!

Mine has been a family Christmas, which is how I like it, with my children around me, and I’ve been very lucky that my 5 younger children and their significant others all came home for Christmas, and my three older ones were nearby too. It’s been a lovely Christmas.

It’s a nostalgic time, when inevitably you think of Christmases of years past, when they were all here, living at home, we hadn’t lost anyone, and life was easier than we realized then. It’s easy to spot the blessings as you look to the past, and sometimes not as easy to recognize them in everyday life, while we’re all occupied with the business of daily living. The past seems infinitely precious now, but so is the present. I’m very grateful to have had my children with me this Christmas. And we can all heave a sigh of relief, the presents are all given out, the rushing around is all done. We pulled off the holidays for another year, and the mad rush that impacts all or most of us between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And now inevitably we take stock of all that happened in our lives this year, as it draws to a close. I am very grateful for the many blessings of this year, which in retrospect outnumber the bumps—-and there are always bumps in all our lives. But the blessings were many and very sweet.

Now we have one last hurdle to get over, before we can close this year, and get on to a new year, with all its challenges and happy, exciting moments. New Year’s eve, it’s never been a night I love. I always thought that people tried too hard, and I’ve spent it giving parties for friends, dancing on some years, giving poker parties once I was alone (which was REALLY fun!!!), I have spent it romantically, and alone, and in recent years, I really don’t want to go out and party on New Year’s eve, or even give a party (I’ve done it with fancy food, and fast food—and the fast food and curly fries and burgers and corn dogs was actually more fun!!). For the last two years, I spent New Year’s Eve writing, and I really enjoy that. My kids have left after Christmas by then, and rather than looking back at the past wistfully in a quiet house, I’d rather be deeply engaged in a new book, all wrapped up in the characters and the lives I create for them. It’s fun for me, and is a great way to spend it. I don’t need to figure out who to spend it with, or what to wear, or risk my life on the highway in bad weather going somewhere. I stay cozily at home, writing. For now, anyway, it’s my favorite plan, and how I plan to spend it this year. And however you decide to spend it, with lots of friends, a few good ones, among strangers, or alone, I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve, doing what you like to do best.

And today is a new beginning, a brand new year, a clean slate. Whatever last year brought you, whether disappointing or fabulous, today we all get to clear the decks and start again, filled with hope and plans, wishes and dreams, promises to ourselves about what we will do better, or try not to do again. You could meet the person of your dreams, wind up in a new job or home by the end of the year, or get out of a bad situation, or improve an old one. You can do almost anything you want, and start fresh today. I love the idea of that. We are all brand new today.

So let’s look ahead together, at what this New Year may bring us. And my wish for you is that it will be The BEST year ever. The Best is yet to come. Happy New Year. Happy New Day…..I want it to be a great one for you, and for all of us….that’s my wish for you. Happy Clean Slate, as we leave the past behind us, and forge ahead.

Happy 2018 !!! and all my love, Danielle

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9 Comments so far
  1. Carol January 1, 2018 2:34 pm

    Reading your blog is such a joy!

  2. Elaine January 1, 2018 7:33 pm

    Hi Danielle,

    I like the idea of a clean slate! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2018.

    Thank for your books and your blog posts. Both are an inspiration for me.


  3. Lorraine January 2, 2018 5:54 pm

    Happy New Year, Danielle!!!


  4. Rob Scott January 2, 2018 7:03 pm


    Great New Years message along with your email letter to everyone.

    Your New Year’s Eve at home sounded awesome. You found yourself with your writing as I could FEEL the peace.

    I am happy for you as you are amazing. We are blessed to have you in the world.

    I felt good after reading your message and look forward to the New Year with hope, faith, and love.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to You and ALL mankind!

    Rob Scott
    Albuquerque, MN

  5. Caroline E.W. January 2, 2018 8:19 pm


    Your post was uplifting to begin the year. It was a quiet New Year’s Eve for me also. I had two sick kids and my granddaughter. Everyone else was out. I didn’t mind. I did not want to be out driving. I hope next year that I can include some writing during the evening. It is a great idea.
    Happy New Year!


  6. Genevieve January 4, 2018 2:42 pm

    Merci et ….. Le meilleur pour vous également !

  7. Deede January 6, 2018 3:59 am

    Thank you for caring to write a lovely New Year’s wish…May this year be a wonderful improvement after 2017..I will continue to enjoy your writing and your blog…Best! Deede

  8. Sharyn Lee January 8, 2018 6:59 am

    I just read your book ‘Winner’ and I loved it!! I was wondering if you were going to write a sequel to it? The reason I ask is because you could write a sequel to it and write it on the progress of the Lily Pad, Lily going forward with Paralympics and working with Lily Pad, Teddy going to art school and working at Lily Pad teaching children art, continuation with Bill, Jessie, Joe and Carole’s relationships and the progress of Lily Pad.

    I think you’re all set! You kind of left the book hanging where you could write a sequel. So what do you think? I’ll definitely buy it and pass it on!!

    I’ll be waiting for New that you’ve made a decision!!!

    Sharyn Lee

  9. LINDA January 19, 2018 3:59 pm

    I would like to know if there is a way I can be notified when your releases come out, the reason I ask is that our library will no longer notify us when they do. greatly appreciated. iv already read up to now all of your books. keep them coming they are great. thank you