Favorite Art

I have so many pieces that I love that it was hard to decide which are my favorites. And I’m always adding new.


by Seamus Conley

Arctic Bum #1

by Seamus Conley

I’m a big fan of Conley’s work.


by Robert Indiana

My favorite word and one of my favorite artists.


by Robert Indiana


by Deborah Butterfield

An absolute masterpiece. It’s bronze and looks like driftwood until you touch it.


by Jim Dine

I’ve always loved his work.

The Kiss

by Silvia Poloto

As I’ve mentioned, I love paintings with words on them, and I love what this painting says. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. Silvia Poloto is a Brazilian artist, and she was one of the first artists I represented in my gallery.

High Green I and Blue

by Richard Diebenkorn

I love these 2 Diebenkorn prints. The color is gorgeous, and I can look at them for hours.

© 2009 The Estate of Richard Diebenkorn


by Sam Messer

I saw a photograph of one of Sam Messer’s paintings in a religious magazine, and hunted down his work. I was so excited when I saw it, because Sam paints Olympia typewriters, and that’s what I write my books on, so I had to have one of his paintings. And they are so happy and fun. The texture and surface of the paint is amazing. Sam teaches fine arts at Yale. I had his work in an art show I did after the gallery closed, but didn’t represent his work. I love owning this piece.

Converse High Tops

by Gordon Smedt

Gordon does wonderful paintings of shoes (I have a great one of women’s shoes too!), vintage clothing and all kinds of objects. These high tops are a big hit and hang in the room of one of my sons. Another of my sons has a painting of a pair in red.